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  1. gjm

    Pink moon

    Pink moon tonight, as seen in NZ.
  2. We're planning a family hols for mid-January, and where we're going doesn't have a TV or anything similar. Which is great until it rains, or one of us is feeling tired/hungover/ill or similar. In orer to cope with such an eventuality we'll take a 128Gb stick of movies and suchlike, and a laptop computer. We could all congregate around a 15" screen, but I was thinking it would be nice to use a bit of blank wall so we're not knocking heads when trying to see some piece of detail. It's not oging to be ideal and the wall will probably be uneven, not white, have poor reflectivity - whatever - but having a decent-sized image to look at might be nice. We have a portable rechargeable loudspeaker we can use for sound. But... A small projector. Smaller the better, I guess. I'm not getting hung up on a 80" projection of pin-sharp 4K image. Any suggestions? (For something cheap?) I'll probably buy secondhand, but I've been out of the AV game for a few years and short of (over)doing research as usual, don't know what the go-to is in terms of suitable technology. LCD? I've not investigated. Any thoughts?
  3. About 1 second... I saw Neil's reply appear as I hit 'submit'!
  4. gjm


    My DSD files are typically 2.8MHz-DSF, but only when I know where they came from! (And yes - there are companies recording at that level.) OK - so, to summarise, HDTracks have been known to sell upsampled 16-bit recordings as 24-bit, but they are now more thorough in checking that what they sell is actually from a 24-bit source.
  5. gjm


    Anyone know if HDTracks provide true 24-bit recordings, or if they are a poor imitation produced by upsampling?
  6. I think that cover was shot at Porthmadog... The snippet I posted is from a beach, but not a Welsh one. It is near Los Angeles.
  7. This is one of my favourite albums.
  8. I know this... But all I can think of is a dartboard. Which can't be right...
  9. You're not wrong. It is atypical of most forums which allow some element of free speech - there are some with truly dictatorial administration where it doesn't happen. (I feel that's wrong.) There are invariably a number of keyboard warriors who will try to stir trouble.
  10. I got in touch with Oppo and even they said the same thing. Very sad. I suspect it isn't something too serious, but not knowing where to start really doesn't help. The laser/transport part is almost certainly fine, so it's more likely to be PSU. Somewhere. But yes - not economic to repair. Lots of cheap universal players around (although prices are higher here in NZ).
  11. It's the only cover I've seen, but that durn't mean owt. D'you fancy having a go?