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  1. EWA: Elsdon Wonfor Audio, all designed by Colin Wonfor. He build the amplifiers, we build the cables - all accessible via the ABCaudio webshop : link. Colin Wonfor has an impressive pedigree as an audio designer, being the man behind AC Magnum, Inca Tech and later Tellurium Q. He is a chemist and and a power supplies expert, he worked on the ISS power conversion and designed the world's quietest switching power supply for it. His first love is audio, and we represent his awesome range of audio amplifiers: link. Each features an incredibly high speed SECA (Single Ended Class A) driver stage, followed by either an A/B or a class A output stage. Colin is somewhat of an authority on amplifiers, having designed and built the world's most powerful class A amplifiers (300W RMS). The EWA cable range (link) is ridiculously expensive to produce, but is capable of revelatory performance. Colin was the original technical director of Tellurium Q where he designed awarded winning product lines. His new EWA cable designs are a third generation development of those concepts, and are incredibly advanced. The latest products exhibit vanishingly low degrees of phase shift. Subjectively, this means perfect timbre, extraordinary bass and ethereal imaging.
  2. Alan

    Inca Tech

    I posted this elsewhere. The only thing worse than a hifi review is one you write yourself, so enjoy if this is your sort of thing...
  3. A real ID25 is a single ended class A amp. This particular one isn't. I just spoke with Colin (the designer) who said "..not an ID25 been bodged, a PP design". This has been converted to Push/Pull operation and has signs of being interfered with. Look at the differing output devices and the PCB capacitors. A true ID25 would likely walk over this one. This certainly is not the amplifier Colin designed. Colin has recently been making class A kits available (Single ended Class A operation) which are even more sophisticated than the Inca Designs stuff. (BTW there is a cheap Claymore on AudioChews at the moment.)
  4. I heard a pair of similar (without the horn IIRC) at Sounds of Music in Lewes a few years ago. They were running with a set of Bladelius boxes, the whole thing was very pretty and pretty expensive, in a treated listening room. Attractive as they were there was noticable coloration, I thought them about the high hundreds of pounds level in terms of SQ. I had Royd RR3 at the time, there was no way I could live with the glass speakers in comparison.
  5. Bumping this in the hope of more signatures.
  6. It does look like that, which is wrong. Thanks for everyone's support so far. A good showing from music lovers in the UK.
  7. ...and up. The more people who sign the petition, the better.
  8. Most excellent. Let's hope something comes of it all!
  9. Gubbins. Seem fairly decent to me.
  10. Looking at the LV thread, I notice the external X-vers and recall a lot of decent passive designs externalize this. I have JamPals old Triangles, tall mid-range-ish floorstanders which punch above their weight (unlike Jampal, who is equally tall but low-range and very definitely can't punch above his own weight....) I already removed the thermal protection from the crossovers and replaced the ceramic 'coffins' with decent wirewound resistors. Sometime soon I will change the electrolytic caps for polys, and maybe re-wire the internals for no good reason other than I'm there. Is there any mileage to putting the X-overs in external boxes, or is likely faff for nowt?
  11. NVA. Just show an NVA amplifier this cable and it'll throw a hissy fit - don't go there!
  12. I haven't seen any other thread thus far except the one in the 'computer/streaming room', which is barely relevant as A/ it isn't about the petition and B/ RP is an internet radio station which is enjoyed by thousands mostly on mobile devices; the the 'computer/streaming room' appears to be primarily about computer hardware. This is more about the music and a principle rather than gear, and as I said in the OP deserves wider exposure.
  13. This probably ought to be in the music room or even off-topic, but I wanted to get maximum exposure - I hope that's alright Mods? Internet radio stations based in the USA are about to be clobbered by a new Bill concerning royalties. It is an unjust situation which, it is reported, favors large corporations (Apple, Spotify, Tidal(?) and others) with a rate which is equal if not lower to previously, but willcould price almost all independent net radio stations out of existence. Given what we know about royalty payments to artists through such corporations, I doubt this will benefit musicians much... I know there is a lot of love for Radio Paradise among music lovers and audiogeeks like us, so if you can spare the time please visit the page here and sign a petition to get this re-examined. More information can be found on the Radio Paradise homepage, including a link to this open letter to David Byrne (who ought to know better IMO).
  14. I spent the better part of the morning researching these and thinking carefully... I decided to stick rather than twist, but I very nearly didn't! These are a really exciting proposition and deserve to be bumped to page 1. GLWTS.