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  1. Musical Fidelity M1 DAC for sale. Immaculate condition, I can’t see any marks, and it’s complete with the original box, packaging, power cable and manual. Pictures below. It’s been very lightly used in my study system between a Sonos Connect and my integrated amp, providing an appreciable step up in sound quality compared to using the Connect’s internal DAC. It’s a very flexible DAC with coax, optical, USB and balanced inputs along with RCA (phono) and balanced outputs. Build quality is superb with it weighing in at 3.4kg. Very positive review here on Stereophile with the review summing up “So addictive is this DAC that I can't bear to replace it with another” The M1 DAC retailed for £400 and there’s one on Ebay at the moment for £240 (although I think this is overpriced), but reflecting the value for money I’ve had from it, happy to let it go for £140 plus postage. Also happy for it to be collected – I’m near Brentwood, Essex. Thanks Mark
  2. Pogiboy had a pair for sale in the dealer classifieds recently at a bargain price.
  3. Angelface over on Cyrusunofficial was recently selling an AVM 8.0. May still be available. He's an excellent chap, you can deal with confidence.
  4. Case in point being the M6i which Fanthropes are doing brand new for £1,499. £1,100 or 42% off retail price. Ok if you get one of these deals but you'd be pretty annoyed if you'd just paid full whack.
  5. Damn, damn and treble damn. I was hoping you'd say the Bel Canto was fantastic and your Moon would soon be up for sale so I could snap it up. Nice review by the way - thanks.
  6. There's an RA-12 for sale at the moment in the calssifieds on AV Forums.
  7. Mark F

    Cyrus or linn?

    That's bloomin expensive. You should be able to pick this up second hand for around £900, and certainly less than £1,000.
  8. There's plenty of past threads on this if you do a search. Also worth looking at HMRC's website - searching on "import duty" should do the trick.
  9. To add to your confusion, there's a mint condition Arcam A90 for sale on AV Forums for £295 including delivery and you can normally haggle a few quid off. I'd expect this will be a decent step up from the A18. Only downside is no warranty. If you do go for the repair option, I'd try and get them to throw in a sweetner - perhaps some cables - as it's not your fault they can't replace it with a new A18.
  10. First time attendee and really looking forward to it. I've just had a look at Scalford Hall on Google Earth and car parking looks to be a bit limted and it looks to be in the middle or nowhere - just lots of narrow country lanes? Any tips on where to park if I can't get in the main car park (or do they open up some of the surrounding fields for parking in?) Thanks in advance. Mark
  11. And following on from take5's post, here's the first side of the systems list (found this in a thread a couple of pages down).
  12. I used to be indecisive but now I'm not so sure :-) More serriously, you can't go wrong with Sonos and it will revolutonise your listening. Don't be put off by the technical talk above - it really is a breeze to set up and use, even for a complete technophobe like me.