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  1. A used nobbly vibrator thing. Good luck with that
  2. What's the thing behind them? It would drive SWMBO insane! How much?
  3. It's dead easy. We just delete, move, ban, suspend, and discuss (in that order)😂
  4. Well for starters, you need to be certified OCD free Unless you're Rabski, in which case the OC means something completely different
  5. Well, if you've got a spare set you just chuck em in don't you? Then you find out the amp is busted. Then do what you should have done int first place. Everyone knows that
  6. See, this is why I stick to a nice simple SS integrated amp Can anyone test a clutch of kt88 for me please?🤗 A cathode resistor went tits up and has probably bust a couple, but mastermind here didn't note which came from where.
  7. It's not really a volume control. There's 2 different volume ranges and you can also set the gain on each input. The real question is, does it come out of class A on the J's. Probably not.
  8. No lol that was a typo. J's
  9. It's unlike any amp I've had before, and not what you might expect either with it being such a massive lump. It doesn't do magic tricks or slap you in the face. It is incredibly neutral and inert. It just amplifies effortlessly. The thing that does stand out is it's ability to separate instruments and it's retrieval of finer detail thst is often lost in the chaos of complex or busy music. There is no chaos! Noise floor is practically zero. As a result it makes for very interesting listening, neither adding to or taking away from the recording. E's can be ruthless with poorer material but the ASR levels the field somewhat. Fantastic production is still just that, but it also makes lesser productions sound as good as they can be.
  10. It's been very handy considering my love of overweight hifi.
  11. What a massive amount of speaker for such a low price. @Lawrence001 if you want them mate I will re home your Amphions😉
  12. As with most things, I've had a few pairs of 8s and 11s over the years. So what do you get: A heavy and non resonant thick walled cabinet filled with Seas Excell drivers. There's really not much to go wrong looking at the ingredients and the performance matches the spec. I favour the 8 over the 11. Maybe down to room acoustics but mostly due to a dislike of deep groaning bass colouring everything. On that score the 8s are a winner for me. Very articulate and musical with tight and tuneful bottom end. Regarding modern design vs older, I always have to laugh. Speakers haven't changed much at all IMHO just the marketing waffle. You can probably pick a pair up for sub 400 and there is a fan club so you'd not be stuck with them if you didn't like them. Will I get another pair if they pop up on the right day? Absolutely. Twice!