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  1. No love for these monitors? I have a pair of MAF stands to go with them if needed.
  2. You could try making space from your other ads mate. Rules is rules n all that. I'd like to see it
  3. Can you put a photo up please Adry
  4. These were mine for a while and they are superb. Did the stands that I let them go with vanish? I'd happily take these back, but inflation and too much kit says probably best to think long and hard about it
  5. Only just seen this thread and I've skimmed it quickly so apologies if this has already been said, but... A certain amount of noise is permissible at any time. The 11pm thing does not apply rigidly. I've had several run in's with my joined neighbour and visits from the police over the years. The police come and tell me that if you can have a conversation over the music without shouting, it's at an acceptable volume. She reported me several times and each visit was the same in that the police didn't see a problem and eventually threatened her with wasting police time. No more complaints! Some of these visits were in the wee hours too. Irony is that she isn't exactly quiet and her 3 visiting grandkids running around on stripped wood floors while screaming and blowing whistles pisses me off. I just don't complain about it. It's not the end of life as you know it Eddie, and you don't have to comply with everyone that doesn't share your love of music.
  6. I'll see what I can dig out when I get a minute. I am the second owner, but the first informed me it had been back to Sugden for an upgrade to latest spec (no idea what that entailed) so it's the same spec as a brand new one. I'll pull it out of the rack and get the serial number, again, when I get a minute. Full demo available btw. With any of my many boxes or with yours.
  7. It's a fine arm. Still have my 228 and 242 tubes for the Decca Gold.
  8. Lovely kit! I find myself drawn toward smaller boxes these days. I'll keep an eye on these as my own sales hopefully produce.
  9. B&W DM2 are in the loft. The other bits, Harmon Kardon 430 and JVC DD record player went decades ago.
  10. I like a good quiz Going to guess at Leaks
  11. Box count reduction continues... Brilliant amp that needs no introduction. It actually does exactly what it claims in the reviews. 33w of class A lovely that will manage awkward loads. Currently on my Neat MF5 which aren't the most sensitive. On board phono stage is exceptionally good too. Nice condition, fully boxed and with remote. £2200 collected
  12. Sold subject to sorting logistics In practically mint condition with all of it's packaging. Upgraded by JS in November 19 with paperwork. Price is a very fair £1000 collected.
  13. What are the worlds best amp and speakers?
  14. Hi Rob Bit big for my room mate, but they do look interesting.
  15. No way I'm trawling through 8 pages of this bllx But your first post says everything. You thought cleaning your wire ends made your cables sound like more expensive ones. Expectation bias in full flow there then. More cost equals better performance. Right, back to my underwater basket weaving.