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  1. Such a shame I'm down south ....I've been after some of these for ages...!
  2. I'm currently running a KW550 with ProAc D15's and they sound great to me. I honestly can't fathom some of the criticism leveled at it. Very enjoyable, listenable and immersive. Strange as the D15's hated a Marantz PM-11S2 which used to sound bright at the top end. The Marantz loved Dyns and PMC's though which both sounded great. The 1008 will be excellent imo and the phono stage will be excellent too if my 550 is anything to go by. Any Krell of that era is great. I thoroughly enjoyed a Kav400xi. I just didn't especially like its looks and, of course no phono stage. Awesome thing though. I haven't moved the 550 or the ProAc's in five years and that speaks volumes. I swap stuff around in another system but those just sit there. What more can I say?
  3. Thanks for this guy's. Some very useful input here. In the end I think they'd already gone....which is a blessing as they were the last thing I needed. I always fancied some 804's or 3's and thought these might have given me most of what they offered. The AV thing makes sense....after all....a much bigger market than us lot...
  4. Ahh ok I'm actually thinking of the ones launched in 2004... With the sloping taper on the top surface..
  5. Hmmm this is a tricky one...I'm still soldiering on with it and love it. The prices sure make hard to buy when the cd is a lot less than half the price. Takes a lot of the fun out of it for me. I remember a brilliant post on here a while back when we were talking about 'how much is too much?' Someone summed it up perfectly. They said it wasn't about price but about the feeling you had. When you feel sick in the pit of your stomach then you know. When walking through town last week and seeing the vinyl copy of the latest album on my wish list in a window for £28(!!!) that's exactly how I felt. It's just too much now.... Still there is loads of great second hand vinyl out there which still makes it worth it for me. Brand new records sadly seem a much more rare occurrence now though... it it goes without saying they sound great....
  6. So I recently saw a very good pair of 703's at a really good price. These appealed bizarrely because they have protected tweeters and I have a toddler running around with pokey fingers. Also the build quality of these seems great. So what's the deal with the 703's? They always seemed a bit under the radar compared to the nautilus range with their elliptical cabinets. Was this a case of offering 90 percent of the performance of the top range for 60 percent of the price? very curious to see if anyone has tried these and what quirks they have...
  7. Neilb

    Castle Harlech S2

    Thanks Eddie. I agree about the proacs. My D15's are my long term speakers. I can't imagine changing them in the near future. These were for a second system were I just see what sound I can get from as little money as you can spend. A few months ago I bought a Rega Apollo mk1 for 150 quid which is brilliant.....then you think of these for 200 quid and it's not bad is it.....!
  8. Neilb

    Castle Harlech S2

    Thanks for this guys.....really not sure how I missed this. Thanks for the offer Graham. Much appreciated. It seems to be the S2 versions I'm after.....and luckily there seem to be plenty of reviews here so it's all good. Very kind of you though.
  9. Neilb

    Castle Harlech S2

    Very interesting I guess the cabinet does some good work getting the most out of those compact about power? Could you drive these with a 25 watt valve amp?
  10. A penny for your thoughts on these. Specifically the S2 carbon driver versions. I keep seeing these for very good prices and they're rather nice looking things. Very interior friendly. From a design point of view I was always very curious about them. The drivers always seemed too small for the cabinet size and then there's the upward firing second driver. How are these? Do they have any bass? Are they valve friendly.....suitable with all kinds of music? Im also very interested in the Severn's (are these very lightweight)... And also where you'd go from the Harlech's in terms of a step up in terms of weight and scale.....would that be the Howard's? it strikes me that if you love proacs but don't quite have that kind of money these would be a nice, cost effective, alternative option. Finally since spares are probably hard to come by....are they reliable? cheers. Neil
  11. Neilb

    Hama tuners....?

    Well put Simon.....I think this is correct. To be honest its probably worth it just to have a dedicated unit set up and ready to go as opposed to constantly plugging in another device.
  12. Neilb

    Hama tuners....?

    Hmmm good point just plug the iPad in right? For some reason I thought there must be some processing shenanigans going on with a tuner which improved the sound..... I'm probably wrong there.......the market is devoid of them for good reason. Your smart phone can do the same thing.
  13. Neilb

    Hama tuners....?

    I've been having a quick look around for a digital/Internet tuners. I'm quite surprised there doesn't seem to be much choice. I've been looking quickly at the Hamas Dit 2000 and 2010. Has anyone tried one of these? Any other recomendations around the £200 quid mark? cheers.....Neil
  14. I don't have a problem with them at all. Dartzeel or a pass labs would be on my dream list. McIntosh MA 8000 would be nice. I thoroughly enjoyed a krell Kav 400xi and a Marantz pm-11S2. As long as the pre section is well isolated what's the problem?
  15. I hear you Rob I hear you. I had a moment a while back when I'd pais 26 quid for a colour vinyl version of the drive soundtrack only to realize it was much thinner and lighter and then has a constant blowing sound throughout being played (none of my other records do this)......i suddenly thought, what the hell am I doing....?! I'm back to liking them again now but still buy them far less than I'd like to and it sure is difficult to take any kind of chance on an album for £22 (at least)... difficult when the cd is £10.