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  1. Not sure it is a good idea to place your expensive kit directly onto carpet...dust and static etc.
  2. Yes forgot about them. I've decided to add a decent sub to my maggies to extend the bass beyond the 25hz I'm currently getting, so I definitely need to start using DSP in my setup, so really hoping the Monacor is decent. The alternative is a DDRC-22D but then I have to buy a usb to spdif converter too, so two more boxes, plus my analogue DBX. A single 1u rack unit would be ideal compared to three!
  3. I've read nothing positive about the DBX digital units I'm afraid, they aren't supposed to sound very good, and I've already heard the DCX which as you know, I really didn't like. I'm waiting to hear from the UK distributor of the Monacor when I can expect to receive my unit. From what I have read, the consensus is that Xilica make the best sounding digital crossover, but that the AllDSP/monacor is possibly on par for half the price.
  4. Qobuz via Innuos, controlled by Orange Squeeze, is near perfect IMO. I get hours of enjoyment and I find the functionality very easy.
  5. This is a critical element of the audio chain, and my speakers are not cheap, so it needs to be decent. These are German made and designed too. I'm especially drawn to the power supply comments. We all know how important that is, and it's the first time I've come across this in a DSP.
  6. Not bought it yet but will be using these guys as they have a 30 days no quibble return policy. Monacor also have good UK tech and customer support as I called them to discuss their units. Being able to make all adjustments on the fly via the front usb port is also v good.
  7. Quick update on this thread. After a lot of research, I've decided to try a Monacor dsm-26lan/ AllDSP PLP226 I've created a playlist of well recorded recorded piano music that I know sounds 100% analogue on my system, so fascinated to see if a digital crossover can maintain that sound and not ruin it like the DCX did. Is so, that would be a result given the outstanding 64bit DSP capabilities. I'll report back.
  8. I have a 3.5kw solar system with battery. Can't say I can hear any difference with the house running exclusively on the battery But then I can't hear differences between speaker cables or power cords, so I must be deaf.
  9. In my experience speakers make the biggest difference, along with front end. If someone feels their system is lacking, then I would be looking at these two first, then amp/pre/integrated. This is all relative too of course and assumes someone isn't using a £100 amp with £5k speakers, in which case clearly the amp would be the weakest link.
  10. And the EML 45 globe mesh are supposed to be stunning... Also, I would be able to add pair of their Kronzilla DX SET monos later on too @ 75w, which is the power I need. High power set and DHT combo
  11. Digging this thread out again. How could we have all missed the kr audio p135!? Genuine DHT design, balanced, with remote! My route to end-game preamp is clear, finally! Amazing reviews too. G point in Brighton are a dealer. £5k for the non-phono version. Uses 45 triodes https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/kr-audio-p-135-preamplifier/
  12. uses for around 50 hours, barely broken in. These are £74 + shipping on HotRox, I'm looking for £45 per set, or £80 for the quad. Free postage. TWO SETS available
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