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    The Funk Firm LSD
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  1. Hi thanks for the interest. Do you mean Qute EX? I hadn’t heard of that but googled it. Any chance of PMing me a photo so I know I’m reading about the right DAC? thanks steve.
  2. Thanks Richard. Yes I saw those on ebay but will try and avoid if possible and deal with the usual forums I frequent. Also appreciate I'm probably stretching it a bit to think I'll get Qutest in this budget!!
  3. Looking to try a Chord DAC (up to £500) in my system. Anyone wanting to sell a Hugo or 2qute/Qutest?
  4. I've had an LSD with F5 arm in my system for 3.5 years now, I think its a brilliant deck. Setting up isn't too difficult and its been nothing but reliable from new. On the odd occasion I wanted some information/advice I managed to get in contact with Arthur at Funk and he was super helpful, he even called me to see if everything was ok. The stability is night and day over other belt driven TT's I've owned. Personally I think it punches well above its weight in this cost bracket. Everyone who has listened to my deck have commented on how great it sounds (they could just be being polite of course). Its not the obvious choice either so not many users I see on this or other UK forums. In comparison prior to the LSD I had Rega decks, firstly an RP3 and then RP6 both new both had issues. The RP6 was bought because my RP3 had issues and a deal was done to replace with the latter. The cart that came fitted on the RP6 was faulty and again Rega resolved but I haven't had any of those issues with the Funk.
  5. I’ll take these please Ian If still available. Collection or post would suit. Can you PM payment details?
  6. Thanks, ordered a pair of trueconnect.
  7. i appear to be the owner of some ex-demo Larcs! Only had a couple of hours on them at the dealer and only just arrived with me so need plenty of running in. Any thoughts on how long run in takes? Any Larc users here? How have you got them positioned. I read a coupe of threads where guys had them on stands! Mine are driven by a Naim Supernait 2 with Naim speaker cable. I have some Mogami speaker cable ordered that should be here in a day or so.
  8. Open to offers for this fabulous Phono stage. Review here
  9. I have a Vertere Phono One in the classifieds. Up there with the very best £1k stages and second hand comes in well under the bottom end of your budget!