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  1. i heard the rotel cd11 recently and it was not bad at all . bit irritating having to put fingers underneath cd to pop it out the tray . i have a 6007 which i love mechanically and its incredible value but its worth looking for something better maybe like this https://www.avforums.com/threads/denon-dcd-1600ne-sacd-and-cd-player.2396571/
  2. one of our good members has the 507ux and i enjoy listening to it with some floorstanders .
  3. ah thats a lovely set up. might change my mind on amphion now i have seen that . not sure how they would be close to the wall . i would spend your 5k on better amps as they are lovely speakers . or you could go to active atc40 which is what some have done .
  4. kerr have gone up massively since they were launched . B&W always worth a listen . just do loads of demos . If I had to buy some floorstanders n9ow it would be the 3ls amphion .
  5. well I have the argon 3s and the amphion one here. they are very very good . i have tried about 6 amps with them and finally got them singing with a very modest BC pre 3 and an arcam power amp. vey very good indeed . here they are
  6. heard some orphidian briefly at dealers and they were impressive . Thats a very big budget for speakers . May i mention the amphion 3ls floorstanders ? the amphion range are pretty good . lovely imaging and really fill a room . lovely snap and attack and go in any room . I have some 3s standmounts at the moment on demo and man are they singing !! they are just delightful !! spendor is a safe best too . well known and loved by many
  7. thanks a good question tony . I have never compared the two although was tempted by a second hand leben 300 recently . it would be interesting to see . i am sure they both have more than enough power for easy drive speakers . stereophile said this about power ratings of 404 Though the 404 Reference's maximum power is specified as 50W into 8 ohms (17dBW), using our definition of clipping, which is when the output's percentage of THD+noise reaches 1%, fig.4 indicates that the amplifier clipped at 39.5Wpc into 8 ohms https://www.stereophile.com/content/moonriver-404-reference-integrated-amplifier-measurements personally i like the looks of both amps and could live with both happily . just i need an amp with a remote so for me the 404 wins out .
  8. I would be asking a wilson dealer about that maybe
  9. agreed . get paul knipester to make you some
  10. Tannoy legacy hard to get at the moment . Focal kanta.....well that's an acquired taste !! Fyne audio are successors to tannoy in Scotland. Proac might be best option as you know them already
  11. Try the little audio co , I am sure he will sort you a black one . David f . He is a member on here too You will find him in amphion owners thread
  12. Yes the moonriver is really lovely , sadly my demo 404 ref has got to go back tommorrow which is sad I like it as no valves in it but still sounds very un hi fi I was wondering as you say whether the 300 could drive a d2 but seems they like it Heard crimsondonkey leben c600 ( who started this thread) and it was rather delightful. If it had a remote it might be a consideration
  13. interesting to see one proac d2 user enjoying his d2 with a leben c300 and a moonriver amp .
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