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    Michell Gyrodec SE
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    AN Arm 3/ Hana ML
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    Art Audio Vinyl One
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    TEAC PD-H600
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    Audionote 0.1x
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    Vincent SV-237MK
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  1. Have you received the Pads and Pylons yet Mr Jazzcat?
  2. Get the True Point Pylons and Pads- the increase in sound quality is dramatic. (At least it is on my Gyro SE.)
  3. l have tried the SDS pads under the motor pod on my Gyro SE, however l thought they had more effect under the feet- which is where they now live.
  4. Love these restoration threads.
  5. No, but seen a pair on a forum and be damned cannot remember which one- stupid getting old.
  6. Learning question.... is it a dac?
  7. Grab handles on a pre- amp-respect! GLWTS, looks a quality bit of kit that.
  8. 'Summer of love', The Ultimate sixties Summer anthems- Various artists double CD. Amazing music and amazing sound- this is on Rhino Records. Charity shop stylee.........
  9. How can anyone tire of looking at a Gyrodec? Just goes to show we not only have personal taste for sound but also for looks- there is no right or wrong. Happy listening everyone.
  10. What spec is your Gyro- you can mod the Granny out of it, and it will sound superb! That said a few folk do like the Techie over The Gyro.... l have a SL1210/SME V/Hana SL in the living room and it sounds great- however l prefer the sound of my Gyro....at the end of the day it is all about what type of sound you are looking for.
  11. l own both Valve and SS components and enjoy both, ultimately it down to what sound you want, but do not be fooled SS and Class A and Class D can sound utterly superb.
  12. Tarzan

    Turntable speed

    Err, l wasn't being serious.
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