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  1. So are the rest of the speakers Phil.
  2. Have any ProAcers heard the Response 1SC, Response DB1 against the Tablette 10 and care to share their thoughts?
  3. Owning both cartridges fully agree with the above. As good as the SL is the ML is truly superb.
  4. £54.99 Where was that from- good price that.
  5. May l ask why you do not like the Tannoy sound Mr Rabski? ( Learning question.)
  6. By thunder how pretty is that Turntable does she sound as good as she looks?
  7. Nurse! Nurse! By thunder that is a beautiful looking Turntable.
  8. Not all the time bruv......
  9. Nice to see all the PPE being implemented there.
  10. That is brilliant @Pete the Feet thanks for posting.
  11. @greengoblin Nice one!
  12. Yes, brought quite a few bits off them and as Rabski says above good comms and a fuss free prompt service.
  13. Sort your life out!
  14. 'Pendulum' Abbey Road half speed Master -Creedence Clearwater revival.
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