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  1. What I meant was when I was using physical media, I tended to listen to the whole album, whereas now I rarely do. It might just be me but I suspect not
  2. That's an excellent point, I have discovered so much wonderful music thanks to Qobuz.
  3. I can understand the attractions of LP. Having heard a lot of digital front ends, many don't get to the real "soul" of music, and just sound "digital". I'd love to compare my new dac with proper tube output preamp section Vs a record deck at some point. For me, this unit has been a revelation. My hunch is that it sounds a lot closer to a record deck, but that's only a hunch. Out of curiosity, why do people think their record decks sound superior? Having never owned one, I am genuinely curious. Secondly, I get why folks like to sit and listen to a good portion of a whole album in one go. Streaming invariably means lots of track skipping. Personally, I am past physical media. I have over 2000 CDs in boxes and a vast library on my Innuos, but I never listen to them. Qobuz is just too convenient. Thanks to my wonderful full range Magnepans with supertweeter, I feel like I can hear the differences that high resolution albums provide, so that's another reason for preferring streaming.
  4. i have a matched quad which i'm using with the dac, they are very nice sounding. Stick 'em on the sale section, they will shift easily.
  5. Thanks. Do you have an opinion on 6NS7 Vs 6h30? I know BAT and AR use them, and that's what I'm currently running as output tubes, but I've read that 6NS7 is considered superior? Mick from Supratek for example claims that they are the best for coupling duty??
  6. Thanks. I could do without setting fire to another one.... How about this one ?
  7. Looks like I can use 6SN7 tubes in my dac too! Yes, you can use 6SN7 tubes via 6SN7 to 6922 adapters. Make sure the filament switch is on 6.3V as stock 6H6 tubes. Thanks, Garry
  8. That is correct, but ignore the fact is says 12AU7. The spec sheet for the preamp states 6.3V signal tubes: 6N11, 6N1P, E88CC, E188CC, CCA, 6922, 6H23, 6H6, 6H30, (6SN7 with 6SN7 to 6922 adapter). Therefore you need to use the 6.3v setting. To be fair those adapters state 6.3v on the side.
  9. I use these they are really nice quality. Re 6SN7, i didn't think mine accepted those, but rereading the specs, it will run 6922, so I can also try 6SN7. I don't know where to source those but the seller I linked to might sell them too.
  10. I'd recommend these for the output caps. I have a quad in my dac, and they are amazing. Small and easy to fit too.
  11. He ships superb fast too, and uses FedEx. Mine took 5 days. He is Canadian, as is the company, but the product ships from China.
  12. And it begins lol. I haven't tried a gz33 yet. I'm currently using a PHILIPS 5R4GYS in the Modwright and Sophia princess mesh plate 274B in the Musical Paradise. I'm looking to try a GEC U52 at some point, and would also like to try an emission labs 274B too. Pull the trigger on the Preamplifier and share your thoughts! Gary, the owner, like Dan of Modwright, is fast to respond to any questions, and has the patience of a saint!
  13. A word of caution on tube rolling in these. It is very easy to forget to select the correct voltage for the difference tube types. Bad things happen when you forget...
  14. As I said, I have the dac, which has similar architecture, and with top quality caps and tubes it is astonishingly good. Very neutral, and the soundstage accuracy is a joy to behold. No reason to suggest their preamp will also be good. You can use big old rectifiers in it too, like I did in mine. Just buy an 8 pin socket saver.
  15. I forgot to mention something important, you can use 6SN7 tubes in this thanks to voltage selector, using an adapter. They are supposed to be the best tube for preamps, even better than the 6h30-dr like I have in my Modwright. That was what drew me to wanting to try one, as I was looking for a new, balanced pre with 6SN7 tubes and rectified power supply.
  16. I haven't but do have their dac. D2MK3 DELUXE ES9038PRO, and it looks to be very similar to the dac, based in the motherboard. I would agree that it can be a bit of a rabbit hole being able to "roll" caps, from a range of 1-4uf, rectifier and output tubes, AND being able to select the tube voltages to accept 6### and 12AUX variants. I also see you can roll the input caps too, jeez... That is a crazy amount of permutation. I was tempted by the pre too, but I was put off by lack of any forum chat about it. Why don't you start the ball rolling !
  17. Yeah I know what you mean. They do look nice however. My theory is that if you build a dac with high quality valve power supply, choke and a tube based output, then you have effectively built a high quality preamplifier. Insert latest DAC chipset and Crystek femo or some such and then you have a brilliant dac. That's why they sound so much better than all but the very best sold state DAC, in the same way that some might prefer a high end SS preamp to a valve equivalent.
  18. SW1X DAC IV looks very nice but also the price of a family car. The V2 used 6### output tubes and has a tube rectified power supply. Just under 3k USD from the looks of it. Spec looks similar to my musical Paradise but mine has twin sabre ESS DACs (9030 pro). Doesn't appear to have balanced output. They all certainly look excellent so good recommendation there. I'll stick with my musical Paradise but if I ever decide to try something different I might consider one over a Lampizator golden gate.
  19. I like those a lot. Classic British speakers that look amazing too.
  20. Interesting and totally respect your opinion. For me, with a very neutral setup (Magnepans), the dac I have has added zero colouration compared to the outgoing sold state DAC. I HATE colouration. Instruments should sound like instruments, with no "bloom" or "lush" sound, or other such nonsense. My experience is one where the valve dac has brought astonishing levels of soundstage accuracy, a big increase in information retrieval, and that's in. It is joy to listen to live recordings
  21. I'll never buy a solid state DAC again. Ever. I've owned a lot over the years and I struggle to hear any difference. I'm therefore not saying it won't be good, and it probably sounds excellent for a SS dac but it won't sound as good as a tube rectified dac with proper analogue tube output. That's a bold claim but based on my experience i'd stake money on that. That Purite audio chap will probably come along in a minute and tell me I'm just hearing"distortion"
  22. Agreed. I intend on keeping mine for a very long time. The only dac I'd replace it for is a Lampizator golden gate. 3k USD would allow you buy the basic unit with dual sabre dac boards, the external femto clock, and then splash out on a quad of v-cap copper teflon, a nice rectifier, and a matched quad of 6H30-DR tubes. That would be a VERY competent unit.