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  1. Modwright are made in USA
  2. it probably is just audiophile nervosa !! incidentally why would you look for carpet grippers ?
  3. nicely put .. very succinct and to the point
  4. Seeing as you like the 800 sound i presume , i would get some 804d3 or 803 . They are superb speakers and have a BIG sound . no doubt your B&w dealer would give a good price
  5. Mmm bet that sounds excellent
  6. I have been thinking about the tablette 10 as front and rear for an av system but my word they are not cheap !! Think the Dali are staying a bit longer !
  7. Wow that's interesting , yes I heard he was still around . That will be very very interesting
  8. I am using some Ghent audio ice power monoblocks based on ice power asx 50. They are very engaging , warm, and quite a surprise with the tannoys . The sound is a bit like the lavardin I had here but with a bit more bite ( using a bel canto pre 3 vbs1) I am just waiting for a dc3 type psu from custom hi fi cables and I expect that to lift performance even more
  9. I am on the NORD facebook group ...wow they love them and colin seems very very responsive . I know which brand i would go for
  10. SO true , had quite a few class D amps now and everyone so different
  11. gosh , there are a LOT of fans of hegel who would disagree ...judging by the love for the 390 and many other of their models
  12. yes saw the new blurb about this .... and that little phrase came up . this amp is phase inversion . I just cant get my head round all this phase stuff ...it blows my mind and i cant be botherered so it won`t be on my list to buy sadly even if it sounds lovely . unless someone can put it in IDIOT proof language
  13. and there is a great proac FB group if you want lots of pics and fan club
  14. surprised we dont hear more about this brand . thanks for highlighting it from the website Astin Trew products are designed and now manufactured Britain. They look good, are built to a high standard and are competitively priced. Not surprising, then, that our products receive very high praise from reviewers in the serious Hi-Fi press around the world. https://astintrew.co.uk/
  15. very pleased ian , well done