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  1. KJ West have a selling a pair of stock 1.7s for £2150 so I think it fair to say these are competitively priced !
  2. My wife has literally zero interest in hifi and thinks that sitting in a room on one's own listening to music is really weird
  3. priced dropped a tad. Once you have heard maggies you won't want to go back to boxes and cones. Incidentally these are a LOT better than the LRS, just in case you were wondering.
  4. really good question For me, a hifi should create a completely realistic and holographic representation of whatever is being played. I HATE any colouration because it ruins the illusion. The other is instrument separation. Really important for me, and it helps create that illusion of being as a live concert. I've learnt to listen to piano tracks in particular when deciding if a new component meets my criteria. Any hardness or digital gloss that many DACs and poor preamps introduce get immediate thrown out. Same for sibilance in vocals. How can a voice sound real if even a tiny amount is being heard! This has been the driving force behind my recent hifi purchases and my Magnepans are exceptionally low in colouration and high in realistic instrument recreation. No box and cones speaker will ever grace my hifi. I'm getting close to my "final" system, and I'm really enjoying and listening to a lot of live recordings because the illusion of being there, via my system, is so beguiling. To conclude, my goal is realistic instrument and vocal recreation.
  5. I also hate this fugly and weird art deco nonsense.
  6. One could argue the same about mine too, to be fair!
  7. I bought an Innuous zen mini MK2 with LPSU for £500 on here and as a transport into a decent dac I can't fault it. I see non reason to spend more for just a transport. Innuous is also extremely stable and mine hasn't dropped once during playback.
  8. Well done. Spending hours moving speakers around is tedious but so important. I need to do the same with my 20.1s but at 60kg each I keep putting it off! I'd recommend REW measuring at the same time as you change placement. You can literally see the changes to response as the position changes.
  9. my modwright LS36.5 hums very slightly. I was told it is because it is designed for US voltage and when set to UK volts it creates a bit of hum. It doesn't bother me.
  10. i think I have sorted them ! This is with the mic in front of each speaker. They are my old pair of magnepan 1.6 QR. Nicely matched a remarkably flat I have to say! No DSP in action whatsover.