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  1. have a look here It isn't exactly budget, as it cost me around £1900 including shipping, tax, the Sabra dual dac option, external battery clock, the rectifier, the x4 output tubes and Vcap ODAM caps but it is one of the most significant and audible improvements that I have made to my system. The sound is gob smacking. It also looks pretty amazing too
  2. Just use a small length of your favourite speaker cable. I'm afraid anything more fancy would be a waste of money. IMHO.
  3. Got my 36.5 today and not impressed with the stock house caps. I've rolled a LOT of caps recently and I recognise the telltale sign of a poor caps with that slightly brittle edge you get on the piano. I think the underlying sound is good and probably a step up from my 12AUX unit with teflon and PIO caps, but it can't stay like this. Need to price up changing them all...will probably go with v-cap odams like I have in my dac. Boo
  4. Jeez that's a lot... I've just bought a Mullard GZ34 60's NOS tube off eBay.
  5. Perfect timing to get the bass sorted ahead of my new Modwright 36.5 arriving next week.
  6. Proper amateur hour lol. It is sounding pretty damn good now, just goes to show the REW is bloody useful. Thanks to Mr Ian who was right re it looking wrong.
  7. well it seems when i reverted to using the high pass (with the behringer i was using low pass) I used the unbalanced connector by mistake. The bass is now noticeably deeper I've also never really bothered playing around with the phase dials before, but it was interesting to see the graph shape change with different phase settings. That also helped The below is looking better! I also forgot to extend the bottom of the REW measurement test to sub 20Hz.
  8. I've got the subs connected via the high balanced inputs so they are hooked up correctly. Not sure about the Behringer I can't imagine it would have a cut off.
  9. I'm running REL strata 3's via the high level input. I'll take a look at your suggested options re frequency response. I see what you mean re the drop off. The Behringer is on loan from Keith
  10. I have to admit that I somewhat lost my temper with the whole thing yesterday and took my system back to how it was. I'll try again next Saturday I just couldn't get the subs to behave, despite numerous reboots and attempts. I'm impressed with how transparent the Behringer is I have to say. I've got a pretty transparent setup and I really can't "hear" it, and it doesn't add any noise at all.
  11. Yeah exactly. I'm probably still going to buy a Supratek Cabernet and then decide which to keep. BTW does anyone know if the 36.5 PSU can be purchased separately??
  12. Thanks for that, appreciated.
  13. Yes that was me that snapped up that 36.5 I believe the best rectifier for it would be a Mullard, but there seem to be a couple of different versions of the Mullard GZ34, does anyone know which is best? eBay has white and yellow logo versions and also the mil CV versions too.
  14. FFS now i can't seem to generate a sweep on the right sub. I know if it working because i can feel it when i play real music through it, REW just won't run a signal through it any more?!