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  1. Modify as in grind the width down, as the thinner area on the Pink's lid is only 28mm wide, but the Linn hinges are 44mm. There's a set here for £30 with everything included, which may be worth a punt: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hinge-for-Linn-turntable-lid-including-Hinge-Back-Plate-pair/113663922451 Was hoping True Point made replacements for the Pinks, as seems a common issue but seems not.
  2. Thanks Uzzy, that's helpful. I may have to take a punt and modify them (the gap on the PT is around 28mm.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking to fit some replacement hinges to my PT Export GTi's cover. It has the original 5mm thick acrylic lid, but with chamfered slots where the material is thiner to accommodate the hinge 'gap'. If there are any LP12 owners out there? If so would you mind letting me know the width of the top section of the hinge? How 'tall' the u shape claw bit is at base of the upper section (to see if it will sit in my lid's recesses) and the size of the gap or thickness of your LP12 lid? Hoping they'll be a straight swap... Thanks all
  4. That works in theory, but how the platter would sit a little higher with very light pressings would bug me (my eye line was right on the 'platter gap' though, which made it more obvious). This chat has brought back memories of buying it (used) about a decade ago, stripping it, taking the plinth back to natural (from black ash) as per my sig pic and all the fun I had fiddling with it (inc the platter light I installed via the transit bolt hole). Have also had many chats with AK on set-up - he's such an energetic and committed audio fellow, never stops striving to find answers beyond convention. A true character of the industry. I may recommission it over xmas.
  5. Superb post this. I've gone down the non-suspended route in recent years due to ease of use, especially when not using the hi-fi for periods. But reading the above makes me want to gun up my PT Export GTi / Audio Note arm again. While the suspension tweaks needed (often between heavy/gossamer thin pressings) was a bit of a bugbear, the isolation the seemingly fragile suspension system provides was/is superb. Maybe we need a Pink Triangle owners club.
  6. I'd be interested to hear how you'd describe the Hana's sonic signature, especially compared to other cartridges you've tested on your VPI
  7. Cheers Rabski, you're right. I think I'd been ignoring the bleedin obvious, having had great sounds from Denons previously because I wanted it to work. But like a denim wetsuit, it's just not fit for task I've given it.
  8. Cheers, I'll probably by looking at the SH / SL range. Aside from the obvious in terms of output level, are there big sonic differences / character traits between the two?
  9. Hi all, It's been quite some time since I visited the tent (years in fact) as I'd all but stopped listening to my system. Main reason being despite the money, and effort, it just sounded bass light and a bit lifeless - hence it's been sat in the corner largely gathering dust. Anyhow this week I've decided for 2021 I need to get back on the hi-fi horse and find out what the problem is - why I've fallen out of love with it all. Adding a rug (wooden floors) has helped. I now think the route of my issues is also due to a mis-match between cartridge and pick up. I'm running a VPI Scout 1.1 with the JMW 9 (unipivot) arm. I was running a Denon 103r but despite sounding very musical, the bottom end just wasn't there or delivering what I know this pick up is capable of with higher mass arms. I popped a Benz Micro ACE on the arm last night, which has improved things (better bass, more articulation) but lacks the musicality of the Denon. Therefore can other VPI/unipivot users recommend a better cartridge match (as the ACE seems also to be more suited to med/high mass arms). The rest of my system is a Primare R32 photo stage, MF amps (M6 Pre/Pwr) and Spendor A5 speakers. I've heard Dynavectors and Hanas are good matches, with the latter being a bit warmer. I've had Grado's in the past but found them a bit too wooly / closed in on some material. Thanks all, it's good to be back.
  10. I have the previous generation (E46) 330D. I think yours is the later engine with them removed, but check to see if the engine has swirl flaps - which are a known problem area. Relatively easy to remove and models post 2009 came without them: there's a list of models that had them here http://www.bmwforums.info/guides-how-tos/993-bmw-diesel-engine-swirl-flaps-to-swirl-flaps.html I'm about to remove them from my inlet manifold
  11. I'm now running the entry level AN arm on my PT and it's a superb match, very open sounding and easy to set up. Love it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I have both a Benz Ace SH and a standard 103. I'm using the 103 at the moment but the SL is a far more engaging listen. The Denon is a good cart but sounds dull in comparison. ps. happy to demo both if you're nearby. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I recall the Kraken runs a good deal hotter than other Alchemist amps from the time, and the Kraken's modest size is due to the toroidal transformers being in a separate utilitarian looking box. My old man has the Nemesis, which cost around the same but runs cooler to the touch (although it still gets warm) and claims a higher output. Lovely dynamic sound: Never owned one but personally I love the look of the early hammered finish Kraken. Looks like Dracula's alarm clock:
  14. The whole place has a nice community atmosphere to it (partly aided by the tea, cakes and record stalls). And it's not just sales, John Howes put me on to a bloke there who does repairs when my amp gave up a few years ago, and the chap has since repaired a dozen or so bits of kit for me. Strangely there's never many women there tho...
  15. Arcam Delta 90.2, bought second hand for the pricely sum of £180 for my 18th birthday. I left this powered up for a decade, used it daily and it never missed a beat. I finally passed it on in the family when I hit 30, and its still going strong in my bro's system. Replaced with an Alchemist Forseti MkI, which I no longer use as gone pre/pwr, but can't bring myself to part with it...