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  1. Got some of them Rusky Caps in a Tripath amp and they are lovely sounding- smooth, full and musical, best of all they are dirt cheap.
  2. Purchased 'Cream live' and 'Cream live 2', Hawkwind- 'Warrior on the edge of time' -all LP's and a Vaughan Williams CD box set. 2 x Mark Grant DSP 2.5 mains cables and a Sovtek 12AX7LPS- which is very nice sounding valve for buttons. Justified these purchases by saving fuel money from not going to work.....
  3. Still would consider VD as it is a full and smooth sounding cable- a bit like your Cardas as it happens..... Good luck.
  4. That would provide one hell of a wide soundstage!
  5. Young Winston looks one happy Pooch.
  6. All that said every room has different effects on different speakers- good luck.
  7. My Audionote ANK/LX (Palisander ) l have to bring around 2' into the den, as putting them in the corners of my 12' x11' room make them boom, they are well isolated ( TA Podiums and Soundcare superspikes… getting them into the room as described then have them firing around 2' from the listening positioning gives nice imaging and solid, tune full bass- however on occasion the ProAc Tablette 10 l use images a tad better- really should get the room acoustically treated, however having too much fun listening to music. Also had the ANJ/SPE here on home demo and they were a definite no as these would have to come out of the room- other than that they sounded lovely.
  8. Tarzan

    Evening All

    He wasn't as good as Nick Mason.....
  9. Could you report back on your findings please Sir?
  10. Lovely smooth sounding speaker cables. GLWTS.