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  1. I was using a marantz av8805, but have had some issues so im not using the nords at this time.. Considering selling at mo
  2. I think they use the same hypex modules, i tried to pice a three channel 500 on both and i know kjf was dearer…i will check that again..trouble is nord have so many options to spec the same is confusing. different note its a shame the facebook group never came back
  3. When i specced up kjf it was dearer than nord…
  4. Im still on the hunt for a three channel…..
  5. Its just the noise of the fan tbh
  6. I read this on nord site.. Yes, the case acts as a heat sink unlike class A A/B amps which have large heat sinks that expel heat out of the case from the side or slots above the heatsink.The modules are mechanically and thermally connected to the case. They can reach temperatures of 42 degrees on a 25 degree hot day. The base plates run at about 60 degrees well under the max of 90 degrees. so im wondering if im wasting my time with the fan on top?
  7. Ive got acinfinty on it but lately ive been hearing it running, a lot! So tonight i was adjusting the fans and touched the top it was hot and made me pull my hand back! Thats why i ask tbh
  8. Hello, i currently have a nord funnily enough, how hot does this run please?
  9. Mr.Ian..do the monoblocks run hot? My Up is running quite warm tbh.
  10. I would like to change my two channel UP for a three channel, amazed your mono’s are still up tbh…
  11. Lovely pair of mono blocks for sale on the avforums site.
  12. It never ever stops!
  13. Thanks ill google the model..
  14. Ill consider anything?
  15. As title hit me up with what you got? To go with a nord... what happened there?
  16. I have a UP i may move on..I just need to find a three channel replacement...ill keep you in mind?
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