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  1. That's far too cheap Graham! Superb pre-amp and a taste of Tom Evans at a budget. Owned a few of these and still do have one as a reserve. Someone should snap this up.
  2. No - my experience is some while ago! So bow to better informed :-)
  3. Having owned them all at one time - Power Inspired close but the PS better - Purepower best of the lot but also not cheap. And agree - best not use with power amps. (Edit - re power amps - exercise caution - depends on he amp)
  4. I may just have one but need to hunt it out - bear with. . .
  5. Try and find an original older spu with the piggy-backed transformer. Had several in the day and sold my last one to Len (aka cartridge man) for £50 but you probably didn't want to hear that! (That was whle agao though).
  6. Sorry - thought it was such a famous amp that the joke would be appreciated! No takers so a mate took it to the tip. On a serious note may have something I can offer if not sorted - a Cambridge audio integrated?
  7. I have a mint Shindo Monbrison I'd let go for £50 including postage, if any use?
  8. Funnily enough, I've owned both auditorium and audience (which I think have the edge) and they are very similar. Excellent interconnects.
  9. Coherent systems are superb products - especially their mods and bespoke cables.
  10. Cheers sold to Chris Hope you find what you want Tim
  11. A wammer has now bought mine, just to update
  12. Hi Tim - pm sent have Yamaha sound bar YSP40D cost a fortune originally but it is big Like this but in black
  13. Power Inspired AG1500 in excellent as new condition - little use due to system change and has ben siting quietly in the rack doing nothing- this replaced an extrememly expensive Pure Power unit - sounded just as good. Collection from Bury St Edmunds area or will courier at buyers risk and expense. £300 plus postage if required.