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  1. I’ve been trying out a few cables between streamer and dac using coax and dac to headamp with rca. I replaced a silver coax with Lessloss version which sounded smoother with more body in the mids. I replaced a low capacitance broadcast interconnect costing less than £100 with a Lessloss version selling for multiples more which sounded very bass heavy with highly damped hf. Couldn’t listen to it and swapped the cheaper one back in pdq. Then tried it between phono and preamp where it sounded much better. Same cable - different application - different result. Well it’s a hobby I guess.... Here’s the thing - excellent sound can be forthcoming with little expenditure. The rest is just tinkering.
  2. La Scala is currently fitted with a pair of specially selected Russian ECC81. Unfortunately, the new production Genalex no longer meet the HQ standards. Also, this new tube is a bit more transparent versus Genalex. This is the reply from Aqua to which I concur.
  3. I read that B & W are in talks for a takeover by some USA company. Bad news.
  4. Elite, the distributor, is a first class company to deal with. I use coax from streamer to dac as I find usb too much hassle - period. Careful attention to cables in and out can provide dividends too.
  5. I asked Willowtree a few months back if they had any demo units for Denafrips. Apparently not and seemingly no interest in getting one. So I dropped them from my shortlist.
  6. I bought a CD9 a couple of years back which sounds great. They’ve now introduced the infamous se version which costs an extra 2K for nothing more than a new front plate and extra updates on the usb input which I don’t use. At 15K I wouldn’t buy it now. Not worth it IMO. Would look at Chord or DCS for those prices. It smells too much of bean counters at work.
  7. Bought a La Scala recently with about 30hrs on it so far. They have swapped out the Genalex tubes now which give a slightly different presentation in think. Time will tell.....
  8. monya

    New headphones

    Audeze range should suit as most are plenty big. The house sound is the warmer side of neutral.
  9. This might help with your deliberations I had a cable made up for the Stellias but beware of audio jewellery at high prices. Arctic cables from the USA are also recommended.
  10. It was a genuine question but seemingly a dumb one
  11. Best bit - darTZeel power amp. Still got it as other bits have come and gone.
  12. If all the current goes through the fuse what’s the point of anything better to the equipment. Why not shielded fuse wire all the way?
  13. Focal do a couple of closed backs. I have the Stellias but there is a less expensive pair too. All are easy to drive.
  14. Crikey you’re going through cans and cables at some rate. I can’t keep up with what you’ve settled on now!
  15. Then maybe a Chord HUGO is the way to go.