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  1. Pics updated; it doesn't come with the Otterbox case; that's gone back to Amazon
  2. Wife's finally decided she wants to stick with her Pixel 5, so this is definitely up for sale Fully boxed with all unused OEM accessories; comes with a Spigen tough armor case in black also as well as spare tempered glass camera mount protectors Absolutely immaculate in every way; there are a few light marks to the OEM plastic screen protector, but not to the screen itself Fully unlocked to all networks, OEM Samsung dial sim, so can work with 2 separate networks, or one network and an SD card to up the storage etc This is the top flagship phone for Android; a superbly powerful and very capable handset! Will be sent fully insured via RMSD etc and can be with you for Christmas no issues, ie. sent Monday onwards £710 inc. RMSD
  3. No worries; too far to travel whilst we're in lockdown sorry I'm a competitive powerlifter/stone lifter and have quite a lot; but a neck injury is forcing me to change my training style; so will have bars and plate weights for sale soon enough
  4. I've bought my wife a MacBook Air as she's now to be working from home until at least March/April next year and having that connected to an external monitor is better for her needs than using the iPad etc It's absolutely immaculate in every way; no marks at all; has had a tempered glass screen protector fitted since it was removed from its box. Fully boxed with the original charger and USB C cable; comes with an ESR folio case, a Unicorn Beetle hard-case with a built in screen protector and an Inateck keyboard case also. Will come with a spare tempered glass screen protector too if I can locate it in the loft! No longer in warranty; but works faultlessly as they do with zero issues; solid battery life and no other issues at all £650 inc RMSD and can be sent Monday onwards as the MBA only arrives later this week
  5. Happy to take sensible offers on this Great monitor with great connectivity
  6. Selling this on as no longer required Superb monitor; fully boxed with all OEM packaging and will have a HDMI and USB C/Thunderbolt to DP cable also. Spec's can be found on Google easy enough :) £190 inc delivery via insured courier
  7. After one of the above What have you got?
  8. Would be interested in a trade & cash my way with a MacBook Air (min 256GB, 8GB RAM etc) or MacBook Pro with a similar spec; or even a 2012 i5/i7 Mac Mini with an SSD fitted Need to be fully boxed & immaculate
  9. I'm looking to sell my immaculate and faultless Mac Mini as it's not being used; I'm using my MBP more than anything else currently It was bought brand new via Amazon 03rd July 2020; it's the 8th Gen 3.0Ghz, i5 6-core Mac Mini, in space grey with 8GB RAM (user upgradeable) and 512GB SSD. It'll come with the stand you see it sat in also It's got full Apple Warranty until July 2021 Full spec: https://www.apple.com/uk/mac-mini/specs/ I paid full price for this; so I'm asking £900 inc delivery (fully boxed in all original and unmarked packaging) -- shipping will cost me c£30, so I'm not looking to take offers sorry
  10. £325 OVNO for the imac. Happy to deliver if you're fairly local to Preston, Lancashire too
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