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    Technics SL1500c
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    AT VM750SH
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    Mod node 2i sbooster
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    Benchmark dac 1 pre
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    Allegri plus
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    VTA SET 2a3 /45 mono
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    Aspara HL1
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    Senn HD650
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    I am not in the Hi-Fi trade

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  1. Hi Fled

    Do you still have your Aspara H1s?



  2. @Nearly bewilderedWhich cables have chosen for your system. That have led you to your zen state.
  3. We have many sayings that would best describe NB. Where I am from "mad as a box of spanners" would be suitable πŸ˜‚
  4. i think that maybe a bit difficult to answer for mr always Bewildered
  5. Thanks for the simple explanation, that's made it very clear 😳
  6. What does a "better tone" actually mean. I am struggling with this.
  7. I think some are masterd very well with good headroom. Others can be to busy for my taste, and appear forward sounding. The one aspect of modern pop that pisses me off, is the lyrics. The overuse of I, me and general self centred topics. Phil
  8. My name is Phil, I've been TV free for over 25yrs. Not one one relapse in that time. I've tried therapy but it's no good, I just can't force myself to watch TV. 😁
  9. My old Sp10 mk2. plinth in rosewood In a mad moment of stupidity I sold it 😭😭 I wish I could turn the clock back.
  10. fled

    Willow tree audio

    He has 10 being delivered end of Feb. 8 are sold, 2 are available if you pay now. It does appear there is a stock shortage. I am sure it's a fine set up, but I won't jump based on those terms. It's just a DAC πŸ™„πŸ€”πŸ˜‚
  11. fled

    Willow tree audio

    There is no way I would bank transfer the full amount with no security or even confirmation of delivery. So I guess I won't be going for a denafrips dac.
  12. Anyone delt with them? They are the only Denefrips UK dealers? I just enquired about an ares2 dac but am a little taken back with the reply. Stock available end of month? But wants full payment now up front to secure and by bank transfer. PayPal possible if I pay Β£30 for fees. Seems mighty strange to me but maybe its just "sign of the Times"
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