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  1. some fascinationg stuff here in this auction , ranging from musical instruments to vintage memorabilia https://www.andersonandgarland.com/auction/search/?au=470&g=-1 bagpipes , ancient concertina`s gibson les paul a swiss cylinder musical box !circa 1890
  2. All my gear has ergonomics in mind , CD is at comfortable level etc. Very important
  3. and if you fancy some nice rosewood p3esr ? 1250 here . no experience of the seller https://theartofsound.net/forum/showthread.php?73861-Harbeth-p3esr-Rosewood-boxed
  4. there has been a number of 30.1 in recent weeks . this is one of them and thats a good price imho
  5. did you see the incredibly priced walnut shl5plus annie on here at 3k !!
  6. Was salivating over one on eBay recently !! Msb stuff always superb
  7. It's lovely to see you on here Chris, we miss the cu forum . Good you still have those Vienna acoustics speakers
  8. proac 130 quite old now . proac 125 tend to sell around 500-600 . your budget is pretty modest to get into a decent proac
  9. i would be exceedingly surprised if the TVC from nord could beat the baby ref v1 , thats a very very good pre amp indeed . When i had that pre amp and the arc ref 5 there was not a huge amount in it . stunning pre amp
  10. Is that the guy from ps audio ? I rather like his videos but of course not everyone agrees with him
  11. Apparently their latest offering is called the Eros!! Wonder who came up with that name !
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