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  1. Hi , I used to have a Bow Wazoo amp and a Wizard CD player , I tried the ZZ eight when I had the upgrade itch , but did not think that the premium over the Wizard on trade in was worth it . I lived happily with the Bow kit for a number of years. Similar in sound and Construction to Primare ( same designer ) slightly warm sound , but enjoyable never the less.
  2. HI all Taking up space are my Linn Kan mk1 stands , which I bought in the 80s to accompany my Linn Kans - I moved the Kans on ( Idid not get on with them) and used them with a range of bookshelf/ standmount speakers and because they can be placed close to a wall to support the bass frequencies , but have now moved to floorstanders , they have been loitering for a while just in case i can find a use for them. Ideally for collection , but could be posted but at over 8Kg will not be cheap - anyway I am close to J4 J5 M25 Regards Alby
  3. Hi, Lurches Van Damme 4mm hifi are in my system and I will give them a proper listen. I am impressed with their initial “out of the box” performance. To answer other solutions given. The cables were coiled relatively neatly under my speakers , and I did consider shortening or biwiring but :- it was not easy to get a 5m plus cable when I needed it and if I need it again in the future , (I may move house next year) , I would not want to go through that again. If I need it I will keep the kimber , if I do not I will move it on to someone else who needs a long cable. also I am not convinced of the benefits of biwiring , particularly as I only have single cable terminals on my amp. I can understand the purported benefits of biamping but only in a “real” high end system ( not mine) , my funds could be better spent elsewhere. but thanks for your speaker cables (lurch) and helpful comments Alby
  4. My system powered up ok this morning but I cannot see that the software has been updated - still firmware version 600e It will be sorted
  5. HI mains power off wait some time ( make pot of tea ) Mains power on sometimes there is a message to say up dated software listen to saved music put on standby This normally works , but when i went to the system in the morning , there is a green software update message , having gone through this loop or a couple of days I have left the system powered down and will spend some time looking into it at the weekend. Last time this happened it sorted itself after a few days break , I suspect that the update was amended. Alby Its a great piece of kit , but software support is a bit flaky
  6. I have an Encore 225 , and i suspect that there is something not quite right with the software update , it tells me I have new software every day , I power it down , boot it up and then , next time i take it off stand by , or the following morning it tells me about the software upgrade again and tells me to power off for 10 seconds and the power up again. I have left it powered off since yesterday and will power up next weekend to see if I can understand the issue and send a couple of emails. I will say that this has happened before and resolved itself in a few days . fingers crossed - keep me posted and I will update as well. Regards Alby
  7. Seems worth a try , thanks I will pm
  8. I have kimber 8tc (black blue) 5.5 m run, I don’t really need that long anymore 2m would be sufficient but I will probably buy 3m runs , obviously I have not purchased cable for many years. Any recommendations ? Before the 8tc I was using qed which I liked but sold on as it was too short. My budget (including jumpers) is £250 max - any suggestions welcome. thanks Alby
  9. The issue is that my amp is sitting on a granite base on a sturdy oak chest , my amp is to move but the chest stays so I need to decide how to support it. I have a large and heavy MF amp which might resonate if a herd of elephants passed by , but I think i am fairly safe. Much as I love valve for my guitar amps I have never used them for hifi and am unlikely to make a move in that direction.
  10. I have done a quick search , but cannot find much info on the Sbooster, can you provide some details for me and others on the forum. I am thinking about trying the Audiobrava advertised on eBay for £105 it might be worth a punt.
  11. I am just about to move my system , and will need a new stand , I have an MF encore amp , whilst I can understand proper isolation support for turntables and components such as CD players , but as long as its stable , is anything more isolating really needed for an amplifier ? Regards Alby
  12. Hi I have a musical fidelity MX-VYNL , and am not a fan of wall wart power supplies - does anyone have a recommendation for a 12v (linear) power supply. An easy question. Thanks Alby
  13. I have just following finished listening to the radio 3 mixtape, 7.00-7.30, I find it a great way to be introduced to new music from a range of genres as well as some old forgotten favourites.
  14. I have got the old Black/Blue and think its really good - I also have Silver streak RCA , I think its the sweet spot in the range - higher than this and the benefits do not really justify the extra cost - but that's just my opinion - but I have tried them in my system and could not hear enough benefit - it also did not pass the "wife test - if she cant hear an improvement I cannot keep it! As a note under the wife test she gets to hear both variants without knowing the cost and I keep her preference .
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