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  1. I fondly recall my days in the late 70's at Albert Henshaw's shop Bespoke Sounds in Stockport Manchester (he and Barry and Neil created the Albarry amps), Albert and Barry were both afficianados of the TD 124 and were forever tweaking them. I also got one (£100 I think) and had an audio technica arm on it. Only the Trio LO7D topped it and I think that was around £1200+. Happy times experimenting with Alison speakers and SPU's and of course, we had never even heard of COVID 124 MK2.
  2. Still available due to extraordinary number of time wasters.
  3. It's been suggested I may have got my pricing wrong on these so have taken on board some advice and now offering this 5 meter pair for £750.
  4. Bump for fantastic cables at a great price. :-)
  5. Oh they can do that alright and do hand stands, but these aren't the most epensive speaker cables around if you want a pair that can do somersaults.
  6. FS Audience 24 speaker cables Finest speaker cables I've ever owned and very hard to find s/h (especially at this length). Very good condition 5 met pair with spade termination. It's been suggested I may have got my pricing wrong on these so have taken on board some advice and now offering this 5 meter pair for £750. Price drop £700. Usual s/h retail is in excess of $1500 - new rrp around $3000. Several pics here:
  7. This is multi-region if you want to use as DVD player. Many owners used these as stand-alone CD players - sound is that good (related to build quality). Any takers?
  8. My second pair for sale: SOLD AUDIOQUEST SKY 72 VDBS - RCA - ( 1 M) phono - bought from Wammer some years ago - so genuine provenance known. Best cables on the planet and retail at $2,900 USD (Music Direct February 2020) - Yes you read that correctly! £ SOLD collection IP31 or postage at cost (probably £10 ish) Complete and utter bargain Pics here:
  9. Small bump and should add I found this as good as my Oppo player and the build is superb.
  10. For sale my Pioneer LX71. Blu ray DVD player - multi region (blu ray is not multi) Was flagship model and retailed at over £600. Has remote and in excellent condition - I have original box I need to point out that this is an outstanding CD music player and was a substitute for my Electrocompaniet CD player for a while. This is a stonking CD payer for peanuts. £SOLD Review below: Pioneer released the LX71 as part of a 3 player line up back in 2008/9 when their Kuro Televisions where at the top of their game and were widely regarded as the best televisions money could buy. The 'base' Blu-Ray model was the £350 LX51, the mid range player was the £600 LX71 and the top of the range was the £2000 LX91! The LX71 is built like a tank and this size serves a purpose besides looking like two players sandwiched together. This size is to distance the power supply from the video/audio circuitry and reduce the risk of interference. Does it work? The quality of the images and the dynamics of the sound suggests to does indeed. Even today, you'll struggle to find better results unless you spend considerably more than the going used prices of the LX71. The player even has a setting specifically for when connected to a Pioneer Kuro TV giving the best possible quality. If you cannot stretch to the LX91 and want the best performance for your money, then the LX71 is a very safe bet.