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  1. More than me for once. Bet you can't guess which are in the system😉
  2. Bourney is smitten with the pair he badgered away from me last week 😁
  3. Bump. Might be up for a trade on some panel speakers. Fancy trying some. WHYG?
  4. They've sounded lovely on everything I've used them with too Jake. Firstly Unison 845 monos and lately ASR Emitter. They don't need power, but they don't seem to mind it.
  5. Yes, for another £1500😉
  6. SOLD SUBJECT TO COLLECTION Part 28 of my treatment states that I need fewer speakers, and so I am offering these lovely 2 way horns. They sound fab, look fab, and are very efficient. Cost a small car new, but on offer here for £1500 of your hard earned (or furlough fund) cash notes. Collected from North Notts. I have no boxes so shipping is out of the question. Full demo available.
  7. Fill your boots Jack, it has been in a new home for some time. I did keep the Decca.
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