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  1. cdg


    I've been skim reading this thread and thought I would add an Arcam experience (also mentioned on another forum). Just want to say I'm impressed with the A29! Some of you guys have bigged up the Arcam D33 DAC, well currently I'm enjoying the use of an Arcam DAC too - but perhaps a bit more ancient than the D33 - the Arcam Black Box 1 (TDA1541) - the combo works brilliantly. I just stream everything via Tidal - using an Auralic Mini with the aforementioned external DAC. The Mini has the upgraded external Auralic dedicated linear PSU. Speakers won't be known so well - Role Audio Enterprise SE's.
  2. Now trying to find the APM-20 and 40ES specifically which related to these Sony's I have here - let's see what I find on the net.
  3. But this picture looks interesting:
  4. OK here we go: I guess I can see a cone shape behind that square as you say... But this picture looks interesting:
  5. I believe what I see - it just seems stupid for Sony to do such a thing! I wonder if I can Google the evidence for myself... ?
  6. OK someone find me evidence! I still don't believe it!
  7. What!! Really? You got evidence of that because that just seems so silly - in terms of the paper cone glued behind the flat front!
  8. The flat square thing was a novelty you say, the document shown in the image below shows in fact that the square woofer in the APM was technically better than the cone woofer
  9. I had the opportunity of buying them - so did - and they sound very good indeed! Scant information about them on the Internet, apart from the fact that the APM 20ES and 40ES variants of the Sony APM range could well be German.... A cut and paste information snippet about them below in italics suggest that they may have been Sony badged speakers made by a high-end German Speaker manufacturer which might explain why they sound so darn good (where's the Sony Guy when you need him? Oh - hang on - these are NOT SONY see below). "The APM were sold in two models the 20ES and the 40ES. They were discontinued in approximately 1992. The major thing I remember when I sold them is they were NOT SONY. They were some rebadged models that as far as we knew came from a high end German Speaker manufacturer. They were however VERY nice with EXCELLENT sound. It is possible they were a Canadian Item only as at that time Sony of Canada was a separate entity from Sony of Japan and had a certain degree of autonomy."
  10. OK will do - sorry for that late reply. First pressings son - I have some Decca WB original recordings by first pressings - you like those too?
  11. Sorry I lost the business card of the chap who was marketing an ultrasonic record cleaner for, I think, £250. Would anyone know who that was?
  12. Good to know Mark that you did not NOS your CD-104, when I asked someone if this was a good idea or not the answer was not to do it despite the current trend in doing so, because this could send ultra-sonic noise to the amplifier. Keep it original - now I am sure after hearing yours.
  13. Well that room treatment proved to be excellent if that was the case - the sound was composed and engaging - I believe the owner of the CD player was a fan of this particular old spinner (he had two of them at the show) supporting their sound quality, and the room treatment was just the icing on the cake bringing out the best of his kit. So what idiots out there have gone and invested in expensive modern hi-res bling when 14 bit sound was plenty good enough (with room treatment) On a vintage digital equipment frame of mind I decided to blow the cobwebs of my Arcam Black Box 1 DAC (TDA1541A) see how that fairs on the end of Tidal streamed through an sMS-200.
  14. Mark - your Philips 104 sounded so good I went out and bought one for myself (still awaiting delivery)! Important question - is yours modified in any way to make it sound the way it did at the show? for example did you convert it to no oversampling? Thanks!!
  15. Sorry to renew this thread, is anyone here still using Red Hill Audio Services ?