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  1. That's a lovely machine btw. I have the matching tuner. Sony at thier best!
  2. I'm glad I dont care. Lets me just get on with listening to music.
  3. Weekend bump. Amps and phono stages please.
  4. Still here Gaz. Drop me a pm if you want to discuss further mate.
  5. That you Chris? I thought you'd gone walkabout Lot of speaker for the money!
  6. Hi Rick, what sort of value do you have in mind for tha Audio Synthesis Dac?

    Nice Odeons by the way.

    Best wishes, Richard

    1. bandit pilot

      bandit pilot

      About a grand Rich.

    2. Slightly Athletic

      Slightly Athletic

      Ok mate, sorry to ask... But is everything working as it should, any marks etc worth mentioning, original box? Etc

      cheers, Richard

    3. bandit pilot

      bandit pilot

      It's in perfect working order mate. Cosmetically 8/10 but very clean. No original box but it does have the uber rare remote.

  7. High quality amps and phono stages. There, I've said it twice
  8. Thought I'd try something different... Instead of selling my spare bits, which tbh would only be reinvested into more kit, I thought I'd see if anyone has the bits I'm looking for and offer mine up for swaps. Sales can be discussed by pm but this thread is for the purpose of exchange. I'll be happy to hear from people that have lovely amps and phono stages in particular, but interested in most things of nice quality so not rigid on that. Here are some pics of the bits I am parting with. To avoid turning the thread into a complete disaster, please discuss via PM😁 Cheers. AE Ref 1mk3. MAF stands to go with these. Odeon Rigoletto. Neat Ultimatum MF5 Audio Synthesis DAX Decade. Balanced and single ended with remote. Yamaha PCM4002 Power Amp. 43kg of absolute control and a must for NS1000 owners, or anything else that needs gripping! Comes with the PS1 supply upgrade. Brilliand silent SUT. Flush strobe 401 with Hadcock 212/242. Many more pics on request. Or live of whatsapp etc.
  9. As above, looking for stands around 18 inches tall. Let me know please.
  10. No love for these monitors? I have a pair of MAF stands to go with them if needed.
  11. You could try making space from your other ads mate. Rules is rules n all that. I'd like to see it