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  1. Blimey. That's a lot of work. Are you still on furlough?
  2. Try some different cables......... Just DON'T tell anyone.
  3. To the OP. Try the KAB thrust plate/wax mod. It's not expensive and IMO very worthwhile. No, I 'm not going to start listing various mods. It's just that the thrust plate was the only component I thought was pretty shonky. It's not expensive either.
  4. Got to disagree about the the arm change. It's not much of a faff and reaps lots of rewards. Personally I found the original a good starter arm, a RB300(AO'd) better and my Tabriz excellent. I wouldn't put an VERY expensive arm on my SL1210. I, too, would buy something like an SP10 - applying the Linn logic(lol) of t/t, arm, cart. If the original arm is kept, there's no loss for re-sale. There is much to be had from an arm change and a few, inexpensive tweaks. As an aside - when I dem'd to some amps 3 years ago - I was quite disappointed with some well thought of t/t's used in the dem's. It was a relief to get home to my DJ special.
  5. Aye. Take off that Alison Krauss shite and play some bangin' toons. The looks I got in a couple of far less salubrious places..
  6. These'll do.
  7. Apologies for the heaviness. Having had mental health probs for 40 years, if it hadn't been for music - and, tbh, hifi messing - I wouldn't be typing this now. It hasn't kept me on an even keel, but it has been a constant source of joy when I most needed it. And it has kept me going in the worst moments. Couldn't do without it.
  8. Unless you're a Catholic Priest, why should your pleasure be guilty? Playing some Duran Duran 12"s I got from a charity shop last week - shame on me for not cleaning them first. Enjoying every minute. They were very good live in '82. Birmingham Hippodrome - me dressed like a complete cock.
  9. Have a bump on me. It looks lovely. Better than any shonky belt drive......
  10. Thanks for the heads-up. I've ordered a pair and will report back.
  11. At least you have, probably, the best sounding Kan's in the world. lol I loved my mk1's. Had 'em for 12 years - from new. As for changing caps - I re-capped my younger Proacs 3 years ago. A couple were out of the 20% spec and it made a massive difference.
  12. I changed to plusnet a few months ago. I'm still using the BT router. The plusnet provided looks a bit last gen. lol
  13. I haven't heard the G. But if I was starting from new and was changing the arm I'd go for the GR. TBH why pay for an arm you're not going to use? As for old skool - well I can recommend it, but finding a 'minty' is more difficult now and liable to be too expensive, especially when there is a new model for little more.
  14. Are you using a TTPSU? I had a similar problem - wire from psu case to amp ground point fixed it. If not, try Uzzy's suggestions.