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  1. I have to say, before anyone gets their arse-in-their-hand, it's just my personal perspective. I'm not someone who usually asks for advice. Advice, which is, usually intelligent and informative on here. But, man, you guys listen to some shonky stuff............rofl
  2. Er....nothing. But I have learnt what to avoid. Over the past few years serendipity has been my main ally. With my ears, of course. The music rec's have been good tho'. Happy with that.
  3. Ohhh. Look at you with your new vinyl. rofl
  4. During the hot, long summer 3 years ago I noticed my amp was belting out the heat. Then I looked at the specs - 300w idling. WTF?!! It's not even class A. In my small, very hot flat it's just a no-no. Amp was fine tho'.
  5. lazycat


    It's called Darwinism. We should encourage it.
  6. +2 for the AT 637. I managed to get a minty one from ebay last year. My much abused original died. But after nearly 40 yrs use I can't complain.
  7. You have another use for it for now. Best clean it with some IPA first tho'.
  8. I appreciate that this isn't the Vinyl Edition - Original or otherwise. But, really, WFT????? For decades this has been held as an 'ultimate' audiophile recording/music. WTF. Sounds like a camp pub band. And, before anyone gets irritated, I am gay. Just....WTF.
  9. All I can think is Why in God's name is he wearing his daughters PJ's? That said, I doubt if he's had sex. With anything.
  10. TBH when my SBT died I wanted the cheapest digital streamer possible, but couldn't be arsed with building with a RPi. I've used a Terdak P/S for most of the time and that was/is worth it. I changed the p/s cap in the 200 last year. It was quite an improvement, bit shocking really - I expected nothing or, at least, not much. As mentioned to go 'further' costs, too much for me anyway. I'm very happy with it.
  11. He's from West Bromwich. This kind of behaviour is to be expected.
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