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  1. Isn't this just an early, not quite fully resolved, version of an old Zanussi strapline? Could be worse, mental picture of Keith slapping his hip pocket while brandishing a cheap Chinese DAC accompanied by a 'That's Purite price' jingle...
  2. Ah, but are they reading it out as one long number, or as 4 distinct sub-groups of numbers with a subtle pause in-between? I wonder if it would be possible to pay Barclaycard enough to get a credit card with the number 1101 0101 1010 1011 (or something along those lines)? Think of the fun to be had buying digital audio products over the phone with that card.
  3. Definitely. If I were to go vintage, that would be the period for me. Not too keen on the Pioneer amps of the time, so my list would be Sansui, Luxman, Yamaha and Trio. A mint Sansui integrated like the 719 or above, please.
  4. I suppose there might be some 'drift' over the years with components going out of spec. I assume it would be possible to recap etc with modern equivalents. I have a mate who still owns a CDA94 and the partnering DAC, although in truth both have been a bit flakey for several years. That said, a] he's loathe to part with them., and b] he replaced them first with a couple of Resolution Audio players, initially the Opus 21, followed by the Cantata. The former is a bit 'agricultural' but sounds great and I've seen near pristine examples at frankly mental prices in the last 18 months or so. On sound quality alone, my money would probably be on the Opus, but no-one could ever contend it had the build quality or finish of the CDA94, so that may have an adverse effect on 'pride of ownership.' The Cantata was a lovely thing, but like most of Jeff Kalt's designs it seems, not really fully resolved on initial release, and he grew weary of shuffling it about the country for tweaks and updates. Proceed with caution, I think...
  5. Why? Who cares? Keith is the audio version of Oscar Wilde's definition of a cynic 'who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing.'
  6. Was part of the lesson not that regardless of what the instruments or measurements tell you, sometimes it's a good idea just to have a look out of the window?
  7. I thought condescension caused mould?
  8. Short A/B/ comparisons reveal f*** all of any long-term value unless one is in that peculiar subset of dealers and listeners who customarily only listen to music in 30 second bursts. I've known a couple in my time.
  9. Well, yes, in a sense I suppose it is actually.
  10. Which set of unbelievers are you thinking of/most concerned about? The 'bi-wiring is bollocks' brigade or the 'mental magic conductors' mob? "Pitchforks and torches at the ready lads, tonight we march on Rabski's..."
  11. Oooh! I wonder what they'll sound like listening from the naughty step?