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  1. Im selling a pair of RFC Saturn XLR balanced interconnects. These are 1m long and only 1 month old , therefore as new. Only selling as unfortunately they are not quite a perfect match for my system / me. New cost £480 . Asking £240 + carriage. Located in Spalding , Lincs. Michael.
  2. Has it been modified at all , just wondered why the 2 different make of input sockets. Also output sockets 1 seem to be different to 2 . Are they dummy ? , they look that way.
  3. Agree with Polarbear , worth every penny. But if you think the interconnect is expensive , wait till you see the price of ChordMusic speaker cables !!
  4. Did you sell this. If not , which model is it. Thanks.
  5. I recall the early Elex went through about 3 incarnations fairly quickly and some were not well received. At the time I actually compared the clamshell Brio to the Elex , bought the Brio. Early Brio's come up fairly often on ebay.
  6. Colin , you may have tried this already but if not , try them with the bass units pointing out. Depending on room it can make a big difference. It did, for the better, on RS10s in my small room
  7. You have your dealer , you can contact Paul Darwin as already mentioned over on Pink Fish , and you can always call Rega direct. They are very helpful and its not exactly rocket science to find their telephone number. So how are they secluded ?
  8. Conan - I have been in exactly the same position with RS3s. Even down to the small square room. Side drivers in and out , stuffed ports , room positioning . Everything makes a difference but not a cure. Ive not read all the posts , but let me guess... you are not suffering from lose boomy bass , just too much bass relative to mid and treble. As you think , the cure can be found with the RS1s. Or if you wanted a fuller sound then the Rega Xel would be the one [if you can find any].
  9. Like Bourney i have had most of the Rega players , and heard the ones i didnt own. When i demd my Jupiter againt the [then] new Apollo i found them on a par with each other , but slightly differeent. Then we tried the Saturn , and i found that much better , less hi-fi and more music ! Recently i heard the ApolloR and didnt find it to be much better than the old Apollo. So the Saturn would be the one to go for , and a great match with your Mira3. I used to use the same combination myself.
  10. Rega Xel's. Best Rega speaker i have ever heard/owned. Much better than Ela's [and yes they are good as i ran a pair for 7 years , just that Xels are so much better] Downside is they dont seem to come up for sale very often. But upside is they usually sell at bargain prices.
  11. Folkman

    Isoblue racks

    Liquid .. i use an Isoblue rack and am very pleased with it , both sonically and visually. Its well made and looks great [more like a piece of furniture than many racks] and helps to hide the cables , but with the sliding of one shelf on the next its also makes cable dressing easy. Also there is a very easy and cheap way to make it sound even better
  12. Dont forget the new interconnect and speaker cables as well .......
  13. Got to be Nighthawks at the Diner for me.