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  1. yes black ice is the new name for jolida , there is no official importer but robert [ open door ] seems knowledgable about them . mine is very heavily modded and its superb
  2. well my facebook group warned me my hand would drop off , bill gates had injected his evil transmitters , i would die of parkinsons typre disease and become infertile .... still waiting ... well not the infertile bit
  3. hoping to get a marantz 6007 as a transport when funds allow . did look at the primare which is a lot more money but cant seem to justify it costing so much more
  4. yes run 2 of these , both modded . one is the black ice version .
  5. lovely 6 different woods , beautiful
  6. these falcon are exceptionally good https://www.hifi-forsale.co.uk/moreinfo.php?prod_title=falcon_acoustics_ls3/5a_gold_badge&p=standspeaker&prod_id=89063&offset=
  7. there is probably several hundred pages on the harbeth p3 , its pretty popular !!
  8. yes van damme is great choice https://www.markgrantcables.co.uk/uk/speaker-cables/van-damme-2-x-4mm-hi-fi-speaker-cable-up-lcofc-terminated/
  9. so we have the government reducing aid to yemen and so many other places , why waste air time on this rubbish when these important issues should be at the TOP of our agenda . YEMEN and its dreadful suffering
  10. hifinutt


    ha you beat me to it !!! great vfm
  11. i think they may vary in opinion on that one !!
  12. yes 100% agree , the diablo respond to fantastic gear . used mine with belles mb200 monoblocks .
  13. i guess some can listen on the hi fi or headphones
  14. Wise advice ,good to ring guy and chat over
  15. Have you heard both ? I would say the diablo is a step above the 1008