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    Hello, sorry I'm late. Couldn't find the room.
  2. Hi Gromit, This is quite similar to my setup - I've got a 1210 with the OL arm board and a TecnoArm. One thing I found, maybe because my deck was second hand, was that the armboard wasn't level and pitched down towards the rear left. A couple of extra washers in the right places fixed that, and obviously made everything sound more consistent. Might be worth a quick check. It made me realise the benefit of the Sound Hi-Fi captive nut solution! Definitely worth thinking about mats too - I tried an isoplatmat with various stuff on top, but found it sucked some of the life out. Ended up going to a vinyl mat, which sounds infinitely better. I may well try the isoplatmat again though, as it definitely did what it's supposed to do mechanically, just not sonically. I finally tracked down a 3mm achromat, so hoping the combination of that with isoplatmat will work nicely. I've found a (Michell) clamp to be essential too. I have some plans for feet, which I'll share if they don't sound awful! FWIW, I put the standard second-hand arm on ebay for £55, and it sold very quickly. I reckon you'd probably recoup more money longer term selling the arm now, and flogging the deck with the OL board installed - some people might not want to fit the board themselves, and it shows it's been used sensibly too, not abused. I think complete Technics arm units are very difficult to find, so could command a better price than I got. cheers Richard