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  1. I am upconverting Redbook to DSD256 and applying a bit of EQ with HQPlayer. My 2018 i3-8100 Mac mini just about manages with my preferred filter and noise-shaping settings, but can't cope with some of the other nore resource-hungry options. Same for my 2012 i7-3720 MacBook Pro. I can't imagine the Pi4 doing even DSD128.
  2. Forget reviews. They’re rubbish
  3. You probably know what I think about reviews... @Nopiano is probably right, they're recommended because of the higher than average sensitivity for a box speaker. They impedance drops quite low in the lower frequencies though. Yours is far a better suited amplifier than many valve amps.
  4. I considered having a fanless audio PC made in one of the many pick-your-parts websites but the price would always end up north of 1k... https://www.quietpc.com/silent-media-pcs
  5. Don’t feel bad. Used to take my turtles a 33rpm spin every once in a while...
  6. I agree, it is possible that he may have exaggerated the output of the tweeter, particularly taking into account the wide directivity of that tweeter/waveguide combination. I like it that he cares about electronic component quality and even accesories, but it's disappointing that he doesn't seem to care about driver performance (HD, IMD). And he's smoothing the response to 1/3 octave which is way to much for this particular purpose. Like he says, it's possible that after modding the tonal balance will be close, but there's more to speaker performance than just tonal balance. Really c
  7. Impedance interaction: Questions of Impedance Interaction Heavy Load: How Loudspeakers Torture Amplifiers Real-Life Measurements . See the wiggly black line in the frequency response below (coloured graph)? That's the effect of the modded Kantor speaker load (black & white graph) on the combined response, which follows the speaker's impedance trace. The output impedance varied slightly with frequency and load impedance, but was approximately one-quarter the nominal value of each output-transformer tap: 3.8 ohms (16 ohm tap), 2 ohms (8 ohm tap), and
  8. Looking at the impedance curve of the XT8F (I expect that of the XT6F to be similar) I would be careful (even avoid) partnering it with valve amplifiers, particularly ones with high output impedance such as Line Magnetic or Prima Luna models; it's likely that the combined sound will be somewhat to very "bright". In any case, do try before buying.
  9. You could conside splitting the Marantz into 2 boxes: I'd get a Topping E30 which is only £140 new and get a better integrated amplifier from the used market, perhaps a Marantz if you're happy with how yours sounds.
  10. I started with something similar. Came with a mic too.
  11. It looks like they've put a NUC board inside of the box. But why didn't they bypass the connectors? Upgradeability? (not user but they can use powerful NUC in future releases)
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