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  1. Pete, the acrylic platter looks really good. It was very interesting to read mr. Moon's impressions, as will be gninnamag's, looking forward to it :). Also, the idea to drill the underside of the acrylic platter and put Gyro's brass weights in there is great and I'm sure it'll look absolutely stunning. Cheers guys.
  2. Thank you for your help Pete. I don't think there's any side-movement, so I'll leave it as is. The bearing ball I took out and didn't take photo of. It is completely perfect. Although I do intend to replace it with ceramic one. Does ceramic ball cause higher wear of bearing? I already use Mobil one 0-w-40, which Michell recommends.
  3. Since I was reassembling my Gyro, changing oil etc. when i installed Pete's pylons, I noticed that the shaft upon which the inverted bearing is placed on my Gyro has some wear. I have no experience with this and I'm not sure if this is the excessive amount of wear. The strange thing is that the bearing ball shows no signs of wear. Can you guys please tell me if I should replace this, or is this minor wear? Here are photos of both parts of the bearing (on the edge of the shaft on the second photo there is some oil, that's not wear - the wear is in the middle from the bearing ball):
  4. I've recently purchased a new belt from Analogue seduction. It was pretty terrible compared to my 10+ year old belt (generally too fast and really inconsistent speed, with big variations happening regularly 1x per revolution). Analogue seduction sent a second one FOC and upon first setup it was much better than the one it replaced, but still a bit worse than the 10+ year old one. I ended up using my old belt. The other day, after servicing my motor (papst, AC) and gyropower (passive version, full recap), I tried out the new belt again - and it ended up being as bad as the first new one it replaced....so this makes me think you have to set them up in a certain way...I'm not sure how, though. The platter and motor spindle are clean, the belt is clean and the motor spindle/platter groove for belt are horizontal. Anyway, It seems Michell still haven't sorted out their belt issues.
  5. They are really great. Couldn't go back.
  6. I've made a recent upgrade to my Gyrodec and want to share my impressions and experience with fellow wammers. The upgrade is Pete's pylons. First, a couple of details about my Gyro. I have a full Gyrodec (not the SE version) from cca 1993. I bought it from a wigwam user bigdur about 12 or so years ago. Although it's originally MK III version, it's been upgraded with new (inverted) bearing, new spring turrets, Orbe clamp/spindle (but Gyro platter), densodamp and arm decoupling kit. I use the original AC motor and original (passive) Gyropower. A couple of days ago, a very knowledgeable and talented fellow audiophile technician here in Croatia serviced my papst motor (disassembling, cleaning, oiling) and recapped the Gyropower, so now the motor is very quiet again. The arm I use is rega RB250 that's had a full Audio Origami upgrade treatment and i use tecnoweight on it. The cart is Benz Micro Gold low output version and phono is the one inside EAR 864 preamp (essentially the same as 834p), which also has MC transformers, so i use it in its MC setting. The rest of the system is in my wigwam info. So, Pete's pylons. I read quite a few very high praises both here and on the Art of sound forum and they were universally extremely positive. I didn't doubt them, since they all claimed the same things, but now that I've installed the pylons and had a few lengthy sessions with my Gyrodec - i have to say I'm still shocked by how much of an upgrade they are. It's the kind of difference that's completely obvious from the fist minute of listening - not something you have to really "listen for". It strikes you. So, what's the difference in my system. Significantly lowered noise floor. All records I've listened to since installing the pylons have been much more quiet...new records, old records, even some records that could do with a good cleaning. I'm talking about "silence" and "blackness" through which and upon which sound appears. Significantly more quiet. Secondly, the resolution is much improved across the whole frequency band. But especially in the bass area. The texture of electric bass guitars (I've used King Crimson's Islands and Starless and bible black to precisely assess this, but it was equally apparent on everything I've listened to) and texture of drums, also textures of bass sounds in electronic music (Bjork - Biophilia, for example) is very consistently on a completely another level. Again, not subtle at all. Where before there was something like a homogenous sound, there's texture, layers and air around those sounds. It's a cliche, but on Bjork's Biophilia, on one track I've heard a whole layer of sound (wind, i believe) that I literally haven't heard before. Further, there's a big difference in air around instruments and sound of the space and rooms in which music takes place. Lastly, the focus of sound images in space is consistently more precise and stable. All this, without losing anything, so this is not about "different" sound, but a clear improvement of what was already there. I need to point out that although I think my system is pretty revealing on the whole (I try to build it to be as neutral as possible), this all happened with a very modest cartridge. I'd like to thank Pete for his efforts and designing such a great product. He's done a great service to Michell users. Not to mention he's such a helpful gentleman when it comes to Michell turntables' setup and his forum activity. For me, the pylons are truly a no-brainer and something I think should become a standard part of Gyrodecs.
  7. Wow, a dream speaker for me. I bet this sounds absolutely amazing. Cheers.
  8. I have no electronics with display of any kind. No remotes. 95% of the time i use vinyl. Low lights. Occasionally looking at the LP cover art in my hand, maybe reading lyrics while listening to the track or looking at the accompanying album art inside the gatefold, on inner sleeves etc. Some albums are much better to listen to in compete darkness, during night, no lights at all. So, altogether I find any kind of display, screen and even remote a distraction. I like to remove from my listening any visual element that's not part of the album I'm listening to (album art).
  9. popol_vuh


    Regarding this that 909 is not good with speakers that are difficult load: if by "difficult load" one means speakers that have impedance that drops below 4ohm, then I believe that statement could be true. But if by difficult load one means "inefficient speakers", then I believe that statement is not really true. The reason for that is that 909 seems to deliver 140W into 8ohms, 250W into 4ohms, but I've read that it pretty much falls apart at 2ohm. So, if you have fairly inefficient speakers with benign impedance curve, there should be no problems. As I've said, my ATCs are fairly inefficient, but have a really benign impedance curve and in my space I can go hellishly loud and nothing falls apart with 909.
  10. Could be of interest here, but also great sounding class D power amps designed and produced in Croatia that combine tube input stage and class D output stage: http://www.electron-audio.com/en/ion.html
  11. Well, apart from these basic mechanical settings, nothing really comes to mind. With antiskate, you'd need more antiskate if the balance was left-channel heavy. Did you try applying a high level of antiskating? Some arms don't have very accurate antiskate mechanisms...
  12. Quite obvious, but - is the Sony completely level?
  13. popol_vuh


    Paulq, I drive ATC SCM 19v2, which are 85db with quad 909 with no problems at all. My room is cca 16 square metres. I need to emphasize that ATC's impedance curve is very benign and that speaker sensitivity isn't the only thing one should be looking at. Anyway, plenty of life, dynamics and presence with quad 909 in tgis combo.
  14. No, what cultureclammer describes surely suggests that there's something wrong with his particular vinyl setup. It has to be either some kind of cartridge/arm misalignment, some wrong mechanical setting or something to do with the cart/phono interaction. Vinyl just doesn't sound like that even on entry level kit, if it's all set up correctly. I would never buy a tube phono preamp that sounds "tubey" (or any other kind of tube amp that sounds tubey). That's a wrong approach IMO, because it's essentially masking one incorrectness in a setup with another incorrectness. Good tube devices don't sound "tubey", they just sound natural and neutral.
  15. Yes, Pete, I've done the same to my old belt (boiled it for 10 minutes) and it does seem that the process shrinks the belt slightly and reinvigorates the material - gives it back some of its rubbery properties. Thanks for the info about what Jonathan Nye said. Just to be clear - did Jonathan say that they already make their new belts in-house and those are already on the market, or are they in process of developing/making them and they are not yet on the market? I agree with your remark on Michell needing to have their own good QC/inspection system and thank you for further explanations and valuable information pertaining to variable hole sizes on the Gyro chassis.