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  1. It cooks as well. base is hollow steel and the top ring is super heavy at over 50kg retains its heat amazingly well
  2. today I took delivery of an Ofyr 100/100 bought it from Luxury For Men at a good price and who actually got it personally delivered today by the site contacts parents - amazing service . It really is an amazing cooking treat barbecue,hob,fire pit
  3. Dont think you could go far wrong with Valchromat supplied by Avon ply
  4. Seems you've already heard the ones I made for John - better built I also have the Voxativ prototypes here that John gave me to compare maybe chat him up,they need some DIY/finishing,they are sat here doing nothing.
  5. Reckon some tapped horns would be a good option I looked at scoops before I built these Just saw the 800Hz cutoff so maybe not ....
  6. I have some original stuff probably hasn't changed much,let me know if interested and I'll dig it out
  7. No metal in my example just some polymer constrained layers with paper,ripped one apart to see if it was a commercially bought product and I could replicate .....cant,unlike the SDS stuff which is just two pieces of metal stuck together with a foo glue having also ripped one apart .
  8. After the threaded variant 6 or 8mm need 8,anyone got some ?
  9. for your tweets try something floating maybe
  10. Great stuff Pete have you the SIT up and running in the system ?
  11. Hi Laurie, David Wright maybe another option more local Worthing way ,I maybe able to get it down to him if you can arrange,as I work down that way on occasions . Rob
  12. lovely stuff Pete ,would love a listen when finished
  13. Hi Chris, Maybe able to pop over for a couple of hours,depending on work got any room - could bring the tapped horns Cheers Rob