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  1. Although I'm enjoying this, it's like being stuck in a mid-80's movie.
  2. Ever the engineer with the measurements...
  3. Stop mentioning that Goddamn arm. It won't fit on my Technics.
  4. Hi Roo Cleared my cache and preferences and it's working now. Sorry for the hassle.
  5. It's OK. Wouldn't go overboard. TBH I've been warming up the system for a vinyl onslaught before the neighbour returns tomorrow - or Sunday.
  6. The 2M's pump out more than the AT your cart is based on. Not to worry.
  7. Hi. I can't access the 2 channel forum - Edge + win 11. All others seem fine. Firefox is working tho'.
  8. A generic XMOS driver? He'd have to know which chip it is tho' - needs to have a look inside. More knowledgeable folk will be along when they wake up.
  9. Not if you like your family members. Ask for a record token and like it. Mr Fussy.
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