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  1. Always one Simon's amplifiers are indeed fabulous Not sure if @robin had or still has one. I know it was at a day out at his when I spent the day listening to it and I believe the phono stage too. Really great kit.
  2. You call that trolling? @luckysim0n Get in line old pal
  3. When the pusher tells the user it's all placebo... You can feel the twitching from here
  4. Why buy a Ferrari when a Fiat does the speed limit? choice.
  5. Ah, that's better. The"If you can't hear what I'm saying you must be deaf!" brigade are out in force. Normal service has been resumed
  6. The bit in bold sums hifi up perfectly.
  7. Got a Sony 777es with the remote but no box. It's a very good week to get things moved around if it ticks your boxes.
  8. Assuming that's not a typo, I'd like them too.
  9. It's kind of what we're used to. Makes a refreshing change to hear it from the horses mouth. It won't stop people buying high end because different levels of disposable income will always be the case and there is always going to be a pride of ownership aspect too.
  11. Seem to remember Goldmund doing exactly the same. Brand loyalty and marketing has a lot to answer for.
  12. Not for £9 you won't
  13. Pretty sure they are the ones taken by the seller in Japan. It's a lot of amplifer!
  14. Rolex don't keep better time than Casio etc... But plenty seem to need the Rolex. Keith is being brutally honest. Refreshing!
  15. You don't get it. Tim will But now I know your fondness mate...
  16. The thinning out continues. This pair are practically like new and complete with all packaging. The design allows you to put them next to or behind the speakers too so ideal if you want lots of power and control but don't have shelf space. Price for this pair is £1250. Collection from mine or Kegworth pick up.
  17. The Wam variant being the 'Ugly Facebook'
  18. ebay is a joke. I stopped using it years ago because of exactly this kind of nonsense. Stick 20k on them.
  19. Shall we bid them up to 20k to get his little heart racing? Then after the auction, "Sorry, my 5 year old hit the bid button!"
  20. The idea of paying solicitors brings on my 'sucking lemons' face. Buy the speakers. Solicitors are everywhere, unlike these.