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  1. I find it reasonably entertaining mains, cabling, earth etc are in fact quite important but obviously one can address this in whatever way you choose, mine (and I suspect most wammers’) being considerably less expensive
  2. I gave up on vta adjustments long ago, average thickness favourite lp - set it by ear then leave well alone, or at least till next tweak or onset of hifi ‘systemic nervosus’
  3. I use the clamp with the achromat, on thick vinyl it functions as a weight whilst on thin it clamps as intended, though I only barely tighten
  4. I use funk firm achromat Just a tad better than bare platter last time I checked, but that was prior to cart change and your ‘feet’ so may check again I have a ring mat on a techy elsewhere and am not sure I ever tried it on the orbe
  5. That's the decoupling kit from Michell which I tried as it is pretty low cost, I preferred and therefore put back the Gert Pedersen kit that I had acquired a very long time ago. I'm not sure if still available or what cost however. Try google.
  6. Well I’ve fitted Petes Feet which was extremely straight forward and had the additional positive side effect gained from taking everything apart, giving it a quick clean and putting it back together again. Didn’t actually remove the arm just checked my set up at the end, no adjustments required. The sound? Early yet as only a few favourites spun so far, all acoustic jazz, but I think increased clarity/instrument separation with quite earily silent silences. I’m using 3 stacked sds plates under the motor as I preferred the ‘look’ to the Perspex which was supplied and which is now under my bedside libratone zipp. Will take photos at some point. Maybe the sds had an effect sound wise, not sure as I made the decision on aesthetic grounds. I now have Petes Pylons and Feet but Gerts Armboard. What next i wonder for this amazing deck?
  7. hi My plinth is black so will look a bit different What are you using under the motor? looks good Not sure I could ditch the black orbe platter, is that clear one noticeably better?
  8. at the risk of repeating myself, the AN arm is one I really would like to hear on my deck but it's currently too hard to even think about losing the V, especially now it has been serviced and 'good as new'
  9. I have these at the moment, wonder if I should stack them under the motor if they're no longer required under the feet once I've got the 'pads' in situ
  10. Thanks Pete I’ll report back in due course
  11. Hi Pete I've just ordered pads for my orbe and am wondering if they will be as effective with a plinth rather than SE spider,which I still have as it's a conversion from SE, but don't want to convert back for aesthetic and dust reasons Only time will tell I suppose I was wondering what to do about the motor also as whilst the belts (I use 2 and have for many years) will still 'fit' so to speak they will be a lot further down the platter If this is a concern, do you suggest perspex to raise it or some sort of dense rubber 'foot/feet' as better isolation? Absolutely love the pylons by the way but have stuck with my Pederson armboard Huw
  12. I tend to just rub them with a bit of spit and an old rag Well actually I do have a cd cleaner spray(may just be camel spit?) and lens(camera) cleaning cloth which does the trick Of the few thousand cds I have I think just 1 or 2 have caused "problems" despite some looking pretty dodgy(2nd hand, not mine naturally)
  13. I find my Linn DS feeding straight into Bryston power perfectly acceptable but maybe a pre would add something, other than a box that is. Previously I had a 8200CDQ (still have it somewhere) and found I preferred the digital to analogue pre sound, for me quite unusual and a reassurance the DS would be a goer as replacement.
  14. Google fanedit( or something similar) version which improves it a fair bit
  15. Pete’s pylons, another convert here
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