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  1. Unfortunately that Icon isn't balanced in and out, and personally, given my other equipment is too, I can't go single ended. Looks v nice.
  2. Yes, exactly. I'll be using a socket saver to bring it up. Not apologetic about wanting my kit to look as good as it sounds.
  3. What the tube or not using a lid? If the latter, I'm ordering a custom cut tinted grey acrylic sheet with cut hole to accommodate. Only £20 and will look sweet.
  4. lol. Given the price I'll need to find a used pair in the UK, first and foremost, and then trundle over for a demo. This is why i've decided to put a hold on a Supratek for now, I'm at the point where my chain is pretty decent, and now i need to look at speakers again. I've got a preamp, 1.6QR and the old 1.7's to sell, which is a decent figure to put towards a pair of 20.7/20.1
  5. so these are what have caught my eye. Either these of 20.7. Ideally in red A big investment but these would be "end game" for me, so worth the cost I think.
  6. yes same here, one is quite close to a side wall. Panels don't mind side walls, but it is quite important to keep when away from the rear. Not sure about QUAD ESL's but I can tell you then magnepans can actually be run completely backwards, since they are proper dipoles. Can't say I've tried, and not sure why anyone would, but just reinforces the reflection issues you will get if you don't given them space at the rear.
  7. nice to see another 1.7 owner here I must say I'm surprised to hear you think they are better than 2905's, they are supposed to be exceptional in their own right! If you feeling brave i'd highly recommended upgrading the crossover, it takes what is already a pretty special speaker to another level, in particular around instrument separation and bass (if you also upgrade the inductors). You should also bypass the attenuator and replace the awful steel binding posts with decent copper / gold ones.
  8. Fair enough. I'm quite enjoying it however. Resolution and information retrieval is excellent. I've just bought a Philips 5R4GYS which Dan Wright just emailed to confirm is compatible with GZ34. Apparently it takes the sound up a level. Unfortunately it means running without the lid on however, as it is a long tube.
  9. I'm going to have to disagree with you here. I've been getting into REW with microphone and it is really worthwhile. I would go so far as to say it is impossible to fine tune the sub integration without REW, especially if you have two, different distances from the listening position. Just now, in between meetings, I was able to flatten out the response from my x2 REL ST series units vs my mains. Since I changed preamps, I noticed the mid-range was a bit too full and only just found the time to adjust everything. Just by playing around with the gain, phase and crossover points I have created a pretty decent response as you can see. That was all done without moving the subs around. This line is without any kind of EQ filter adjustment either.
  10. Just picking this thread up again. I've swapped over the new Sovtek that was sold with the 36.5 for a vintage Mullard GZ34 and I'm impressed. The amp had a nasty edge to piano that made it sound brittle before, like you get from cheap caps, but swapping in the Mullard smoothed everything out a lot. Quite surprised actually as in my dac I've struggled to find massive audible differences between rectifiers. Unfortunately I'm still really tempted to order a Supratek Cabernet, just to see how much better than the Modwright it might be. Sigh
  11. nice. I'd suggest he tilt them forward a couple of inches. That helps mitigate the issue. It also happens if they are too close to the listener I think. Need to be around 5m+
  12. I still have my 1.6QR which are being refurbished ahead of going up for sale. They are excellent but can't compete with my 1.7s with a 115uf of Mundorf SGO and oil caps. The caps, the valve dac, and wide placement (4m apart), and careful listening to get the right toe in all cumulatively contributed to how they sound now. That and 2m from rear wall. That last part is critical given their dipole construction.
  13. I've read that yes, and in fact I'd snap up a pair if I could ever find a set s/h. I should also consider quad 2905 and upwards too I should think too. A set recently sold on here for good money, but I'd just bought the Modwright and was feeling stingy.
  14. I've read a few comments on here and elsewhere around imaging and "walls of sound". This is exactly what I was getting, which was an unconvincing presentation. My new dac has totally smashed that assertion now, and the reason I want to try larger ones is that I'm now getting holographic soundstage detail, with individual instruments easily identified, left / right/ front/ back. It is a glorious experience frankly. My new Modwright has further improved things, with a very nice smoothness. My thinking is that given I appear to have the size of room and partnering equipment to make mine really sing, why not try the larger ones. Have you seen the reviews of the 20.7?? Not one to care about such things, but some are calling them the best speakers money can buy. At least someone out there also agrees with me. Clearly marmite indeed.
  15. I'm plotting my next upgrade and wondering about the Magnepan 3.7i or possibly 20.x series. I'm fortunate enough to have plenty of room for panel speakers the size of front doors Anyone own or heard the bigger ones ?? Also would my Plinius be enough to drive them? Assuming so?