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    Wammers Welcome

    Especially if they need more cables or have a cable SOS.
  2. Sometimes use a battery powered T amp and is far better than the mains powered PSUs one could use with the amplifier.
  3. Tarzan

    Valve info

    Any Wammers heard any of these? Interesting read the Twitter bloggy.
  4. Should have said big for a phono stage, yes got all the poncy Yellow, caps Kondo wiring etc in my Vinyl One, another thing put Herbies Tube dampers in there and that really brought nice increase in sound quality all in all a very nice phono stage indeed.
  5. Home demo is the way forward. Happy Hunting.
  6. Tarzan

    Funny pics

    Got it- Mrs Smith.
  7. Enjoyed your last refurb blog Graham.
  8. Tarzan

    Seen these?

  9. Looks a lot TT for the Wonga.
  10. Just a thought- does the big Project sometimes come with the Cadenza Black?- Maybe a further discount perhaps?
  11. The Velvet Vortex is a brilliant record cleaning solution.
  12. It looks blooming nice that AR EB101- that was my first T/T years ago and sounded pretty good for the money.
  13. Target R1 for R1S and Target R2 for R2S, now use Sonus R4 for my Tablette 10.
  14. ProAc were on a roll when they made the Response 1S/1SC/Response 2/2S.
  15. Still amazed at the poor levels of customer service with Audio dealers- they could learn a thing or two from RS.
  16. l had my ProAc Response 1S on the end of an EAR 802/509 monos…..why did l flog them.
  17. Good time to be a fan of small speeks.
  18. Agreed very warm and smooth sounding speakers- but not for everyone, that said if you like what they do they are the best at it.