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  1. Too many fountain pens in my collection, I can't rotate them enough so letting a few go. First one is one of my favourites (I own another one): the Pilot Custom 823. Fully serviced, like new, original box. Amber version. Stock picture, but can send you pics of actual pen. Fantastic smooth 14K gold nib, probably the best ink capacity on the market. SOLD
  2. If you do end up using Upela, remember to tick the box "insure for declared value" under the box where you declare the value. Declaring the amount is not enough, you have to tick that little box below, it's easy to miss it. You'll see the price go up about £60 so you'll know you did it right...
  3. I've been using a broker called Upela for the past 10 years. Upela will offer you various services from various carriers at different prices , UPS, DHL, FedEx, etc... Of course insurance is insurance, it's always the same, they'll look for a reason not to pay. But if your item is in its original packaging and a potential damage is flagged upon reception of the item, it should be okay. I had a parcel destroyed by FedEx and they were very good about. For sure, collection will always be safer. But for such an item, i.e not cheap, you might find that most of your potential buyers are not necessarily local! Just remember that Chord ships their units worldwide, so overall it should be safe
  4. Just for the record, any serious courrier will insure this without a problem. It will just cost £65 of insurance only. GLWS!
  5. Yes you probably need to sign up. It's a PLP with new batteries and new set of tubes, 4500 euros. Let me see if I can get the seller's email for you. I'll PM it to you.
  6. There's one for sale on this French forum: https://www.ls3-5a-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=36380&p=804035&hilit=nagra#p804035 It's a good forum, bit like a French Wam.
  7. Well the buyer still hasn't paid me so if he defaults, I'll let you know!
  8. Listing this one separately as quite a sought-after box set. The box is nice and shiny but rated VG++ on account of some small corner damage. The 11 LPs look unplayed, but I will rate them as NM as a precaution. Check out price history: https://www.popsike.com/php/quicksearch.php?searchtext=wand+bruckner+emi&layout=&sortord=&endfrom=&endthru= Edit: now off to Ebay.
  9. It's indeed compatible with any cart as far as I know. It was with my Soundsmith, in any case, so no reason why it wouldn't be with others. The only specificity of this table is that the mounting system is designed to automatically align the cartridge if overhang is correct. The offset angle is predetermined by the way the cart sits on the headshell. Once screwed in, you can only adjust overhang. If the latter is correct, offset angle is correct too, automatically. I checked with my Soundsmith and a dedicated protractor and that was indeed the case.
  10. Final price drop to £790 shipping to UK included. Could contemplate partial P/X with quality headphone amp, or maybe headphones (Grado, Sennheiser, not that I really need another pair....) J.
  11. If it's as good as their carts - and why wouldn't it be - somedy's in for a treat. GLWS.
  12. Hi all, Moving away from analogue for good, lack of time to listen to all the music I have, and digital is just more practical. Some you have already benefited from this decision records/cartridge-wise Praying very hard I won't regret it. Selling this TT is the biggest leap. Final part of the sale is my sought-after PF1000 and its MC1000 cartridge. No need to introduce this heavy top end Yamaha table, you can check it out on Vintageknob. I will just say one thing, after 20 years in analogue. I've had Regas, Project, Nottingham Analogue, Brinkmann, Thorens TTs: you will have to spend at least 7 or 8 x my asking price on a modern one to just match this. No company today can produce this kind of quality (build AND sound) at real word prices anymore: the two-metal platter, the fine speed adjustment for both 33 and 45, the real power supply inside (not a wallwart) would just cost too much to manufacture for a niche market. The MC1000 cartridge is in full working condition, although I have no idea how old it is. It's working well. I do not have the original box but have just found an alternative box. It was used to ship a Murano crystal chandelier, so it will be well-protected. I do have the transportation screws. This table without cart usually goes for around £1200.The cart is around £270 (Springair just sold one last week). It's worth mentioning that this TT will take much more high-end carts than the one included. I used it with a 2K Soundsmith. The MC1000 is no slouch and is really a great solution, though, for one not willing to spend too much in a plug and play package. On to the details and fine print: 1) Condition is really lovely for a vintage TT. Of note are a few marks on the lid just where it touches one of the springs cover (can be adjusted to avoid that) and a mini chip in the wood, see pictures. But really, this baby looks good. The TT is equipped with its own captive set of ICs, which is not an afterthought but a really nice, sturdy affair with insulated plugs. No need to spend more on cables. The belt is brand new. 2) The weight adjustment is done, quite logically, via the counterweight and a knob. It allows for very fine adjustement. At the time, Yamaha also thought it would be a good idea to ad a second, rougher way to approximate it, for people who don't own scales. This secondary, afterthought little knob is well-known to die on most PF1000. It can be repaired if you're into DIY. I won't risk it, especially since it's completely useless. Mine still works a bit to be fair, but honestly, there's no point to this thing. 3) A plasticky gauge was also given for rough alignment of the cart. Never seen one for real, and apparently it was also quite approximative. I'm giving a proper protractor specially made for the PF1000. It's worth noting that the turntable is designed so that only overhang can be adjusted. The cartridge is assumed aligned when the overhang is correct (which my protractor confirmed). 4) As on most turntable of this era, the mains lead was cut to allow it to go through a piece of furniture. There's 30 cm left. I will provide the Corfac2 studio cable I used it with, connected with a connector block, simply add UK plug. I cannot put up more than one pic due to size, please email for additional pics and/or questions. No offers will be considered at this price. In the same way that I sold my records for 50% off Discogs on average, what matters to me here is to do a friendly, relaxed deal with a reputable Wammer, a forum I've been a member of for a long time, and for this baby to find a nice home. Good luck finding another deal like this people. It's a good thing I'm crazy and impulsive (and yet very sweet ) NOW SOLD