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  1. IanW

    Formula 1 2020

    The only comment I can make, is that I would suggest looking at what happened last year.
  2. IanW

    Formula 1 2019

    This year will see the midfield closer to the front. It is extremely rare for rule change to bring the grid closer together as normally the extra resources and spending power of the big teams enables them to take advantage of the rule change. Williams remain in big trouble. At the front it looked pretty close at the end of the test, but Ferrari had better long run pace than Merc. And in the midfield 4th to 9th is very close and teams in that group have no clear order at present. Roll on the first race in Melbourne next weekend.
  3. IanW

    Formula 1 2018

    Paddy Lowe is not the person to help them out of this mess. Williams need people that understand vehicle performance and how to develop the required aero solutions.
  4. IanW

    Formula 1 2017

    I worked there from 1990 until 1998. I was mainly in the satellite building on the right hand side as that was the R&D centre for McLaren F1.
  5. IanW

    Formula 1 2017

    Woking Business Park, Albert Drive, Woking. The Albert Drive Reception was updated in the mid 90s, which reduced some of the impact. Then they moved out of Albert Drive many years ago to the new site out towards the M25. The new reception is very spacious but does not have the impact of the old one.
  6. IanW

    Formula 1 2017

    The old McLaren reception was an amazing place. I can remember going there for an interview in April 1990 and being awed at the success that they had had, with the reception room basically glass cabinets full of trophies. With one view back out to Reception and one view into a series of championship winning race cars. It was all spotless, which is how the factory and all the offices were. Ron took it all very seriously, but used to try occasionally try to play complicated jokes on his drivers.
  7. IanW

    Formula 1 2017

    Hi Non-Smoking Man, Frank and I have posted on F1 threads for many years at WigWam. Both of us have worked in F1 (or continue to work in F1) for 20+ years, with some crossover experience. Frank represents a dying breed in F1 as nowadays it is impossible to learn the breadth of things that he has learnt. I am a specialist and so have little knowledge of many of the areas that Frank understand, but we have both worked hard in developing vehicle performance and so have quite a bit of common knowledge. When it comes to technical areas then that is where Frank and I do have a lot of experience and so try to comment in a way that is not intimidatory, but informative. When discussing some of the personalities we might have worked with the people in question and so be able to add a more personal view based on experience. But other than that it is likely that as fans you will know as much or more than us in many areas. Ian
  8. IanW

    Formula 1 2017

    The thread was very quiet for a while and so I stopped checking to see if there was anything that I could add. Having just checked I realised that I had not added my Silverstone race event comments, so please see a copy of my post from AA: I went to the Silverstone event from Thursday morning till Sunday evening. That was my first F1 race for many years as my job is done at the factory, and there many people at Sauber better at optimizing a car set-up than I am. It was certainly an interesting 4 days. I was able to sleep at home and have a short drive into the circuit, with the traffic only really delaying things at the main entrance where the security people were checking passes in great detail. Went for the circuit walk with Marcus Ericsson and his engineering team until we had to abort the lap because of a support race that we were not aware of and does not happen at any other circuit at this time. Went to watch the cars in FP3 around club (Turns 15 and 16) which was very interesting as it is a big braking event, followed by a 3 apex corner that you need to get out of as quickly as possible. Went back there in Qualifying but it started to rain and pretty much everyone was on the wrong tyres and so came in to the pits in front of me. Then it got exciting and so went to watch a timing screen so I could see what was happening. We nearly got through to Q2, but needed to come in and put a new set of tires on to have done that. Watched the race mainly from our pit garage, but as my team had created some of the software used to help with race strategy I went to use it and see how it coped with all the data sources and how stable it was. In the end it was disappointing for Pascal, but Marcus was on a better strategy and drove a good race to finish 14th. Now back at the factory looking to make next year's car have much improved performance.
  9. IanW

    Formula 1 2017

    It appears that Manor had cash invested that they thought should be enough to get them to finish 10th. When it all went wrong at the Brazilian GP then there was no plan B and so unfortunately they stopped being viable for the current owners. It is a fine line that needs to be achieved in terms of financing of teams from the TV money etc. It should be enough to enable a well managed and run team to compete at the back of the grid but not too much so that owners can do a mediocre job and make a big profit for themselves. With a less steep gradient for improved performance (income vs championship position), hopefully an improved meritocracy can be created for the teams to work in.
  10. IanW

    Formula 1 2017

    Lots of changes have occurred but not much life in this thread. Manor look to have reached the end of the road, but one of the possible buyers could still buy it and keep them racing this year. But it has been losing good staff over the past few weeks. Ross Brawn getting involved with trying to sort out F1 from a a technical viewpoint and making soem very good points and seems to have a long term strategy to change it for the better. Bernie gone from F1!
  11. IanW

    Formula 1 2017

    You massively under estimate the problems at Williams and over estimate Paddy's skills in developing a winning team. Williams got Pat Symonds and 8 other senior engineers to leave just before Christmas. In that group of 9 people there were 1 or 2 who could have helped turn Williams round, but only if the internal very conservative technical culture is turned round. That is very difficult to do and will need new people (who are good at innovating solutions and some of whom really understanding how to develop vehicle performance) and most likely more current employees who are holding Williams back, to move on. Williams F1 used to be very innovative in the 80s and 90s, but as other teams improved technically and the rules tightened, Williams technical culture didn't change and so they dropped back down the grid.
  12. IanW

    Formula 1 2017

    Not really down to his ability to direct winning teams, more due to his ability to spot who to work with. He could see that McLaren were going to struggle once they moved to Honda and so jumped ship to join Mercedes, where Ross Brawn and Bob Bell had put everything in place to win. All Paddy had to do was not mess it up, which pretty much is what he did. Williams are in need of a technical director that understands how to direct vehicle performance development. Paddy Lowe is not that man, but he is better placed to deliver than Pat Symonds who has shown over the years that he does not understand vehicle performance (needing a working party to understand why the car is slow in low speed corners and in the wet is pretty shocking).
  13. IanW

    Formula 1 2016

    Williams seem to be starting to deal with the reasons for their poor performance (by moving the technical director on who has led them down the wrong path), but I cannot see it being turned round until they get a technical director and someone in charge of vehicle performance, who actually understand vehicle performance. And then they need time to bring in better tools and processes, which could take easily take a couple of years. Whilst Ferrari have the biggest budget, they also need better technical leadership to get them performing at the level that they should be performing at. Mercedes are using the same core process to deliver vehicle performance, so the only way that they will not have a car right at the highest level in that area, is if a team comes up with a super widget that delivers a big performance step. RBR look like the only team who have the capability to do that, with Adrian Newey interested in again in F1.
  14. IanW

    Formula 1 2016

    Hi Frank, It still amazes me how many of the technical leaders ignore the laws pf physics and go with gut feeling and just get it wrong. Whilst I agree that having someone who really understood aero would be considerably better than what they currently have, I would argue that Williams are really missing someone senior who really understands vehicle dynamics. With that person in place along with the the right tools and processes, it will be obvious what aero must do, thereby leaving aerodynamicists to get on with what they are best at. Ian
  15. IanW

    Formula 1 2016

    Please see what I posted on PFM below: Some time before 2009 Force India worked out that their best opportunity was to put the most effort into their low downforce aero configurations and not work on the medium and high downforce configurations which the rest of the grid worked on. This meant that they were comparatively faster at Monza (e.g. Sutil in 2009). In doing this they learnt what is important to make a car really work. They were then able to work on a wider window of downforce where they can make their cars work. Compare to Williams now who, whilst having considerably more resource and money than Force India, have targeted the lower downforce circuits and have still not developed a car that works at the higher downforce circuits. They even had to publicly announce a working group to try to understand why their car did not work on high downforce circuits and in the wet. Baku showed that they typically run their car with less downforce and hence less drag than others. Good for overtaking but there are big costs associated with that approach.