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  1. I tend to just rub them with a bit of spit and an old rag Well actually I do have a cd cleaner spray(may just be camel spit?) and lens(camera) cleaning cloth which does the trick Of the few thousand cds I have I think just 1 or 2 have caused "problems" despite some looking pretty dodgy(2nd hand, not mine naturally)
  2. I find my Linn DS feeding straight into Bryston power perfectly acceptable but maybe a pre would add something, other than a box that is. Previously I had a 8200CDQ (still have it somewhere) and found I preferred the digital to analogue pre sound, for me quite unusual and a reassurance the DS would be a goer as replacement.
  3. Google fanedit( or something similar) version which improves it a fair bit
  4. Pete’s pylons, another convert here
  5. Very expensive I suppose but not if you have nearly 5000 records (likelihood of me getting round to cataloguing etc negligible) audio desk systems ultrasonic cleaner I started to listen to vinyl again and to appreciate just why I’d kept it after years of cd and streaming
  6. huwge

    Valve Life

    Sat here in lockdown listening via my valve kit I realised I’ve put many more hours in than usual over the last year. sounds ok, I’ve changed a couple of failures, but how much gradual deterioration (valves not me) am I missing Does anyone actually really note when they put stuff in and how long they’ve served or are most people ad hoc like me? If this carries on should I ‘stockpile’ and if so which valves etc tongue in cheek obviously but sort of serious (I have replacement valves x2 for all at present, quality variable/questionable)
  7. Slight aside are these Weight/Levels on eBay(and in some pics here) any good?
  8. I could have elaborated but it would have been totally subjective so I decided to cut out the bollox and just keep it simple imho etc etc
  9. My parents had no interest in or any music at all and the 1st records in the house were mine, My Saturday job paid for the ‘record player’ and the vinyl. Either Aladdin Sane or Band on the Run was my first purchase, I think the macca one tbh and I still have both, though an awful lot of stuff has come and gone in the meantime. I haven’t had a ‘clear out’ for years now having always regretted them, Yes, finally learning. 2nd hand record shops have been my ‘parents’ really
  10. any exotic high performance synthetic oil will be fine i use redline 5w30
  11. I’m wearing some ‘sport’ stockings most days and am now a year on from my DVT Rationale is, if symptomatic, in my case that’s swelling and discomfort, then keep on wearing Also still I’m taking Rivaroxaban at 1/2dose as the biggest risk factor for DVT/PE is having already had one but it’s a risk/benefit that you need to discuss with your GP I had the occult cancer screen too which was reassuringly negative 🤞🏽
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