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  1. 1. any record cutting eq is done at the mastering phase. It's just a different EQ curve while placing the bass in mono. 2. Doesn't matter if you listen to just digital. Most music recorded with real instruments has been passed through analogue gear, mostly compressors, limiters, EQ etc etc. You wouldn't know either way. 3. You won't hear the difference in phase anyway. It's only a problem during recording/mixing for eg when you mic a drum kit up and it's all in phase, then you eq the kick and knock that out of phase with the other mics.
  2. Your music has gone through at least 3 analogue EQs already. What more damage do you think another pass will do?
  3. If burn in is real then why does it only show up on audio related objects, and why is it always a positive effect? You never hear the "I got a new PS4 last week and now the screen has gone more of a blue colour thanks to burning in of that HDMI cable I use"
  4. but when used for mids/treble it can tame or brighten up a system to taste rather than going out and spending a small fortune replacing speakers/amps/converters etc
  5. ears block and unclog again over time down to weather, small food allergies, temperature etc and makes it so some days stuff sounds different.
  6. save yourself thousands and just buy a top quality parametric EQ. edit: didn't read thread. Looks like everyone else came to the same conclusion
  7. It's not what I don't like about them, it's what would better suit my needs now as I have them set up at nearfield positions. I don't really need what the premium price of these speakers adds over smaller and much less expensive speakers. I feel it's a sort of waste, like having a supercar to do the weekend supermarket shop in. If you're near Preston Lancs at any time, feel free to come down and have a listen if you want? If you want to buy them then bring about £4700 ish No, not too big for my room. I probably sit a bit too close to them though. As for subs.. IMO The main
  8. I went active from a pair of Dali Helicon 400s and a Primare A32 power amp. I can't really describe the sound to be honest. Imaging is good. bass is good, treble detail is amazing,. not euphoric sounding, not warm sounding. not harsh sounding. just whatever the music sounds like without highlighting any specific region. I don't think I'd buy them again though. I'd get a pair of smaller and less expensive speakers and a couple of subs if I had the chance. I love my little pair of JBL LSR 6325p monitors more, but miss the bass.
  9. Pair of Focal Alpha 80 and a used Mytek 192/Lavry DA11/Lake People DAC will better almost anything you can get hifi wise for similar money.
  10. Would be very interested to hear an opinion of these vs PSI A25s, especially if you've heard them with the A225 subs.
  11. I didn't say they all sounded the same. I said that you wouldn't know which was which without looking. Like altering the brightness of your TV , after a short period it'll just look normal again. Your audible memory isn't long enough to tell the difference in the time it takes to swap out the cables. If I get time and you're up for it I'll do a little test of a snip of a track via a £5 DAC vs a £2k dac. I bet you won't know which is which. They might sound slightly different in balance due to their output stages but the converters aren't night and day.. I've done this before with a chor
  12. might as well spam my own shit here too...
  13. Not being funny here but just go for the one with the features you want. They all sound so close that you wouldn't know which is which unless you looked.
  14. I have a Prism Callia on ebay right now I can knock £100 off if you want to trade outside of ebay. Just get the best and be done with it. If you want a good converter in your price range, which I've compared to Benchmark dac1, Mytek 192, and the Prism then a Dangerous Source has bass grunt in spades vs the rest. Not a standard hifi dac but is regularly compared to Pro type converters like Grace and Crane Song costing £3k. One on ebay right now for £450 Has the added bonus of being able to play all sources at once.. IE, you can play your PC USB audio along with any of the AES, o
  15. My headphones don't seem to last very long. My Focal Spirits sounded great but only lasted a short while before the strap snapped, thus losing the air tight seal to my ears so they lost bass. My Grado SR80e, which felt uncomfy as hell, distort with bass on one side. My B&W P7 wired have gone silent on one side. The only survivors have been my Sen HD518, which I bought about 12 years ago which has more glue than plastic on the shell, and a pair of DJ type Sen HD25-ii which sound like shit compared to the rest. I need:- Bomb proof - or with parts readily av
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