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  1. I remember these. Absolutely great little speakers. Alan knows his stuff!
  2. Iirc it was a Plinius you were lugging up those stairs, until I foolishly took your place. You actually looked close to death me ole mate. Anyway, these AE2s are good and somebody should buy them. If for no other reason than to stop me attempting to run 3 pairs stacked
  3. Great times indeed, Jack. I still have my mk1s as in this thread, and latterly a minty pair of mk2 in rosewood. No intentions of parting with either any time soon. They are a special speaker!
  4. AT33ptg Benz ls Rega Aphetta All boxed with low hours. Drop me a line if any are of interest.
  5. Nice problem to have. Nice speakers too!
  6. I've got either a rb200 or 250 upstairs. @Spider can probably confirm. It's part of an estate sale, and you'll have a lot of change left.
  7. New vinyl purchase. Like pouring honey in your lug holes.
  8. Was all going your way until I saw low output.
  9. Right up your street Steve. 46kg of effortless musicality!
  10. Timely bump and update for this thread, and a complete change of requirements. Only the big Yamaha power amp remains, but I also have a Gold Note ph10 and ps10 phono stage to go on the block. Like new condition etc. My latest want is a high quality sub, possibly with room correction.
  11. Let me know if you want the thread tidied up, though I doubt these will be here long!
  12. Wish I'd stuck with that old Sharp Radio Cassette. Hifi brings nothing but bloody misery. Mugs game.
  13. It was a mere hiccup mate. Just more mag porn from back in the day when I couldn't afford them.
  14. What was driving the Momentums at the last Wam show? Or am I thinking of the one before (maybe it was Irishshitgate). Yeah that was the MF. Not long after I parted with it in order to downsize. Had enough of 3 massive heavy boxes. Current amp is 4 massive heavy boxes
  15. Those kW amps must have done the job though? Not had those for ages, but my current amp could do the job.
  16. Looks like they're sold, so it wasn't to be. Probably for the best.
  17. I'd have a punt on these if I thought for a single minute that my room could handle them. It's 19x13 but has a suspended floor and less than 8ft ceiling height. Bass is an utter t₩t to control in here. TLs are very different to ports though.
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