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  1. Big thanks to Greg ,vinyl arrived yesterday and all in pristine condition Top man
  2. I’ll take this lot please - Syro , Royal Blood ,QOTSA , MGMT , Scott Walker , East India Youth
  3. Thanks for the offer Mike , I’m not familiar with that model but I’ll do a bit of research and get back to you
  4. Thought I’d pop a wanted post up on the off chance someone may have one of these they would consider selling I messed about with a few Decca cartridges last year but this one eluded me thanks
  5. Been messing around with the lower end of the SPU range for a while now , wondering what there higher up models sound like so I’m looking To try something like a Royal, Spirit, synergy or anniversary model thanks
  6. Hello

    Did your turntable sell



  7. Dimensions of the base are 490x390 acrylic cover is not for sale ,only the things I’ve listed above ⬆️
  8. Still for sale Guys I withdrew it from eBay myself after getting inundated with stupid lowball offers and daft questions
  9. Hi, certainly interested in your cartridge if do do split, how many hours approx do you think it has on it,

    cheers Nic

  10. I’ll consider splitting this, but the turntable will need to sell first Hyperspace £1750 Wave mechanic PSU £350 Jelco SA-750LB , ammonite collar, cable £400 Ortofon Jubilee £400