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  1. I was planning on buying an etherregen as I have a spare 10M output on my rubidium master clock, and then I read this helpful review on ASR
  2. they were the first people I tried. The don't sell true 50 Ohm cables apparently.
  3. https://www.mouser.co.uk/Wire-Cable/Cable-Assemblies/RF-Cable-Assemblies/_/N-bkrix?P=1yzn4p6Z1z0x0emZ1yzsqvbZ1yzsqvfZ1y93f99Z1y8tj6eZ1y7lxb2 Any of these look suitable. I understand that the key is to reduce internal reflections with using master clock cables. The RG316 is what is usually used I think.
  4. The coherent audio LPSU, which is considered one of the best, also uses super capacitors, so it will be interesting to see how is performs. As I'll be using 12v for my master clock, I'll also be able to see if I can hear any audible difference on my Innuous Zen streamer which is also 12v.
  5. Anyone heard one? Considering buying a 12v one for a OCXO master clock that I've ordered for my DAC. Clock crystals are extremely sensitive to power input. Seem competitvely priced @ £250 for a super capacitor LPSU ? https://templeaudio.net/supercharger.html
  6. Does anyone know of a supplier ? I need them to be able to terminate too (BNC male to SMA male). It is for user with an external master clock for my dac, so quality is critical (as is the length) Belden or Canare are supposed to be good
  7. The unit keeps getting better as I improve caps and valves. I think all caps and valves are around 50% of the cost. It is one outstanding sounding unit I have say.
  8. this is up to 19 watchers on Ebay already @ £2200 so I recommend anyone interested be quick. I'm not in a hurry to sell, but it is sitting on my rack looking bored and needs a new home! Plinius amps very rarely come up at this price. You would need to spend around £4k to better this with a current class A from Plinius, Bryston or Krell
  9. Look what arrived from China this morning. Nice quad of shuguang cv181-z for my dac.
  10. I've been looking for a master clock that outputs 22mhz-49mhz and the Singxer su-2 does. I'd be looking to buy if it worked out ok. Thanks
  11. How far from the rear walls would you able able to place your speakers? Maggies need to be at least 1m forward given they are dipoles. Mine are well out into my 5x5m room. I've never heard bigger Apogees (on my bucket list) but I suspect their bass reproduction won't be anything like as good (deep). The 20.x series are push/pull (two bass panels sandwiched together), hence their ability to go down to around 23Hz, enough make objects in my room, and doors to ajoining rooms, rattle annoyingly. It was a long time ago when I hear the Tannoys, I can't remember the dealer, but they weren't
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