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  1. He is obviously going to use some of the money raised to buy a decent camera
  2. I think there is one on here for less than the "buy it now"
  3. Can only echo the sentiments re: Chic, Nile Rodgers always gathers fine musicians together. I have the utmost respect for Ed Sheeran, to hold that stage on his own really takes some skill. Had a flip around Iplayer and enjoyed Sigrid, thought Lorde was superb but my favourite and the only one I watched right through was Laura Marling who seems to be going from strength to strength and is really maturing as an artiste and musician. She gave a wonderful eclectic mix of folk, blues, soul and jazz and even though I have all her albums I was completely captivated.
  4. I wish I got Radiohead, I really do, but when Thom Yorke starts his moaning noises it has the same effect as fingernails on a blackboard. Maybe drugs are needed for full enjoyment. I am obviously in the minority judging from the crowd.
  5. ordered one of these Saturday, got a call this morning to say the Martin Logan one will be with me tomorrow! Ah well, at least I will now have a spare.
  6. Fantastic stuff guys, many thanks indeed.
  7. I need to replace this psu for one of my Martin Logan's but I have been waiting 6 weeks now for one from the distributors, what are the important specs I need if I source a non generic one? I can see 15v and 0.4a on the psu are they the important bits or are there other factors to take into consideration?
  8. Hi Jag, Hope you and yours are well. I sent you a message via Facebook messenger but not sure if you will get it. I was wondering if you still had the Townshend platforms and if so can I request first refusal if you ever want to sell them.

    cheers, Pete

    1. Jag


      Hi Pete

      Thanks for getting in touch and hope all is well with you, I have not logged into my Facebook recently. I still have the Townshend platforms sat in their boxes, never got to try them as my plans changed so if you want them they are yours, you might have saved me from listing them for sale!

      Best regards

      Jag (07768875309)

    2. misterpete


      Thanks for that Jag, I will get back to you as soon as I can, what is your postcode?

      cheers, Pete

    3. Jag


      Hi Pete

      My postcode is LS28 7HF, feel free to call on 07768875309 or email jsemplay@gmail.com.



  9. Selling it?? It's speaker cable and it's £12.50 posted. You are not selling it mate you are giving it away!
  10. Bit of damage to one corner caused by my carelessness, but otherwise fully functioning wall shelf. I have had some very heavy TTs on this and it never moved but of course it needs anchoring into brick or timber. It is the bamboo version and comes boxed. http://www.audioaffair.co.uk/quadraspire-q4-evo-bamboo-wall-shelf?gclid=CLrbieCpgdMCFRdmGwodXAMPPA RRP £280 £100 posted. Now sold
  11. Welcome newbie to The Wigwam. It always pays to check the dates on any for sale notices, this one goes back quite a while, but never fear, Bandit Pilot is a man of infinite patience and understanding and I am sure he will answer your query as soon as he can.
  12. I think Tidal has a slight edge if you subscribe to the £19.99 HiFI service, but for range of content and sheer value for money I think Spotify wins hands down. I mean you can even get Spotify free if you can put up with adverts! once again a big thumbs up to the Scalford playlist on Spotify, the other Wam playlists from last year are well worth listening to as well, thanks Geoff!
  13. Cheers Gary, much appreciated