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  1. I’m using some Shunyata mains cables which seem to impact the sound but that may be due to the filtering built into the iec plugs. Worth the outlay? Depends on whose listening....
  2. I bought a pack of minis - they come in 8’s. Seem useful under a cd transport + a dac but made my streamer sound a bit muddled in the lower frequencies. A lot cheaper than the Oreas though, for the same concept. As we know, pro stuff is often better vfm.
  3. The latest edition of Hifi plus reviews the Shunyata QR -s which the editor says is very good although my take would be questionable vfm.
  4. Do regs state that each bit of equipment needs to be fused or that there just needs to be a fuse somewhere in the chain eg at the wall socket of an extension block?
  5. Actually Stax now have a portable energiser - https://staxaudio.com/driver/stax-srm-d10
  6. Canjam London ‘21 is the best (and only) headphone equivalent of uk hifi shows. Folk and manufacturers come from far an wide. Well worth a visit. https://canjamglobal.com/shows/london2021/
  7. Very good. I’m thinking of the Empys myself as a contrast to the Stellias for the non Stax system I have. But also the ZMF’s are interesting too. But late night listening may require closed back designs?
  8. Difficult to know what might blow your bollocks off without having an idea of your tonal preferences eg detailed + analytical to soft, warm and cuddly.....
  9. My question would be: would an expensive rack “sound” any better than a cheap one but using some form of isolating devices under each component.
  10. I don’t think my mains is noisy as I have a separate feed from the consumer unit. But being thick I forgot that the switch mode powering the turntable added a load of noise. Moving it to a different circuit made a big difference to the rest of the gear.
  11. I have one. It’s used on digital equipment only where it seems to reduce some glare/harshness. I believe it’s based on a Tube Distinctions design.
  12. Seems they make power supplies and I am thinking of one for my Clearaudio turntable as they do one with the correct termination. But do they make improvements and are reliable?
  13. monya

    RCA or XLR

    Get both from Futureshop - cheap ones. Decide which sounds best and either keep or upgrade to decent ones. Other can be returned within 60 days.
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