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  1. Day or 2 grace while you get it sorted. I got no joy with the pics on the original sale thread either.
  2. Needs pics of the actual item rather than a forum link bud.
  3. I know of a lovely pair of 3.1. They are rosewood though
  4. Should cable threads be immune to the AUP? Vote
  5. but it's a cable thread. The only thing worth missing self harming for (until I've read it)
  6. I also have a pdr 609. No issues. Message me for a chat if it's of interest.
  7. And replied thanks. To keep the thread up to date, these are on demo Tuesday so on hold until then.
  8. My local lets me take stuff. No down payments. And I've not done lots of business with them either.
  9. Spendors sold stc Price reduction on the dac and tt.
  10. Not the first time I've put these up for sale (and changed my mind) but I am at critical mass with kit and could do with less ear ache! Ultimatum mf5. The reference series from Neat using isobarik bass loading and multi driver ideas for a big sound stage. They work too! These port through the bottom so placement is pretty easy. Rarely available and in perfect working order. Couple of marks pretty much commensurate with age but nothing major. Demo available £1300 collected from North Notts. Junction 30 M1
  11. Lovely. I once had the pleasure of hearing one in my system. Truly stunning amplifier!
  12. Time for a bump I think. Any questions via pm please.
  13. My experience too. I don't know of any other hobby where that happens. The vast majority of hifi folk are a bloody fine bunch!
  14. We used to have a feedback section years ago, and it worked perfectly for those with a positive story to tell. However, the rare negative experience would turn into an open witch hunt with no way to police it short of having a full time mod on it, so it was put to bed. 99.9% of dealings on the forum are great. Most of us are familiar with each other on here. Long may that continue.
  15. I tried to find a way of reporting a member or a PM but I couldn't hence this thread. You can PM any of the mods directly, or start a thread anywhere on the forum and report it yourself . That way all the mods are notified at once.
  16. I'm sure Mark can put a nice arm on it. Have a chat with @divedeepdogif the Denon is on your wish list.
  17. I have seen these in the flesh and can confirm they are lovely. Craig is great to deal with too.
  18. Actually no. These Stirlings are about as much as my room can handle. They sound massive in here, but well under control.
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