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  1. Fear not mate, I've got no desire to spoil them. Far easier to find what would replace them and let someone else enjoy these as they are. Besides, I haven't got anything like the spare time a pair of bespoke cabs would eat up. I barely get chance to listen, never mind make it first.
  2. From memory they only have digital input. They are also active which makes my amp redundant. But the WAF factor is very high.
  3. Black white or silver are the only colours Steve, or a mixture of black and silver. She was really annoyed when I sold the mk3 AE1.
  4. It's shiny so it stays. Lets see you sneak my amp past your lass Craig
  5. She's a strange one, my better half. If they were rammed with drivers it'd make more sense to her. But all that wood, for 1 speaker?... I think the wood is the issue tbh. Shiny wins.
  6. Nobody sells stuff anymore. I've been forced into making do
  7. I know. Not convinced I like new me either.
  8. All speakers are compromised one way or another, and even the best of them still rely on minimal room interaction to shine. These particular DC's are my first, and while they do have obvious limitations and a very different character I'm finding them surprisingly un fatiguing over long listening sessions and in certain areas very enjoyable. I can confidently say that, apart from dealers, there are few people that have tried more flavours of hifi than myself. My room is truly awful though, so boxes which give the big sound presence without failing at some or other frequencies are very few in here. D/C are not the last word in hifi by any means. But what is? I'm at a stage where if it sounds good to me, it's happy days and a possible route off this crazy merry-go-round
  9. Yes, I stand corrected, but you know what I meant
  10. Having been surprised by my recent Tannoys, just wondered what else is out there and people's thoughts. Particularly interested in a more modern looking package to keep swmbo happy. Zu perhaps?
  11. I might be interested in the arm if you want to pm a price. No use of the Linn bits.
  12. Day or 2 grace while you get it sorted. I got no joy with the pics on the original sale thread either.
  13. Needs pics of the actual item rather than a forum link bud.
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