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  1. One of the best 75 ohm digital BNC cables available. Pure 99.999% silver, made in Japan. Used once so brand new! £140 including shipping. Tech Specs - Conductor: 5N (99.999%) Pure Silver - Insulation: Teflon layer + Foamed Polyethylene - Shield: Copper foil + Silver plating copper (more than 95% knitting and braiding) - Semiconductor layer: Carbon - Outer: UV cut polyurethane - Impedance: 75 Ω - Capacitance: 56.5nF/Km - Attenuation: 23.1db/Km - Conductor resistance: 21 Ω/Km - Diameter (outside): 8.0mm
  2. I decided to remove the power supply and instead replace the stock power cord on the auralic and my modwright with belden 19364 cabling, meaning every unit has a belden 19364 cable. Listing to my system, fully warm, I noted to myself that this is the best sound i've ever heard from a system. Tonight I will run everything through the BMU and see how it compares, but I suspect it will sound worse. The "issue" is that I live is a village, and my listening room is in part of my hosue that has a separate consumer unit to the rest of the house. I suspect my power is already optimal. I also have a solar inverter + battery system connected to the same consumer unit.
  3. All GD products use aluminium cases. The R7 series use thicker cases. The R-7HE is 19kg
  4. What a sensible and reasoned statement. That's spot on.
  5. https://www.hifi-advice.com/blog/review/digital-reviews/spdif-dac-reviews/audio-gd-part1/3/ The obvious comparative partner for the R8 in my arsenal is the Aqua Formula xHD DAC because both DACs employ discrete R2R resistor conversion. At over 13K euro, however, this is, again, not a fair comparison...So, the Audio GD is less well-differentiated, a little bit rougher and not as ruler-flat. But that really is all there is to it. Otherwise, I really cannot say that there are any meaningful sonic differences between these two DACs. And that really is a remarkable achievement. Enough said. HFA is a very well respected site. ASR measured the old R8 not the Mk2. They also run a lot cooler, so i've read.
  6. I listen to it last night with the amps and streamer connected and everything else off the wall sockets. Sounded great although I'm not sure it made it sound better. Hard to test when everything needs powering off. Connecting everything seems to make it all sound flat. I need to eliminate the culprite. Either my dac, preamp or DSP. It also hums after a while which I find annoying. At this point in time I'm not very impressed I have to say, but I have 14 days so will keep testing.
  7. All my digital units including my DSP crossover have toroid or r-core transformers so therefore not switching
  8. Ok. I'm going to try them just on the digital stuff plus preamp for a few days, then try a few different permutations and report findings.
  9. What's the thinking behind this permutation? I assumed that the digital units would benefit most, and in fact I've always assumed adding the valve amps would make it worse (they are huge, x4 KT88 per amp and power hungry). Never considered trying them on their own!
  10. Standard 2000va unit without RCD. I'll post some findings later. I had a quick listen last night and everything sounds a bit rolled off, but need to have a proper listen. I also need to try with and without the KT88 monos plugged in.
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