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  1. Good question. I'm going back to standmount Adam Compact Classics (mk1) from my ATC100 active towers (for sale in the classifieds, btw) and I'm interested in hearing people's thoughts on the effectiveness of various stands for them. I've previously used some inexpensive stands but wonder whether the more expensive stands are worth the extra. I was thinking Partington but baulking at the cost - but then, once the ATCs are sold, I'll have plenty in reserve to buy new stands
  2. I'm done. Or will be, by the end of the week*, when I introduce a valve pre into my system. The only changes I expect will be the MDAC2 update later this year, so it's safe now to start thinking about a home for my system. I've had a number of different racks over the years - standard and reference Quadraspire and Mana to name the main ones - and in recent times have homed my system in an oak TV cabinet, which looks nice enough but is a bit impractical for routing cables, and it's a bit cramped in there too - not a lot of room for the preamp. So, I have management approval to start looking around for a better hifi shelving system. It will have to work on a carpeted, suspended floor, and it'd be better if it had a degree of adjustability, but I don't want something that looks out-of-place like most hifi racks. It has to be reasonably stylish. And not too expensive - I'm wary of paying audiphool prices for posh racks, having been down that route before.... Would you guys care to post pics of nice looking rack alternatives - especially if you can get them mail order or from places like John Lewis. I'm not totally against a rack but it would have to look very nice, and not be too expensive. Ta.
  3. I have an Avant on loan right now and I am smitten with it. However, it doesn't have a phono stage built-in. I'm seriously impressed with it.
  4. What's that saying about a fool and his money?
  5. Any others? I've looked into the recommendations here, and I think that they are good - although perhaps many are over budget. I would prefer to keep my expenditure down to sensible levels - say £2k or under - which probably means used - and I'm conscious of the impedance issue. Oh, the last thing to mention is that whatever I get has to fit a standard width (i.e. <=19") gap, and perhaps not much taller than 5". Depth to maybe 12", to allow space for cabling. I am sure that this limits things too....
  6. As my search begins for a decent preamp for my system (preferably a good valve-based option for not too much money) I'm disappointed that more than half of all possible contenders don't have balanced inputs or outputs. I'm just curious why this is, as most of what I've read or been told suggests that balanced connectivity is generally better, and balanced cables are the norm in professional audio, where they don't have any time for 'audiofool crap' (a quote I remember reading somewhere). j
  7. I might be interested- I'm considering buying a preamp from them.
  8. tbh I wouldn't classify the MDAC->ATCs as bright or thin, but perhaps (if I'm being picky) there is a slightly digital edge to some recordings. Could be that this is just the truth of the recordings, but having tried Simon's loaner valve pre (unbalanced) in the meantime, whilst it loses detail and some of the extension (in both directions) it has a certain tonal richness which I quite like. So, if I might have my cake and eat it, I'll be happy
  9. OK, thanks for this. Just to clarify, and help my understanding, are you saying that I need a preamp with an output impedance of something lower than 600Ω if I am to get the best out of my speakers which have an input impedance (balanced) of 10KΩ? Is this only really a consideration for valve preamps, or does this apply to solid state preamps also? My original plan was to use the new MDAC2 directly into the ATCs in balanced preamp mode, but as that's a while away, and I quite like the idea of maintaining an analogue path through the system (rather than the Phono=>Phono Preamp=>ADC=>MDAC that I'm forced to use right now). I really do want to keep it all-balanced if possible - and I'd like a remote control and have no time for dual volume controls (as per DNM amps, say). Finally, I have very little time to go out and borrow or demo preamps, so I'd rather eliminate as many options as possible first.... awkward, I know...
  10. Spoonpoot, *if* you wanted to go for the 868 phono, would you be looking to sell the 868L?
  11. I can't remember if I posted this here or on PFM, but I'm interested in adding a valve-based balanced preamp to add a bit of analogue input flexibility to my MDAC (soon to be MDAC2) active system. I want balanced inputs as the speakers are balanced as is the MDAC, so it seems sensible to keep that. Not so fussed about a remote (would be nice) and I want a fast, detailed and rhythmical sound with good airiness, body and emotion to vocals and a tight bass. In other words, i want to have my cake and eat it too. And without breaking the bank. So far, I've identified that the (expensive) EAR Yoshino 868 might be a candidate, but hearing one might be tricky. I also would like to hear the EE Avant preamp, which I will be able to home-demo, which is great. However, what else do I need? My speakers are pretty revealing, neutral and tend to effortlessly relay whatever they are fed. Using the (modded) MDAC into them results in a very detailed, fast and transparent sound, though there are times when I wonder if I could get a little more tonal colour and perhaps that indescribable tactile quality that great valve setups seem to have (yet is so rare with s/s systems). At this point, I just want to get a shortlist of things to look out for. MDAC2, which is on the way this coming spring/summer, might well end up being all the preamp I need, though I quite miss an analogue input (vinyl via an ADC is good, but something is lost, even with a modest table like my P25). ta.
  12. jtc

    EAR Yoshino preamps?

    I sincerely doubt there'd be much between an MDAC2 and a five+ grand dac in all honesty. But since the MDAC2 isn't here yet, I can't be certain.
  13. Recently added 2xGIK Soffit Bass corner traps and 2x244 Bass Panels to my room, and the subjective difference is undeniable. Yet to re-measure to see what it's done for frequency response, but I am guessing most of the improvement is in the reduced decay times in from low mid-bass up. The only drawback is that these are fairly big items and my wife isn't at all keen. Bad enough I have my coffins in the room, far less (as she puts it) hessian-covered display stands from the eighties......
  14. Been an interesting year, ended up with huge active speakers, but the component of the year (my modded MDAC) has developed a fault so I'll end the speakers with a rather funky, borrowed valve preamp, unless something magically happens. Start of year: SBT and Mac Mini (PureMusic) MDAC Adam Compact Classic actives End of year: SBT MDAC (modded, but currently ill) borrowed valve preamp thingy ATC 100 AS LT in a tasty yew finish.
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