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  1. Well the plinth is really specifically designed to fit the 12inch sme 312s tonearm. It would be difficult to modify for another fit. There are a few available on ebay to custom fit your choice of tonearm that could be your best option Cheers Phil
  2. Have to ask, why infamous? Looks totally stunning.
  3. Thanks John not entirely sure which I should use, not that it makes any difference, just curious. Phil
  4. I should know but I don't, what is the purpose of this switch ? With reference to sjs arcadia pre amp. Phil
  5. In the nicest way possible, I am so pleased you didn't get them 😄
  6. 90yrs old just amazing
  7. Difficult to hold back my excitement. Had a fantastic late night listening to the new 2a3 set up. This morning I thought shall I give these old RCA45 a try out. Just open mouthed 😱 I have never heard a 300b so with that in mind I always thought 2a3 were "the ideal choice" I think I may have been hasty. These 45's are stunning.
  8. Stage 2 complete and playing beautifully. Going to really enjoy the bedding in of this. Chuffed to bits, thanks to @mr.me for the transformation. Going to try out the vintage 45, s after this settles down.
  9. Stage 1 of my amplifier upgrade path SJS arcadia pre. Stage 2 tomorrow hopefully 2a3 SET monos. Brand new valves and not played for some time. Connected to my 2a3 integrated. BLOODY HELL!! the tone, timbre and presence is just amazing. Can't wait for tomorrow 😳
  10. Great choice in hifi dodgy choice in transport 😳 Thing is I probably love my defender more than my hifi 😍😍