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  1. Thanks. The Atlantic uses pentodes AFAIK so a big 7/GG2 will be considerably better as they use DHT circuits. I'd definitely like to listen to the 2.1 having said that!
  2. without wanting to go off topic, how would an AN 2.1 compare to a Lampitator DHT dac (like a big 7) does anything know?
  3. cool, makes things cheaper at the lower values! Nice to see another Musical Paradise owner on here, there are a few now. These dacs are a hidden secret!
  4. Errr 2.2uf is the lowest rating recommend for the dac just FYI. That is confirmed by Garry the designer. I use vcap odam 2.2 in mine which are also v nice.
  5. I think he is referring to the musical paradise mp-d2, which if so, is modular and designed to be upgraded through plug-in upgraded components.
  6. what dac and pre are you referring to when you say "MP"?
  7. I agree, you shouldn't be boosting the highest frequencies
  8. I have a led strip behind my TV that connects to rear usb port so it powers on and off automatically. I like it. Is it possible to achieve something similar under my x4 monoblocks? Has anyone done something like this?
  9. I spent a good three hours listening to my system yesterday and like the OP, I continue to be blown away by my system too. Yet I consider dac and preamp changes
  10. I toyed with one of these before settling on a Lampizator https://ankaudiokits.com/product/dac-5-1-professional-edition/
  11. The Synthesis Soprano referenced here looks very nice I must say!
  12. This is very much audio GD's philosophy, from what I've read.
  13. To be fair I don't hear any "digital artifacts" when using my Monacor dsm-26lan Vs an analogue crossover so I can believe that.
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