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  1. hang in there PP , glad the wam can help a bit. must be extremely difficult
  2. What an incredible thread , Thank you to those so brave enough to share their story , incredibly moving . So good that the wam and other forums are there for folks to talk , having known of at least 8 folks if not more who have committed suicide...all men ...it's so good to talk
  3. surely if joints are well made humidity is not going to have that much impact is it? i used to have solid wood verity audio and no one ever moaned about problems . lots of sellers stop selling stuff . i chatted to my local dealer the other night about some stuff and he was telling me the many reasons why folks stop , competitors near by etc etc. one dealer we all know was the foremost seller of Focal in Britain and had to stop as he took on a rival brand . there are loads of reasons
  4. https://www.hifi-forsale.co.uk/moreinfo7.php?prod_title=spendor_sa1_speakers_in_zebrano_wood_+_stands&p=&prod_id=86036&q=spen&offset=
  5. great . i had jerry`s saga with a brimar valve and it was absolutely super with the firebottle hybrid valve monoblocks
  6. The schiit saga is very good too
  7. I have a marantz sacd player .it will not play sacd via toslink into dac. On these occasions I just switch to another input on amp from sacd player rca outputs . No problem at all . Done it with several CD players , sometimes to see if that separate sac really is an improvement
  8. hifinutt


    brilliant thread , in our tradition 10% of income given to charity is normal , its pretty hard sometimes . my beautiful wife LOVEs to give to many different causes , one year i moaned like stink but incredibly that year her tax bill was a fraction of mine !!! there are huge benefits in giving , we are incredibly blessed in many areas and giving it away is very therapeutic
  9. well when we all die of humour , at least the speakers can come too !! speakers and coffin by , on Flickr
  10. Amazed these are still around. Tremendous vfm sound for pound
  11. Wonderful, bought my 804s from same store , great to see it's still going I think .
  12. with stands as well , very nice
  13. which model MFA were you thinking of alex ? sounds like you already have a cracking pre amp
  14. https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/125055-frugal-horn-xl-build/ not quite the same speaker but near https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/full-range-loudspeakers-i-e-single-driver-any-love.243912/#post-4066558 https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/125061-frugelhorn-lite-build/