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  1. I auditioned the Dave - didn’t like the sound much but certainly wouldn’t poop on others pleasure. Wasn’t too keen on the Benchmark either after a month having bought one. Chose a La Scala in the end based on the listening experience. Don’t give a fig about how it measures. Reminds me of the 70’s when folk were chasing the lowest measured distortion figures when choosing an amp despite them sounding all detail and no emotion. I’m sure the Formula xHD will be fantastic. Would be for me if I had the Wonga. I believe it’s being reviewed in next months hifi+ if that’s relevant. Sorry - it’s the La Scala being reviewed.
  2. I was thinking of my ARC Ref 5 pre complete with many unused inputs, both balanced and single ended + the various circuit boards within which I believe now retails around 15k or more where there must be economies of scale given the volume of gear they produce. Then I was looking at the SW1X site. https://sw1xad.co.uk/product/sw1x-pre-iv-dht-line-pre-amplifier/ where the pre sells for only a little less. Here the amp is made to order with loads of options by one or two guys I presume. But which would offer better value I wonder?
  3. Tracked 24/48 hrs is only available online I discovered when trying to use said service at the post office. So for 72p I have stuff collected now which so far has worked ok.
  4. Not best pleased to read that ARC have discontinued their CD players, especially as I have a CD9. Hope they kept spares back should the transport give problems but given its a Philips pro - hopefully not. Their gear is getting too expensive these days and I reckon you can get the same quality sound for less. Probably a lot less.
  5. I’m using the Aries G1 into a L Scala dac with great results and I presume the G2 is even better. But the biggest improvement came with using a Shunyata Delta power cord. Go figure….
  6. I’ve been using Transparent Musicwave + for the best part of the last 15 years and only unplugged it once. Wonder if things have improved? But what to try - that is the question…..
  7. I wouldn’t have bothered. This thread has become a scratching post for cats.
  8. So if you really really really wanna know how I feel about these cables (which I’ve tried) you’ll have to pm me. That’ll cut through the crap
  9. Bloody cheek! My posts have been about Puritan, the whole Puritan and nothing but the Puritan. I think….
  10. I do believe that 50 pages are within sight. Is this a record for a mains cable discussion, I mean argument?
  11. Given that the thread on ‘quiescent couplers’ is locked I doubt if much will be stirred there. Probably just as well….. Meanwhile the Puritan Ultimate is going great guns with an SR fuse installed!
  12. Oh ffs give it a rest.
  13. [url=https://postimg.cc/XXq4XmJ3][img]https://i.postimg.cc/kMF4YdPV/A2048-B8-F-18-BD-42-CB-96-B5-E133528-CEACD.jpg[/img][/url]
  14. Only in the energiser where I had previously popped in a SR Black.
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