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  1. Tannoy legacy hard to get at the moment . Focal kanta.....well that's an acquired taste !! Fyne audio are successors to tannoy in Scotland. Proac might be best option as you know them already
  2. Try the little audio co , I am sure he will sort you a black one . David f . He is a member on here too You will find him in amphion owners thread
  3. Yes the moonriver is really lovely , sadly my demo 404 ref has got to go back tommorrow which is sad I like it as no valves in it but still sounds very un hi fi I was wondering as you say whether the 300 could drive a d2 but seems they like it Heard crimsondonkey leben c600 ( who started this thread) and it was rather delightful. If it had a remote it might be a consideration
  4. interesting to see one proac d2 user enjoying his d2 with a leben c300 and a moonriver amp .
  5. i have had 4 syncro . they certainly make a difference to equipment . not always good so worth trying one as you say . but there must be another issue if ipa 70 is humming . wonder what the maker says ?
  6. so your ipa 70 hums in normal use ? is it normally plugged directly into the wall . have you tried any isolation under it
  7. hifinutt

    Audio Repair

    you could try this chap https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/members/arkless-electronics.16103/ or juancho on here who builds dacs and all sorts of things . he is in wimbledon https://adaudioconsultants.wordpress.com/category/preamps/ and of course paul benge the msb dealer may be able to advise . he once got some of my msb kit repaired https://hifiguy.co.uk/contact-us/
  8. system currently moonriver 404 ref / impulse taus [ rfc] / onkyo sacd and technics tuner amphion 3s powered by icepower and bc pre [ not in pic]
  9. quite a few fans of this cd transport looks a nice one here [ no connection] https://www.hifi-forsale.co.uk/moreinfo.php?prod_title=JAY'S_AUDIO_CDT2_MkII&p=cdplayer&prod_id=98547&offset=
  10. seems no distributor for these incredible amps in UK any more . I anyone feels led to be one then max would love to hear from them .
  11. thanks ,very good interconnects . been using a pair dac to pre for years now
  12. just in case , central audio have a brand new pair at 2195 and i am sure a deal is there as been there a while https://www.centralaudio.co.uk/index.php?page=products&id=9799
  13. https://www.hifi-forsale.co.uk/moreinfo_wanted.php?prod_title=Electrocompaniet_AW250R&p=power_amplifier&prod_id=98530&offset=
  14. looks a lovely amp . the pmc cor . never heard one but this one for 3k https://signals.uk.com/product-category/pre-owned/
  15. thanks mani . not much room for taus AND marvels sadly !! the moonriver is very un hi fi. very analogue and drums sound very realistic . still weighing it up. get a demo sometime . dealer not far from you
  16. strangely I had the shl5plus and they sounded awesome with piano but in the position near the wall they did not like it . we had a mini bakeoff here with a few audiophiles using a high end powerful 70 watt valve amp and the harbies didnt go down well by contrast the visiting tannoy eaton legacy [ on demo ] just sounded massive with better bass and went down very well in this room. thyat was 3-4 years ago now . it suited the massive valve amp very well .
  17. used arcam loads of times with b&w . its a great match imho . got two pairs of 607s2 here and they both go well a85 . also tried quite a few others at some point looking out for a a38 . these and a85 have the advantage of being able to be used as power amps
  18. brilliant , i find class D goes really well with tannoys . the good thing about those xtz is you can monoblock them i think the F5 class A monoblocks do exceed the icepower asx50 though. much more controlled bass and even more holographic presentation .
  19. the harbeths did not go down well with my family at all ... boring beths and trashbeths was the new name for them however my wife also renamed my lovely focal diablo as dustbins as they have a separate top compartment . personally i think the tannoy eaton legacy are no lookers but they are stayers . they are awesome speakers that blow your socks off and sound amazingly natural too
  20. Agreed. They are super amps . There is a very nice a28 on av forums. Nearly bought it myself but too busy to wait in for couriers at the moment. Looks exceptional. https://www.avforums.com/threads/arcam-fmj-a28.2394726/ i use a a85 which is very good for the money .
  21. thanks and i am sure the low cross over has something to do with it hasnt it?
  22. thanks yunie . yes must get a listen to the scm 11. only about 300 quid more than argon 1 . I love the way you can use the argon 1 in ANY room and still sound good . certainly sound really good in my bright loft .
  23. wow , didnt think it was that big. about 7 times the size of the ud ho1
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