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  1. ATC also matches their speakers based on driver measurements. Ben Lilly says that and it's shown on their factory tour video on YT. That's done even in their "entry" series. You can check your speaker serial numbers to see if everything is as it should be.
  2. Well, SCM40 for example have no SL spec drivers, while SCM50s all 3 are SL spec. In the "home" line, none of the models have an SL spec tweeter. I don't know about potential differences in amp packs of active models. Regarding "voicing" - that is a dirty word for ATC and they don't "voice" their speaker lines differently. Their philosophy of good sound and good product is constant throughout lines and models. One of the reasons I love that company - no bullshit.
  3. You don't have to upgrade anything. It sounds great in stock form. The point is - you can do various things if you want to. Personally, that's what I like about this deck - the possibilities it gives me, the control it gives me as a user, it's not pre-set. But that does come with having tobtake care of setup. Although once it's done - it's done. It's a very robust deck even though you have to take care setting it up. I understand some people might prefer the exact opposite. If you can't set it up so you have consistency in performance (TBH, I don't see how that's possible), then probably a more plug and play deck is for you.
  4. Sometimes it's done that way, sometimes it isn't, but even when it's done that way it's very easy to distinguish the composition from the speed variance.
  5. Electronic drone music as well. If piano, sustained strings and drones sound good, everything is fine. It's very noticable on these sounds when something is not right with speed variation.
  6. Listening to my setup, at 22:18 in the evening, my wife asleep in the other room, traffic noise absent, all environment noises absolutely down/off. Listening to a minimalist record ( Nurse with wound - Echo poeme sequence no2) of disembodied voices/whispers in empty space, low volume and the Gyrodec is dead quiet. In terms of background noise in the system, it could equally be a CD. Really happy with the way my vinyl front end sounds.
  7. Hell, I'm almost tempted to buy a second one for myself haha. A ridiculously good price.
  8. Thank you for the very detailed and helpful reply regarding your setup method Balle. I'll try some of your methods.
  9. Balle, can you please enumerate precisely every aspect you consider under "correct leveling"?
  10. First time I'm denied my own experience in a forum . However, you're not following the discussion you yourself have started. I've never claimed there isn't far better stuff than what I quoted out there. My claims were made in context of your claims that lower-end TTs are worthless and sound like crap compared to cheap-ish digital and you have to spend many thousands to get anything decent. Which is just untrue. Equally, my usage of words like "extraordinary" for stuff like dl-110 are made and should be read in the same context.
  11. I started about 15 years ago and had a completely opposite experience. Started with Rega P3-24 and TTPSU and been loving vinyl ever since. Had zero records when I started. Regarding "new vinyl being pants" - IME completely depends on what you listen to. Stuff I like (avantgardish electronic music, alternative rock and all kinds of independent music) sounds 90% great or even incredible on vinyl. New reissues of classic rock/pop done by major labels mostly are a cashgrab and sound bad. My point is - it's highly dependant on what music you listen to and also - you simply have to try vinyl to know if it's for you. IME highly disagree. To my ears the Rega I started with still outperforms lower-end DACs up to cca 600€ even with modest, but suitable carts and phono stages. Also, regarding carts - highly disagree. A simple denon dl-110 or a Benz Micro Gold can sound extraordinary on a higher-end deck. I know there's other great cheaper carts and my general point is that they work marvellous, which is absolutely clear when you put them on a higher-end deck. The idea that you need a 1000€ cart is a complete fallacy IME. You also seem to be implying that the cart is the most important part of a vinyl integration - there's a lot to be said about this. My experiments have shown me that TT upgrades can yield even higher sonic benefits. Like you've stated yourself - with vinyl, every part of the integration matters. The problem is that you overstate the level you need to get "good sound". I stand by what I said - a basic Rega sounds more than good enough to understand vinyl and isn't surpassed by budget-ish DACs. I'd say the opposite. Again, highly disagree and not my experience at all. The P3-24 into phono on Quad 99 preamp I started with sounded great already. Interesting to read and all I can think of is some kind of serious mismatch because those are great arms and carts that should bring big improvements on a good deck they're compatible with. The problem is that you're the one preaching. Personally, I can easily disregard what you're saying since my experience doesn't match yours at all, but you're making these absolutist claims in context of an inexperienced-in-vinyl fellow wammer trying to find out if vinyl is for him.
  12. Pete's washers for Pads have arrived and I've installed the Pads yesterday. First, I have to say the Pads are beautifully made and the rubber washers Pete has sent me are of the same material as the rubber in the Pads, so the interface between acrylic and the pads is kept exactly the same. I've only had time for one LP (Jethro Tull - Stand up, Steven Wilson's mix) and a couple more songs from other different LPs (Kate Bush and Bjork) and my findings so far are: - even more weight in sound. Like everything is even more assured and impactful - another increase in definition. Stuff like guitar string vibrations and decay of instrument sounds even more defined - connected to what I said first, but sound images seem even more stable - I'm pretty sure that soundstage depth and height have increased. The sound is really huge My listening will go on, but I can already say that the Pads are another great upgrade and I'd fully recommend it to anyone who's decided to try to max their Gyrodec. In fact, I think that Pylons and Pads should become a default suspension for Michell decks. I don't know if this makes sense, but I view Pylons and Pads as a whole, now that I've disassembled everything again and seen how everything is connected when it comes to the Gyrodec suspension. Also, for reference, my Gyrodec sits on top of steel frame rack that's welded as a one rigid piece and this rack is coupled via spiked ends of its feet to parquet that is glued to the concrete floor.
  13. Regarding speed stability - if you listen to solo piano and drone music where any changes in pitch are extremely obvious and you don't hear any change in the pitch - is that good enough or do you have to have a certain number on a spec sheet for it to be good?
  14. When I read stuff like this, I wonder if the person has heard more than one amplifier in their life haha. Or maybe expectation bias is so high that they really don't hear the difference.
  15. As you say but "...replayed via YT" on your own presumably not ideally neutral system and room...more probably through crappy computer speakers or cheap headphones
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