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    A belated welcome aboard Sir.
  2. Tarzan

    My main setup

    That is what you get for showing off …. a seriously nice system and lovely looking room, reckon you spend more time in there than you should.
  3. l would go a nice high quality underlay and carpet all day long rather than a wood floor- my room from hell for instance ( if we stay here) will getting this treatment- will do away with the rubbish underlay and laminate there now.
  4. The TT3 is supposed to very, very, good- good luck.
  5. Good researching Eddie- they do look tempting.....
  6. The new acrylic platter does look well cool Pete. This Gyrodec caught my eye whilst surfing the Internet; What do we reckon?
  7. Home demo is the way forward.
  8. That Gyro ( first photo) looks the nuts- who does that belong too Pete?
  9. Tarzan

    Valve info

    Just like to big up an unexpected budget ECC83.... been valve rolling this valve in the window position of my Vincent SV-237MK, and have tried a good few including a Mullard CV4004, Sovtek 12AX7, Gold Lion, and tried a JJ Electric ECC83S, this has become a firm favourite, very musical, smooth with good depth and superb bass, which is cool as this valve costs buttons, so have put thee into the Art Audio Vinyl One phono stage with much the same results- VFM audio.
  10. These things can transform your listening experience folks.
  11. Tarzan

    Arm or T/T?

    To the OP what is your budget? The Gyro you can modify forever and as Lostwin says The True Point Pylons seriously elevate performance of this deck.....the Audionote arms work a treat on these decks, my maxxed out Gyro has an AN arm3v2/Hana ML and it sounds very 'live'.... however if you have a large budget you may want to move on.... Good luck.
  12. Are you still enjoying your new cables Sir?
  13. When l upgraded my digital side l went with the AN 0.1x dac as this had co ax and USB inputs, originally wanted the 1.1x however it had just co axial input which was a tad annoying however the 0.1x sounds good so happy Bunny.
  14. Think the ML is 100 ohmns. l tried it briefly with my Project Phono Box RS, which has on the fly ohmns adjustments. Bit off topic the ML sounds amazing with all four of my phono stages ( which do not have loading adjustments except the Jez Arkless Turbo) with the Arkless the ML sounds terrific- considering the cost of the Arkless.
  15. Had dealings with them- very happy seem good folk.
  16. Would love to hear your thoughts- they will take some running in mind...... What finish?
  17. They say the Tab 10s do need some form of reinforcement, however mine are around 3 feet away from all walls and l have no shortage of bass l can tell youthey are certainly fun sounding. Obviously being a sealed box helps with positioning; not as fussy.