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  1. there is also shared ownership houses available , however not sure of criteria for the rent bit , whether these guys accept benefits or not. but there are easily houses available on shared ownership
  2. why on earth this is still here beats me , i have a udho1 which i use in av system and its good , nowhere near as good as this one though. 300 is a good price
  3. Ordered a laptop from batt co ,took a few days to come and it was wrong one involving hassle sending back Ordered one from Amazon at 5pm ish and one my doorstep next day at 11am ....incredible!! I love Amazon , been a lifesaver through lockdown and supplying relatives needs
  4. so sorry to hear about this mat , sounds a real bad situation https://www.plymouth.gov.uk/housing/homelessorrisk/riskbecominghomeless If you're looking for somewhere to live or worried about losing your accommodation it's important to talk to us as soon as possible as we can provide help, advice and support to prevent you from becoming homeless.W we can help you find a home (social or private) help you with private rented accommodation by working with you and your landlord to resolve any tenancy issues (benefit problems, legal notices or poor housing conditions)
  5. brilliant , i was going to link it to you but saw you wanted the sp20. so glad you got it
  6. nice, did you get the one at deco audio by any chance ?
  7. its a nightmare now as stamp duty holiday finishes partially in a few days for many , everyone overworked including mortgage companies , removal firms hiking up prices fast . 3 beds here are selling fast , 2 beds a bit slower . plenty of flats but they often have the issues with ews1 etc . very hard situation for many
  8. house i just bought has had to have around 20 windows replaced in past 2 months , some big and toughened. unfortunately the price of glass has been increasing substantially . they were all blown or about to blow
  9. nice , you will be impressed i am sure .
  10. Had and have lots of American amps ,modwright , msb, belles, bel canto ( loads !!) All superb . Build quality, Sonics first class and big fan of them .
  11. Apparently this thread has had 7.8 million views !!! Incredible !! Anyway rebuilding paradise by hans Zimmer is worth a listen
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