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  1. there is one for sale on ebay
  2. Hi thanks for the reply, many years ago i had a Bijou systen that i liked alot. Would love to try some of there newer equipment but being able to select the input via remote is one of the few things my better half insists on in a system.
  3. Hi I have a question for the Sugden owners, do any of the pre\integrated amps have source selection via remote control? I know they the remote controls volume but not sure about any other functions.
  4. As per title looking fora JELCO 250st tonearm to fit my Analougue works Zero TT Thanks for looking
  5. Another RS phono owner here, it has seen off some higher priced competition in its time, also have an unsued RPM10 TT that i must get round to selling sometime.
  6. Hi AS per title i am looking for a amp to use with my PMC Ob1is, phono stage and HT bypass would be a bonus looking to spend £800 max Thanks for looking Glenn
  7. Have the same issue, my better half mentioned that my PMC ob1i speakers are not very stylish so i have been looking at options for some smaller/more stylish speakers that she is happy with.
  8. glennc

    WANTED MM cart

    Hi I am after a MM cart for my sons TT budget is up to £120. Thanks Glenn
  9. Thanks for all the offers and PMs , I am all sorted now having purchased a Trilogy 907
  10. looks an great piece of kit not sure i have the room for it on my rack
  11. HI am looking for a phono stage for use with my Shelter MC 5000 cartridge. Thanks for looking
  12. Well it was sold but the buyer is not answering any PMs etc so is available again