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  1. What a lovely, heartwarming response from The Wam......... faith in humanity and all that! We lost one of our cats to stomach cancer earlier this year Jules after a four month battle. They truly are 'one of the family' and bring with them all the stress and worry that a family member brings when they are ill. Hats off to you offering your equipment up for sale to cover the medical costs Good luck Roxy....... we're all behind you sweetie!! Tony
  2. Hi David, Yes, very interested mate if you can measure them up for me and let me know how much you'd want for them. I'd more or less decided to try the QED Silver Anniversary as they do a specific bi-wire run and Nearly Bewildered had said he thought they were excellent for a cheap cable, but if I've got the opportunity to try the Van Damme and save a couple of quid I'll seize it! I could always go for the QED also at a later date and do a double blind/triple placebo/ABX/hokey cokey test to find the truth Cheers Tony
  3. Sorry to have opened up a can of worms fellas, but a fascinating read...... with more to come tomorrow by the looks of it! All views and opinions gratefully received. Now............... interconnects?
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. The Van Damme and QED certainly look great value for money...... and the 2.5mm T&E! At those prices I can continue bi-wiring/bi-amping without breaking the bank. I suppose it could be argued that forgetting the bi-wiring/amping and putting the money into more expensive cable would be the way to go but having trawled the Wam a lot of people seem very happy with the Van Damme cable.
  5. I need some longer speaker cable (around 4 metres to right hand speaker) after moving my system to another room and was wondering if anybody had any advice regarding cables to avoid or snap up for my system. I'm currently using a Cyrus X-Power, in stereo, to Spendor S6's, but normally have two X-Powers in mono, until one stopped working! I intend to get the faulty one repaired so will eventually be back to two. Source is a Cyrus CD 8x through a Pre Xvs The cable I have been using is Straightwire Quartet bi-wired or bi-amped to the Spendors. Any advice/direction gratefully acce
  6. All the best Steve, hope it's gone well?
  7. It was a cracking game for the neutral to watch.
  8. russ abbott - royds brother wrote: (true though!)
  9. russ abbott - royds brother wrote: Keep up Stu - we're not losing it without a fight....! Though we did play crap today
  10. russ abbott - royds brother wrote: This is what makes them so annoying
  11. Teedubbleyou

    Cycling 2009

    Napoleon wrote: :shock:Ouch! Sorry to hear that Al. Hope you mend quickly and hope the bike isn't too bad.
  12. Teedubbleyou

    Cycling 2009

    Tune wrote: That looks fantastic. Is that on a loop you can do from Puerto Pollensa? I'd love to ride out there. Not on the loop unfortunately. You would have to deviate at the 'T' junction after the Lluc Monastery, do the downhill (and then uphill, it's one road in and the same road back out) and then back to the 'T' junction to rejoin the loop heading down towards Inca and then back to Pollensa. Obviously, depending on which way you did the loop, this is assuming anti-clockwise.
  13. Teedubbleyou

    Cycling 2009

    There's a nice downhill (and back uphill) on the north west coast of Mallorca down to sa Calobra............... me in action...................
  14. :shock:5-0 :shock:"Bottle twitching time"
  15. Teedubbleyou

    Cycling 2009

    tryant wrote: Rosedale Chimneys - a belter....!! I had to zig zag the road to stop the front end coming up??
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