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    SME V and AN Io1
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  1. Damn, I think I’m going to have to ‘play’
  2. probably repeating myself I'm also using the oppo as a source selector to feed my ancient dac3(chosen because it had an optical input, which I no longer use) Non vinyl listening tends to be ethernet cable to oppo then coax to dac which sounds tiptop I very occasionally use Apple TV/hdmi to oppo then coax to dac, which was pretty much indistinguishable from Apple TV/optical to dac tbh PQ never rated optical as I recall I could probably improve the digital side with a dedicated transport but thats another box Would probably buy an AN player with some extra inputs but thats not coming anytime soon
  3. I have a couple of spiders left from my change from se to orbe How much and what sort of difference does that extra isolation bring?
  4. I've used the Algerian Coffee Store in soho's mail order service for decades and never been tempted to change - formula rosa is my favourite blend. Fortunately I'd stocked up on beans(i tend to get in a good few kilos a time) just prior to lockdown and they restarted mail order in time, phew.
  5. Went to put on a record and found 1 of my belts had 'snapped' overnight. It's 94cm long. I've an old one somewhere but would prefer a 'pair' Did you find a source for them Pete? Had a listen with the single belt and sounds ok but not as 'tight' though no audible w&f
  6. Im leaving well alone for the duration hopefully but it's very tempting to fiddle especially when reading threads like this. As a result, so far... Orbe SE --> full Orbe, for the dust cover really as I have an open fire but i also get less/no airborne feedback too (one speaker too close to the Orbe for highish volume dub) and in my system at least better sound. A 'special' ball in the spindle courtesy of Gwernaffield, not sure now which one I've ended up with though.. Exotic synthetic motor oil in bearing. Pederson armboard mod., tried michel one but went back to Pederson. Double pulley/belt, with Orbe the 'levelling' issue alluded to above not a problem as no groove. I am using belts from michell i think, cleaned occasionally with 'sterets" and have in the past had issues with belts. Pete's Pylons, slightly tweaked as per his instructions. SDS under feet. All on Target Wall Stand, some weird composite board and spike arrangement. Last big improvement was from Jubilee to Io and was 'massive" As a result I'm girding my loins for an upgrade to Io2 which would necessitate getting the heavier SME V counterweight (fortunately they do do an exchange) Can't see me changing the arm ever really so money thrown at it good value and i might get the weight first to see what difference moving it right up to the pivot makes with the lighter Io.
  7. Indeed, my first 'proper' speakers
  8. I use a 20yr old HX 75 (the later 100w version) It's currently driving Arcs with a Linn Majik DSM as a pre but it was previously driving Obs perfectly well (Bryston Itch) with a variety of pre amps/dacs (mdac, 8200cdq and finally Linn DS) I've managed to resist any changes, apart from a cartridge rebuild for about 5years now but this lockdown iS giving me a bit too much listening time🤔 Upshot is, the Dyn is absolutely fine
  9. Just making the point that the availability of ventilators is only a small part of the problem Staffing is almost certainly going to be extremely problematic These are decisions I have been making since the early 1990s
  10. i do in fact know of some colleagues working on a prototype however who decides if their use is appropriate? who institutes the actual ventilation? who monitors/cares for the patient/ventilator? who ceases their use if futile? these are the real questions
  11. makes me feel rather smug that i started with an orbe se, converting to full orbe for dust protection, (still have the spare triangles) i therefore have 33 or 45 at the press of a button sounds fine so i haven't attempted to check the speed are these not available from michell? trichord nc
  12. huwge

    Fantasy upgrade

    better ears
  13. I've a 62(mm) 140 CB pair and a load of cables
  14. Mmmm Not sure how many pairs of speakers I can justify