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  1. Lol that's mine and it sold months ago. To be honest, my KT88 monoblocks are significantly better than the Plinius, so I wouldn't actually recommend one. There is better out there, sorry.
  2. Have added a few of their albums to my Qobuz fav list and will have a listen tonight
  3. This my favourite, and current speaker. Why do I like them? They have the butter smooth top end that only a ribbon can produce, midrange is amongst the best out there, and the bass isn't flawed like most panel speakers. Most importantly for me, they are extremely neutral. I'd only ever consider swapping them for something at the very top of the Martin Logan range, or a pair of MBL Radialstrahler
  4. My Auralic Aries G2 has made an astonishingly positive improvement to my system. Another happy Auralic Aries customer
  5. Psilonaught

    Valve info

    yeah there are some excellent reviews of those Psvane/Li/Cossor WE300B. Looking forward to hearing them mated to a Soekris R2R board in the lapizator!
  6. Psilonaught

    Valve info

    I decided to go with the Cossor WE300B! Lampizator now ordered too! A nice pair of Christmas presents to myself after s long hard year of work
  7. I came across her yesterday on YouTube, she is a gem!
  8. Psilonaught

    Valve info

    I'm about the press the "buy" button on my new 300B lampizator and I have x2 EML 300B mesh plates in the basket @ £600. I'm trying to understand if that is a good idea or not.... Should I drop the mesh and go for the WE300B replicas instead? Ah, can't decide?!
  9. I also noticed that ASR measured a soekris and it didn't do too badly at all. Interesting that Lampizator use Soekris.
  10. Have a look at best300b.com. They have EML 300B mesh for around £300 each. I'm planning on getting a pair when I order my Lampizator
  11. that sounds pretty epic, got any pics of when it was all set up?
  12. just in case anyone was interested in Lampizator's R2R implemention, I got this response from Lampizator Dear Sir, we found Soekris to be the most competent implementation on the market, and we collaborated with that company from the very beginning, staying in close touch with their R&D and contributing if we could. We used their platform but we modified the firmware and filters to our needs, also we eliminated the whole output stage of Soekris and used our own tube stage. So yes and no - it is Soekris but in a Lampi way. With best regards
  13. Psilonaught

    Valve info

    Is there a link for those cossor we300b? Can't find anywhere selling them?
  14. Thanks, yes they are pretty much end game for me, and actually better than the near identical sounding 20.7 because the have external crossovers designed to be removed/ bypassed, unlike the current 20.7 which has an internal crossover
  15. Psilonaught

    Valve info

    This is why I love this forum, those looks beautiful and totally not on my radar, thank you!
  16. Psilonaught

    Valve info

    Greetings tube gurus! I'm soon to be embarking on a 300B quest and wanted to get your opinions on selection. I'm currently considering a pair of black treasures, acme300b and Emission Labs 300B mesh. Thoughts? I pretty much exclusively listen to jazz, blues and folk, plus some classical.
  17. really? Have you actually heard a pair of magnepan 20.x series? They have exceptional bass, measured down to 24Hz in my room.
  18. can't you install A/C newlash? I have tubes in my pre, dac and power amps so A/C in the summer is essential!
  19. First time listening to music for a couple of weeks due to power amp service/ upgrade. Nice and relaxed cheers
  20. Those harbeths remind me of these
  21. I'm sorry but those harbeths look comical, I could never own such stupid and cheap looking things. Urh And £3600
  22. X4 pairs available. £20 each pair including postage. Relatively short leads on all pairs
  23. I already discussed this with him, he would be willing to swap RCA to XLR but the output would be unbalanced. Pointless I know. I think I will just ask my silver cable builder to modify one if my XLR cable pairs to RCA at one end and continue to use my preamp inputs.
  24. Melody Dark KT88-4 back from service and Dueland copper foil cap upgrade, sitting on my homemade oak plinths.
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