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  1. Anyhow good show it worked out. Oh and don't mention amplifiers to Mr Shaw.......
  2. Tarzan

    LV speakers

    This with bells on.
  3. My father in law had one of those and it sounded pretty darn good!
  4. Tarzan


    Seems remarkably little about on the net.
  5. Will you keep on with it?
  6. Tarzan


    Has anybody heard the Phonobox, or indeed own one?
  7. You going to try the CBD Oil Pete?
  8. Tarzan


    What kind of biscuit was it?
  9. Billy Bargain that is.
  10. Glad it worked out! Still laugh at how they pull off the the size of image, bass and dynamics trick for something so small.
  11. After a hard days graft, go in my den, turn on system, grab a beer, put on this weeks latest music purchase.....what is not to like.
  12. We await your next project Graham.
  13. The AB FAB TEN are revealing- get the best kit you can-amp with power- then " l cannot wait to get home and listen to them" feeling- oh and with Target/Sonos R4 stands and with valves in the chain.....and you will have a Mini me and the Giant Laser moment or two.
  14. I use a 150wpc hybrid amp with my Tab 10's and it is a great match, also on occasion use a 44wpc Tripath amp and this also sounds good, although you can tell where the extra 110 watts go.
  15. Them Herons will eat most things too.
  16. Wow! amazing pictures folks- likes all round
  17. One of my drinking friends was complaining of 'aches and pains' and he started using CBD and said it was working or well for him- not that he needs it the amount of booze he can put away is quite ridiculous.... am seeing him at 12:30 today and will enquire again ( before our first drop ) and see how he is getting along with it at the moment.
  18. Lovely sounding speakers the D38- heard them at a show a few years ago, however cannot recall the amp make or model being used, other than they were indeed valve amps- stupid getting old.
  19. Tarzan

    Tube Lust

    Some pwoper valve porn there.
  20. Got a link to the Class D amp/s you are using now Phil?