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  1. Stunning looking/ sounding speakers at a rather attractive price. GLWTS
  2. Is it Christmas already? Lovely looking speakers heard them at a show a few years back- very nice!
  3. Fixed. On a lighter note there is no right or wrong in TT technology, what you prefer is what you prefer- thank God we do not all like the same things.
  4. Are the Loo rolls included in the sale? Only joking- that is one hell of an amplifier.
  5. 'Performance Rockin the Filmore'- Humble Pie. 'Lamb.' 'Space Ritual' - Hawkwind.
  6. 'Live Cream Volume ll' LP -Cream. ( LOUD version.)
  7. That said you have less chance of making a wrong choice... going the extra mile so to speak can save in the long run, both to your bank account and your time. Good luck any road.
  8. The Audiobarn in Harlow is where l bought my AN pieces from and they are brilliant, very helpful, home loans etc -highly recommended.
  9. If you ask an Audionote dealer a price list they will happily provide one ( at least this happened in when l enquired) however it is a bit of a faff- from Audionote's stance they may well think it adds some mystic to the brand who knows.
  10. Tell you what might sound terrific with the HB1 is a SONY TA-F770ES as this is as musical as can and also, smooth, full and rolled off/ dark sounding. ( at least it is my system.)
  11. Could we have a report on the D20R at some point please Sir.
  12. Apologies if this has been posted before, if not enjoy.
  13. https://www.hifido.co.jp/sold/21-30668-03731-00.html?KW=&G=0301&P1=&P2=&A=10&N=&Y=&CT=0&M=0&LNG=E&OD=0&O=0&L=50&SD1=0&SD2 No, l would not buy it either..... Nurse! Nurse!
  14. The Musical Fidelity A1 was pretty good with the HB1s.
  15. @b1u3print Love the shelfs for the external crossovers.
  16. Orbe owners a quick question if l may are your Spyders flush to each other or do you have a gap between them?
  17. Why bring this down to its most basic level.......
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