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  1. I have densodamp applied along the outlines of my Gyro chassis' underside. The way the instructions say to do it. I experience no bass bloat whatsoever. Other than that, I can also vouch for The True Point Pylons. It's a very real upgrade, not a case of "something different". The sound signature of my Gyro stayed the same, but I got very significant improvement in terms of bass resolution, the system seems like it goes lower than it did before, a significantly quieter vinyl reproduction and more precise imaging. I also have to report one more thing regarding Gyro belts, which I have been inquiring about. I've contacted Michell and Steve Rowland was extremely kind and helpful. I sent him one of my new belts that was very imprecise so he can test it and see what's wrong, and he sent me one of Michell's newest belts directly from them at Michell. I installed the new belt and it's much better than the two new belts I've bought and tried (original belts, but didn't buy them directly from Michell). This is very happy news, since it looks like they've identified the problem with their belts and seem to be close to solving it.
  2. Atom heart mother (side A, "atom heart mother suite"), an album i really love, doesn't sound that good to me unfortunately (this version: https://www.discogs.com/Pink-Floyd-Atom-Heart-Mother/release/8926246). The drums sound soft and all sounds kind of drift in the mix - at moments they're a bit more forward and then they're completely buried back in the mix. I know this is an experimental track and I love that kind of music, but this just doesn't seem very well done...it's more sloppy than anything else. I wonder if my copy (bought it s/h) was played too much or if the album really sounds this way. How do you like 2016. reissues on Pink Floyd records? (this series of releases: https://www.discogs.com/Pink-Floyd-A-Saucerful-Of-Secrets/release/8558911 ) There's a few Pink Floyd records that I have some really sub par pressings and I'd like to replace them and was wondering if these reissues are good or one should chase the earlier pressings.
  3. I have one of the early UK pressings and it sounds stellar to me. Very dynamic, punchy and present sound. Great resolution and tone as well.
  4. Bought it for around 1500€ in 2008. One of the components i absolutely don't intend to get rid of
  5. Bought it s/h for a very nice price after trying 834p phono stage into quad 99 pre's line stage, which was a huge improvement in my vinyl playback over 99's phono. 864 is essentially 834p + 834L plus output transformers in one box.
  6. DomT, i know this is everything you're not asking for, but it may be of some worth to you or anyone in similar position: I have used my Quad 909 with Quad 99 preamp and that was a completely satisfying combo for me, but when I tried EAR 864 preamp with Quad 909, it was just miles better. Much better tonally (more correct texture and tone of sounds and instruments), much better spacially (soudstage) and better projection of sound from the speakers...sounds that are more in the room and less in rhe speakers. Also, everything became more relaxed in a sense of effortlessness. A huge improvement for me.
  7. Thank you for your replies 415 rayls and for the photo radian red, really looks fantastic. How do you like the sound 415 rayls? I've just been starting to think it's perhaps an odd choice chasing mostly overpriced s/h SME 309/IV arms, which were my first choice for my Gyrodec, since Audiomods is cheaper while new and has some very nice functionalities. But it'd be so cool to be able to compare or at least read comparisons between these two arms. I view this arm purchase as my endgame Gyro arm.
  8. Looking at the Audiomods Series 6 tonearm. Does anyone use it on the Gyrodec and how do you find it? Which other arms have you compared it to?
  9. Thanks for your reply. Did you make some listening comparisons before/after the solidair feet? What change did they bring for you? This would indicate that the Gyro likes a bit of good isolation under it. I really think I'll make the sandpit I have in mind and when I do I'll report my findings here. Cheers, lostwin. Yeah, I did the boiling thing with my old belt and it's considerably better than the two new belts I have as well. Pete, the pylons are a true step up in sound. Would never go back. Basically what they've shown me to be possible is the main drive for wanting to experiment with the base and maybe feet of the Gyro as well. I'd like to optimize this wonderful deck as much as I can. I do believe I'll go for the acrylic armboard, but ATM I'm in the process of trying to buy and SME IV which will be my final tonearm, so then I'll go for the TPA armboard. TPA PSU is only for DC motor and i have a papst AC motor, so that's not an option for me.
  10. One more thing: is anyone using Solidair's Gyro feet? How do you find them? The concept seems good, but I'm a bit worried about the magnets and their possible interference with cartridge and otherhi-fi components.
  11. Did you guys experiment with bases and feet for the Gyrodec? I think i'm going to build an MDF sandbox with floating top plate for my Gyrodec. I'm wondering whether to put spikes on the bottom (michell's tenderfeet perhaps) or some kind of decoupling pucks. also, is there anything to be gained from changing the Gyrodec' feet themselves? Didn't find much info on the net from people who experimented with this stuff on the Gyro. My equpment rack is a steel one, welded into one rigid piece, on spikes and sits on parquet that's on top of concrete floor. The top plate of the rack upon which the Gyrodec sits is 2cm MDF.
  12. I've been playing with two new original belts for my Gyro again and these things still mistify me. They really are much worse than an old belt i have. I have no clue if I'm doing something wrong with them. The funny thing is when I used one of these two the last time, it was much better than now. Now both of them just have this speed difference that occurs once per single revolution and the speed is generally too fast with them....but this inconsistency in speed is much worse than them being too fast. The papst AC motor has been serviced and my gyropower PSU has been serviced and recapped. Do you guys experience something like tgis with new belts?
  13. Thank you, lostwin, this information is valuable to me. Thank you for taking time and being clear with descriptions.
  14. Oh yeah, McIntosh turntables. Most disgusting things ever
  15. Cabasse, open baffle speakers, yellow B&W drivers, new KEF speakers.