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  1. Ah, looks familiar. Heretic Audio. I still use mine, partly because I think it sounds pretty good, partly because it's a very good match visually for my K-Rak. The cork feet work well on a wooden floor, but I prefer a set of ebony footers originally made by Atlas. I have a vague recollection it perhaps sounds best on its own shelf on the rack, but that doesn't really suit in the context of the system. I had one of the original 'Dog's Bollocks' Reflex mains blocks made by The Music Works back in the day, that sounded slightly different too depending on what it was sitting on. None of these differences are exactly night and day, and I doubt I'd lose much sleep over them, but they seem real enough. But then, I hear voices too...
  2. No, you're getting them confused with old 'Wammers.
  3. Not if they've been disconnected for a while...
  4. Your head? Will a woollen cap be sufficient, or are you thinking pop your nut in the oven for a few minutes?
  5. I'd have thought anyone participating in a hifi forum for any length of time would already be familiar with the concept of 'wind-up hifi...'
  6. Do they? Surprising. Which cables are you using with them?
  7. All well and good so long as you don't find your system's actually a bit crap because you've now discovered it sounds nothing like you thought it did.
  8. I've yet to encounter any VdH cable where it's clear what the merits are.
  9. Alas the classic SPc/SPz cables are no more. They do turn up second-hand every now and again, but fair to say there won't be many in the bargain bins. If you really had your heart set on them, you can always buy a pair of Vox Olympians or Palladians, strip out the Kondo cabling (when Kondo's new regime discontinued those, Kevin Scott at Living Voice bought their entire stock for the Vox range), replace it with something from, say, Amazon Basics and shift the speakers on eBay.
  10. Sugden used to quite regularly demonstrate with Tannoy at hifi shows (whatever they were). Perhaps it was the other way round, but it used to sound pretty good. I remember hearing a dealer's system with a wall of Cyrus driving (in the loosest possible sense) the then new Tannoy Dimensions, about a week after hearing them with Sugden. Ah. Not even close, and definitely no cigar.
  11. No. This is wrong. No-one who owns a pair of Vox Olympians is going to waste any listening time f***ing about with knitting.
  12. Interesting. Ordinary Airpods sound a bit crap, but then audiophiles aren't really the target audience. I wonder what Apple could bring to the party if they really decided to go for it. https://www.apple.com/uk/airpods-max/
  13. For a moment there I thought that was an Aga.
  14. First we must determine whether or not a dedicated F1 racing car is indeed more "state of the art" than my cheap DIY dedicated vehicle. The difference in that it comes in a pretty box and has more tweaks and more dedicated safety features than my setup. The problem with hearing about the “state of the art” is raised expectation bias. It's what happens when you read about the fancy F1 car "that scores big in allowing its driver to survive what would certainly have been a fatal accident 20 years ago"...
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