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  1. XJC


    Anyone fancy the download code? Couple of really outstanding powerful tracks that remind me of a female Eddy Current Suppression Ring. I may have to question your musical integrity in order to discriminate the grabbers. Give me a PM. X.
  2. Bevis And Twink - Magic Eye Close lobsters - Janice Long Session Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left Nick Drake - Bryter Layter Nic Jones - Penguin Eggs All original vinyl 'cept Nick drake which are the 76 release. I know fine well I'm not special or deserving enough for the 1st pressings. I have excellent taste in partners, she has none. Well done Mrs X. X.
  3. You have taken my idea and turned it into something that is no longer viable. It doesn't work anymore. Sad. X.
  4. Rolling resistance is negligable from 19 to 28 unless you weigh less than my cat. Fat bastard with thin tyres= punctures Get the balance. Experience talking. X.
  5. Function Function Function. There is only one thing that is more important between a mans legs than two wheels. Looks are irrelevant, does it work for you? X.
  6. Private plates are for tossers. What on earth are you trying to prove? On another note although related to this thread I make the parable. Does anyone else not think that Bernie Ecclestone has a bit of the Jimmy Savilles about him? X.
  7. As mentioned in the previous post, another useless invention which was adopted in the late 80's early 90's, Tubbies. I had a Sandy Gilchrist frame with full campag, this actual bike competed in the 1990 commonwealth games so it was a serious bit of kit. Tubeless tyres, fucking useless, I must've went through three in the space of 200 miles. Fat cunt aside, any bike I've had I've always had to have wheels built, but again, another pointless piece of flavour of the month technology. To get back to the serious question though. Why would any bike need a rear disc brake? If your rear skids that's as efficient as it can be. You can even skid a Raleigh Chopper with an old side pull. Why, why do they sell bikes with rear discs? So don't give us the stuck back in the eighties crap and to quote from Braveheart in an Irish accent, Answer the fuckin' question. Unless of course you're telling us that a rear disc is an essential piece of kit. X.
  8. Absolutely no denying that they are good and it is the way manufacturers are going but my gauntlet still appears to be lying in the same position. Bring the proponents of slowing down forward. X.
  9. You mention times, therfore you are in competition. Ergo, my point. X.
  10. No. Most bikes are now sold with disc brakes and they are very good, don't get me wrong. Disc brakes only come into their own in the most extreme cycling events, of which most of us will never take part. Track - no brakes, Road - Rim brakes, Extreme off road - discs, even then I would challenge. Hence my post earlier which I'm prepared to back up. X.
  11. I fail to see what "eleketricitey" or some other new fangled hocus pocus invention has anything to do with this So tell me, what have disc brakes added to your proficiency in cycling? Do they really make a difference? I am genuinely intrigued and would appreciate an answer. X.
  12. I'm 19.5st and have come down the bealach na ba, the ou kaapse weg and the most demanding was Strontian to glen Finnan where I could smell the burning pads. But they still did the job. Don't spend your money on disc brakes, they are not required. The manufacturers are adopting this technology and forcing us down this road. Bad analogies are valves and trannies, LPG and petrol, fossil and renewable, fracking and nuclear. There are some things in life that there is just no need for, disc brakes on a bicycle is just one of them. X.
  13. Alan, not sure what your challenge is supposed to prove? The best down hill rider will win full stop, wouldn't matter which brakes he/she was using! Clocked. I still have an issue with discs on a bicycle though. No need no need. X.