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  1. No thanks; it wasn't great the first time around (previous N50 owner)
  2. I want it to stream music via my Mac, internet radio stations, Tidal/Spotify etc
  3. I'm after the above; ideally £250 or less with delivery (I'm considering the Yammy streamer at £250 brand new, so looking to see what might be available off the forums first) Let me know what you've got Cheers
  4. Sorry pal; it's me not reading things right If you want them then they're yours; I'll put them to the side Let me know and we'll go from there
  5. They can be posted 1st class signed for, but I'm not going to send them before being paid, sorry
  6. It’s a very good ass trap... Once in I struggle to get out of the damn thing... Oh, bass... You said bass...
  7. Selling this on as my C375BEE has now been sorted (bit of an error on my behalf and managed to damage the power connector on the rear baing cack-handed) The C325BEE is a belting amp, but I've nowhere to utilise it and would rather not store it in the loft! Boxed (not original), but with original remote etc. Works faultlessly and sounds superb £165 inc delivery via insured/tracked courier
  8. Haha cheers; that's one he's watching He's out all day today, but will drop him a text and get back to you as soon as I hear back
  9. My brothers looking to upgrade his system and wants to move over to Cyrus to partner with some KEF R300 speakers he's bought Ideally he's after both together, but happy to buy separately He's after either: Cyrus 8VS2 Cyrus 8XP Cyrus 8a Cyrus 8XPD Cyrus 8DAC In silver or black and looking for the matching PSX-R (doesn't need the 2 version) He's watching a few on eBay, but would be happier for me to source them for him via truster folk on these forums Let me know what you've got Cheers
  10. Selling these both as I've gone for the Space grey versions Keyboard - immaculate & fully boxed - £100 inc delivery Trackpad 2 - immaculate & fullyn boxed - £ 80 inc delivery Both together - £160 inc delivery
  11. Please note where it says OVNO, that doesn’t mean £20 off...