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  1. Maybe this page has the info you're looking for: https://airlinktransformers.com/post/safety-of-conditioned-balance-supply-without-secondary-protection
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Visiting the Airlink website at the moment.
  3. Thanks. I'd probably burn the house down if I did it myself though, my soldering skills are unfit for mains.
  4. What’s a mains balanced unit and can you name the model and manufacturer? I am not particularly impressed with the mains quality in my current home.
  5. What do you mean by demonstrative? If the audio is not fit for purpose then all that’s left is each one of us performing the same test with the same equipment. His opinion or report is just not demonstrative of anything...
  6. We have a few tools we can use to tip the scales somewhat m: the vote, the protest rally and the consumer choice. But people generally have an irrational attachment to political parties not dissimilar to that of football fans to clubs.
  7. There's 7,500 million people on the planet. If everyone were to think "why should I care, I won't make a difference" then the chances of changes ever happening are moot. This doing something includes pressing our favourite party for change or voting Green. Germany, one of the most advanced societies in Europe, is about to have a Green-coalition majority. The UK, unfortunately, is still living in the Medieval period. Also one's choice regarding who we buy from will impact climate.
  8. Yeah, the gimmicky display makes no sense. Looks impressive though, if you are not looking for information.
  9. tuga

    Ricoh GR III x

    I've just bought a used GRIII which I used in 35mm crop mode. This looks like the perfect replacement.
  10. I also get fruit, veg and meat of the season and try to get local, then national, then neighbouring countries. I often buy organic too, because it's guaranteed pesticide-free and free range and sustainable (I hope). But I can accept that someone on a tight budget would choose NZ lamb because it's 1/4 the price of Welsh lamb, or some chiken from the factory. Organic is also a lot more expensive.
  11. I have this old coal-powered back up generator which produces a very clean 229V...
  12. I don't wan't you to feel left out:
  13. tuga

    AE2 speaker help

    The original AE2 is an MTM design. If one of the drivers was out of phase then I would recommend that you have both speakers inspected, if you haven't done so already, because the internals might have been tampered with. A visit to the manufacturer might be in order...
  14. From what I heard Octopus only invests in renewables. This probably means that they buy from renewable sources tapping into the grid. But for it is also important that a company’s investments portfolio is free from fossil fuel products
  15. I was hoping you wouldn't say that, to avoid influencing @savvypaul's listening assessment. Hopefully he'll come back to us without having read your message.
  16. Found this interesting, hope it's not been posted before:
  17. It would be interesting to learn if you can hear a difference in tonal balance.
  18. I wouldn't expect a change in input voltage to afect the output voltage but it may have impacted the frequency response slighty and that have affected the SPL measurement?
  19. I remember reading many reports of Squeezeboxes producing much better results than computers in the early days of file playback and streaming, and the reason for that seems to have been the dedicated/optimised for playback software and hardware vs. the multipuporse complexity of an "electrically very noisy" PC. I agree that interface browsing and playback usability/operability is a very important aspect of the digital audio experience but the optimization both in terms of operating system and software as well as the hardware side (power, grounding, noise filtering) also plays an important role in the final outcome. . Edit: I think that I've misunderstood your point. I agree that the what makes the SB special from a usability standpoint is the software and not the hardware.
  20. There are many sources where you can learn about the stuff, for example: https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/blog-diy-audio/38--guide-discovering-speakers-understanding-the-thiele-and-small-parameters.html
  21. A cube has 6 sides which are square. For an easy build you should be aiming for a rectangular cuboid: . PS the proportions can be different, so long as only 2 sides are square
  22. It is only important for the monitors, as you can see the issues start above 300Hz (don’t know the size of the baffle though, should be reasonably wide)
  23. You can have a square baffle with a non-cubic paralelipiped shaped box. Off-centring the woofer is not difficult.
  24. I regard to curved baffles, this SF Stradivari clone project by Gravesen might be of interest: http://www.troelsgravesen.dk/PMS.htm
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