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  1. Be interesting to see how long my speakers take to get here from Finland!   I was curious some years ago to buy speakers made in Scotland that were shipped to the Eu before being delivered back to me in UK  

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  2. 23 hours ago, Allaboutmusic said:

    Spoke to a dealer today who has some B grade harbeths for sale which are similar price to used - could home demo and have a 30 days return policy.. anyone ever go down this route?

    we also had a discussion on the spendor a7 vs shl5 plus. His thoughts were the harbeths are far better in the highs and mid range but for slam and lower frequencies the spendor are better. He also felt the harbeths would provide a larger soundstage and fill a larger room.. might see if I can at least demo the two speakers in store at least. I would like to keep my next speakers for a while so don’t want to be thinking what if.

    have updated profile too. Thanks 

    His thoughts were the harbeths are far better in the highs and mid range but for slam and lower frequencies the spendor are better.

    wise advice 

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  3. not sure about pensions but mrs works in further ed . they have not had a pay rise in 10 years . now some of the lecturers are training certain trades , one such trade the starting wage was 20k more than the lecturer . not easy to attract folks to teach this trade if they are paid so much lower than that trade .   she does take a bit of a pension and it might pay for 3 tanks of petrol a month or less 

  4. the problem with these esoteric brands is they are not easy to resell , thats a very expensive amp there and struggling to sell . if it was an arc ref 3 it would sell in days . in years gone by you could box swap with ease but those days are gone 

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Brown Bottle said:

    Hifi+ have named the Amphion Argon 3S their Standmount Speaker of the year. Not sure why it’s this year as it’s not new! Would like to hear a pair. 

    Cheers BB 

    wow . well huge fan of dynaudio so the special 40 are also a possibility sometime but judging by the performance of the argon one i can see why the argon 3 is standmount speaker of the year .   

  6. On 01/12/2021 at 17:36, hiesteem said:

    Seems you're spoilt for choice in your neighbourhood Phil. Wonderful selection of amplifiers. Norma, YBA, Exposure, Bel Canto, Hegel,   wow........ I would love to hear the YBA Passion IA 350A against the Norma Revo 140.......  Enjoy!!

    lovely YBA here if you fancy it !! 


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  7. like many speakers the shl5plus must be listened to prior to buying . many love them but they do not suit everyone . we could not get them to work here becuase they were too near walls and another room was too bright . bought them new and they stayed about 6 weeks if i recall 

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