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  1. Hi guys I have for sale what seems to be a bit of a reference phono amp in it’s price range (£1000). It’s in great condition comes complete with original packaging, manual and power cable. Will be double boxed for shipping. It’s a great amp and very configurable, lots on the net about its outstanding performance. Distanced collection from Dunblane and possibly Edinburgh. Asking £575 delivered fully insured or £550 collected.
  2. yes please Dave, please PM me payment details.
  3. RME ADI-2 fs DAC now for sale. It's the newer model (so only a few months old) with larger/more functional remote and newer processor. Ideally would like £700 delivered in the UK.
  4. Any interest? Happy to discuss a cash uplift if needed.
  5. Anybody fancy a swap? My RME is the newer version with the larger remote.
  6. Once Mike is sorted if there are any others on offer I may be interested.
  7. I took the plunge, at that price they seemed too good to miss.
  8. How good are these? They appear to be a great bargain.
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