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  1. could be a bit sterile in presentation though !
  2. probably gives a very clean and transparent sound
  3. good sellers , they are pretty bad at upgrading their website , i think their is some stuff on there that sold ages ago but great guys with a good reputation . I have bought stuff a few times
  4. these are at a stupidly ;low price of 850 850 quid for heco direkt is very very good vfm !!!!!
  5. i bought one of these the other day .. only works as a door stop though ! https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00CFNYXD0/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Brill thanks Richard, I like the mountbatton Windsor insignia in the top of the case , just like some of the carpets the queen has
  7. brilliant Ian , you must come over one day and plug it into the impulse taus , i have a feeling it would be a superb match .
  8. some thoughts on tube rolling in 36.5 https://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=56330.0
  9. yes but its so incredibly expensive to convert you are better off buying a dm36.5 which sell for around 3500
  10. someone earlier mentioned they wanted to try the 36.5 becuase they had the ls100 interesting to read a review that partially compares the 2 That said, the twin boxer did sound more solid-statish particularly in its handling of the upper ranges. While informativeness increased so did the potential for occasional album-enforced glassiness. The 6H30-fitted machine with its far smaller potential for valve rolling was the more articulate and crisp but texturally also drier. It wasn't really leaner on tonal balance—its bass exceeded the LS100 on mass and reach—but expressed differently weighted aspects on the transient/sustain/decay axis. There was more emphasis on attacks, less envelope on bloom, more visibility on decays. The 'reduction in the middle' sounded leaner, the more sharply drawn attacks more transistory and the more illuminated and aerated presentation was dimensionally more resolved. Cooler and more defined but texturally less elegant and suave, in the end I favored the LS100 with its matching amp. Audiophile check list in hand there was no question that the DM36.5 is more resolved and dynamically superior. Even so certain applications—the KWA100SE being one of them for me—could prefer the LS100. Switching DACs from Burson to Weiss diminished the inherent mild warmth and upshifted the presentation towards just a tad more DM36.5-type light whilst giving up midband density. Bottom line, against the Swiss neutrality of the AVC the DM36.5 was more honest but the LS100 more beautiful. https://6moons.com/audioreviews/modwright7/4.html having had 2 36.5 i hope to try the ls100 sometime
  11. elite are showing the new modwright hybris integrated too at 8.5 k https://www.eliteaudiouk.com/product-page/modwright-kwh-225i-hybrid-integrated one or two have this amp from the blurb The KWI 200 SS integrated amp was a big success for us, offering excellent performance and integration. Many customers however, found that it too sounded better when fed via tube preamp. So we decided to take things to the next level. We combined solid state output stage of our Reference KWA 150SE amp, with the controls and integration of the KWI 200. We then replaced the SS preamp circuit with a Class A tube design and increased the power to 225W. The result is the KWH 225i.
  12. yes , just shows what a good buy they are because easy to sell on . hope it soon settles in and well done on getting it . as for rectifer i just used hotrox finest !! nevcer tried any tube rolling
  13. yes , i moved from my one box 36.5 to the 2 box dm a couple of years back . they are superb vfm s/h compared to arc . at some point i would like a silver Ls28 . Ref 3 really holds rgeir value for past few years and often come up . Hifi trading station have a ref 6 if you are feeling ££££
  14. they are superb vfm , there are of course smaller tannoys you could use in your room !!
  15. Thanks lawrence , yes i am sure it will sound a lot better once its had a bit of a burn in . let us know how you get on with dirac . I have been using a superb bel canto ref 500s power amp recently with my horns, very good indeed, and just popped the humble arcam a85 back in the system to compare with the class D offering. Not as much snap and attack as the bel canto as you would expect as it has a lot of power and is dual mono , but very creamy with vocals which makes up for it