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  1. Getting back to the Event Opal loudspeakers had a demo of them and they sounded a tad fruity to these ears.
  2. Extended Wallet Deficiency? Allegedly.
  3. Brilliant work Graham and a very enjoyable read.
  4. If you keep the Lavardin make sure it can drive your loudspeakers properly- luverly amp by the way. Just seen your speakers are Impulse H6 with Lavardin should sound mental.
  5. Yes put a tarpaulin over it and would be good to go.
  6. Suppose you could say that amplifier sells itself.
  7. Will not be purchasing until they bring out box sets.
  8. Tarzan

    Seen these?

    Think they up at that price as per the condition and the Yew finish... ( not seen Yew on 1SC's before.) They were extra cost option believe then ProAc stopped offering that finish on 1SC?
  9. That is a cool looking piece of kit that.
  10. Tarzan

    Luxman PD171AL p@rn

    Well done DomT that looks a proper T/T.
  11. You sure it was not Cloth of this Parish? Has not been around for a while......
  12. @marko What is that under the CD Player?
  13. Your system looks stunning Marko.
  14. Same here, following Graham67's advice and a few others, that said the Arm1 v2 for the money is insane. What will the arm be going on?
  15. Could anyone tell us; 1.What is a 'chip' amp. 2.Also the difference between a chip and a T amp in it's simplest form? # Learningquestion
  16. Am wondering if raising the speaker a bit more than 50mm would dial the bass back a bit.....
  17. Oops, forgot to mention Lavardin IT and IS Reference.
  18. Tarzan


    Just pulling your leg Mate. Or Mr Darko's.
  19. Tarzan


    B'Jeepers John Darko has let himself go!
  20. Tarzan


    Going for 60/70s look, full 'Woodsman'- hoping for a return to free love, drink and drugs. Oh and great music.