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  1. Sorry meant low pass now I'm confusing him !
  2. Jeez what a load of superfluous advice here you are clearly frustrating the poor man! Active crossovers indeed?! Steve, just connect the sub to your power amp using a speakon cable to high pass (assume it is like a REL). Place the sub in a corner and set the crossover to around 50hz. I can't be bothered to dig out the frequency response for your speakers but based on what you say, they probably drop off quite high up given they have no bass. Don't set the sub gain too high. I found that around 8 o'clock was sufficient, possibly less Have a listen and if the bass is too much for you then set the crossover higher/ gain lower. I still recommend using REW to properly integrate but that's up to you.
  3. Stunning new album. Played the second track X5 times in a row, stunning "Har døden taget noget fra dig så giv det tilbage ( Janne Mark / Naja Marie Aidt)"
  4. I received a U52 rectifier in the post yesterday. I put it in my dac and washed my hands.
  5. Psilonaught

    Valve info

    A new toy arrived in the post today I wanted to see (hear) what all the fuss was about. Since I stepped up to the 20.1 speakers with their surgical precision tweeters, I can hear more difference in rectifiers and signal tubes, so keen to see if the holy grail U52 is better than my Sophia Princess mesh 274B. Just polished the pins so a mirror finish
  6. depending on your budget, look out for a REL strata 3 on ebay. You can bag ones for around £2-300. Really good and have proper high pass connectors, and are sealed.
  7. Yep. I thought I had properly integrated my twin REL subs when I had them, but after being advised by helpful folks on here, I bought a Umiq mic and installed REW. I had the sub gain up way too high. It is easy to use with a bit of help, which I, and many others on here can supply. I can even loan you the mic if you like, I'm not using it ATM
  8. in my experience is it hard to find speakers that are completely satisfying on the top /mid, so if you think this area is working well then add a sub to what you have and don't change them! There is a lot of overpriced crap out there in cone land. Go for a sealed REL unit and use REW/UMIQ to properly integrate it (virtually impossible without).
  9. I have a dac with a 6v/12v switch to allow different input tubes and in a rush one day I did some tube rolling and forgot to move the switch. Fast forward that evening and I turned my kit on one hour before listening to warm up, and when I enter the south wing of my house I discovered it was filled with acrid smoke. Dac had caught fire Could have caused a proper fire and that part of my house is made of oak and timber... I also managed to fry my Plinius after a crossover modification went wrong Oh well. I was able to salvage the dac boards, usb card and the tubes so it was only a £1k mistake and Decco fixed the Plinius for £300. Not the end of the world and I've learned a few invaluable lessons!
  10. Looks like the Pass SIT isn't powerful enough for my application unfortunately. Does anyone have link to the bespoke Sony SIT unit being discussed for curiousity?
  11. yeah that's a good point- I use an active crossover as well as a preamp too
  12. I'll be initially using it with a very beefy 150w class A power amp
  13. I've been reading that a Nelson First Watt is a killer combination with a DHT preamp. Apparently they are exceptional together. Anyone care to comment? The F6 is 50w which might just be enough to drive my tweeter/ midrange section.
  14. Good question- I could live with RCA if I had to but would prefer not to. It sounds like David can build me what I want, as a two box solution, so going to pursue that option seriously.