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  1. Hi I have a pair of G1500HD cables available (75cm) if you are interested. £30 + a couple of pounds for postage. Thanks, Si
  2. undarra

    Wanted Ads

    Great, thanks for your help.
  3. undarra

    Wanted Ads

    Hi Not sure where to ask this (or who would have the answer) but will it be possible to post wanted ads in the new hifi megastore? Thanks, Si
  4. Better late than never... I've had smattering of Audio Note kit for a few years now. CDT Zero, OTO SE, AN-E Spe. Just need a dac now to complete the family. Have my eyes out for a 2.1x Sig if anyone feels inclined to move one on. It's all older kit but i still prefer it to all of the newer kit i've owned.
  5. Thanks, i'll drop him a PM elusive buggers these AN prices, and i bet i still can't afford them! Out of interest did you buy yours new/ and are you still pleased with it? Cheers, Si There's not many about are there?! a couple of 2.1x sigs sold on here last year but nothing recently. I'll join the back of the queue
  6. Hi Are there any Audio Note dealers here? and if so could you let me know the current price of the 2.1x range (basic, Sig & balanced) please. Also if there any used/ex-demo units available Many thanks, Simon
  7. The longer I wait the more pennies there will be in the pot (hopefully) so hopefully should be able to get something nice.
  8. A bit late but just wanted to thank george47 for taking a sunny afternoon out and bringing his AN dac2.1x over so I could have a listen and a ponder. No surprises I gelled well with rest of my AN gear and has me saving pennies and keeping an eye out for any second hand. Alas audio note didn't have any trade-ins knocking around.
  9. undarra


    It wasn't night and day (whatever that means) as they're both good dacs but I preferred the vocal presentation of the dddac. It was also better than a quad 99 cdp2 I had at the time. I'm always intrigued as to how diy gear compares to commercial stuff.
  10. undarra


    I'm currently using a dddac which is a single board tent labs version with direct outputs which replaced an audio note 1.1x. However in a quest to see what a higher level an dac would bring George47 from here has kindly offered to bring his an 2.1x round and have a listening session. I'll let you know what we think between the two.
  11. Good point I was emailing them. Next time I have money and am pondering an upgrade I'll make sure I phone them. If you don't mind me asking what was the cost of replacing your drivers?
  12. Interesting reading. I have the older (non hemp) an e-spe. I was intrigued whether they could be upgraded to the newer high efficiency (hemp) woofers. Peter's reply was that it wasn't possible to upgrade to the high efficiency version due to a smaller port. He did say that there were two versions of the hemp woofers and mine could be upgraded to one of them. However, even though I asked at least three times about the cost of the upgrade I never got a reply.
  13. That's a great offer thanks. Where abouts are you and what's you favourite cake tipple?
  14. Thanks for all the info and the link to the review. Would love the balanced version but fear it may be out of my budget even second hand. Will try and get to hear a couple of AN dacs before making a decision.
  15. Hi In a bid to scratch an itch to try an Audio Note Dac in my (almost) all Audio Note system i'm interested in the differences in the various 2.1x level of dac i.e. 21.x, 2.1x Sig and 2.1x balanced. Does anyone have any experience of the different models, and could comment on sound differences. Also it's not easy finding prices for the differing Dac to try and judge second hand values. Many thanks, Si