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  1. I find these beautiful as I should because they are mine. But I could understand why it would get the ugly vote 🤔
  2. This is probably not connected but I had a black ice WiFi dac for a short time, prior to pimping the node, unfortunately it had to go back as it caused a significant hum in my system. I assume I have a ground loop problem, so far it's not reoccured with either my benchmark or chord dac.
  3. fled

    Sbooster upgrade

    Anyone tried this, is it worth £90? Difficult to understand what it does on top of the basic mk2
  4. I have just "pimped my node" 😳 I can clearly hear a substantial improvement. This has been possible due to @Fourlegsand @Flash and this forum. They have directly made my hobby more pleasurable. @PuritéAudio you however have done nothing except arrogantly snipe. It makes not a crap of difference to me what the measurements are or what the inner workings are doing.
  5. All pimped up with polish interface and sbooster psu. Very nice indeed without doubt more beautiful distortion across the spectrum. 😜 I am now dad dancing and toe tapping like a lunatic 🤣🕺 Seriously though even from cold it does sound very dynamic. 👍👍
  6. Is this your sales pitch? or have you a different persona when meeting clients?
  7. How many accounts have you got Keith 🤔
  8. That I certainly agree with, especially after a quick look at audiosciencereview A flock of purites for sure. 🤣🤣
  9. I like that bit though. It gives me joy and not an oscilloscope in sight. Their are several folk on here that I value their opinion, even if different to mine. You are not one of them 😁
  10. I am 65, of all my sences hearing is quite good. My system I think is quite transparent until the signal gets to my distorted amp and horn speakers (I am sure others will have an opposite opinion)
  11. not in my system they dont. The qutest is on insicive neutral filter and the same volume (to my ears) they sound totally different. Not by small measures. But i guess you know best.
  12. Thanks but those graphs are meaningless to me. Small point though I have a benchmark dac1 pre not a dac1 USB.
  13. Last post on this, just plugged in the benchmark, I have just saved £1195. Night and day difference. Its just bloody lovely. Dunno why I have this "grass is greener" it never is.