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  1. Thanks that pretty much confirms what I've read elsewhere. Funnily enough I was looking at the slightly cheaper Shure (1540 I think) but too many question marks for the price. Out of interest do you use the standard H6 cable with remote thingy on, or have you fitted any other ? Just asking cos I don't really like those in-line Mic cables.
  2. How are the BO H6 holding up ? I know you were a fan and I still wonder whether, as a classical lover,I should get some...Unlike you it takes me forever to make a decision to try summat....)
  3. Is he enjoying Celibidache's conducting...(if that's him..))?
  4. What about Ashley’s famous ADM 9 actives (or whatever they became) ? I remember the posts on here saying that 700 quid would blow away every other system known to man...😀 I very nearly bought a pair, but luckily managed to borrow some instead and at best they were ok, oh, and the fanboy HDD site was quite something to behold....
  5. Well I never - exactly what I’m using in my little garden / workshop room, an old Onkyo receiver and 20 year old Sony MDR 1700. Mind you, I think that’s where my comparison to your gear will stop.....😀
  6. I’ve had both the DM 41 and the Marantz (the earlier mcr611, essentially the same as the 412) and afaik the only real difference is a bit more power (60w @ 6ohms) as opposed to 30 in the Denon. I ended up keeping the Denon as side by side there really wasn’t enough in it justify the extra cost, and tbh the Denon does an excellent all round job, with clean clear sound. All the inputs are in use from various devices in this tiny box - keeps the missus happy too !
  7. JJ is one of my favourite pianists, completely non-indulgent, quite energetic and superbly crisp - a good reason he excels in Mozart..I have his Beethoven cycle too, and even though I have at least 4 other complete cycles I go back to his more often than not. The Slatkin Elgar symphonies are also front runners for me for similar reasons, propulsive and full of inner rhythmic energy without dawdling.
  8. Hi Jerry I'm seriously toying with a pair of the B&O H6 - read great things elsewhere and as a classical lover you obviously rate them..? Can they be driven easily from a portable device would you say ?
  9. I'm back on the Liszt Etudes with this.. .
  10. Whoa - Berg AND Ferneyhough ...are you on the magic mushrooms..)
  11. I use Cyrus with my Proac D15s - lots of Cyrus bashing on here but to my ears the combo works well, the Cyrus 'edge' balancing out the warmer tone from the speakers. Having said that, I'd be keen to try one of the amps that get mentioned with Proac (Sugden, Sonneteer rtc) to see if there's any truth about this 'synergy' thing.... Anyway, great speakers that won't be budging from my setup anytime soon !
  12. Boxed and ready to go...these isolate well and fold as small as it's possible to get for on-ears - a bargain at £25 plus postage !
  13. Bump - open to offers on these great little travel cans...
  14. For sale: Sennheiser PX200 ii travel headphones in as new condition, fully boxed around 18 months old, great sound but no longer needed. These retail at £70 on Amazon, so I thought £35 inc. UK delivery is fair Piccies hopefully here http://s871.photobucket.com/user/pianoman56/library/Sennheiser PX 200 II?sort=3&page=1