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  1. did you see the incredibly priced walnut shl5plus annie on here at 3k !!
  2. Was salivating over one on eBay recently !! Msb stuff always superb
  3. It's lovely to see you on here Chris, we miss the cu forum . Good you still have those Vienna acoustics speakers
  4. proac 130 quite old now . proac 125 tend to sell around 500-600 . your budget is pretty modest to get into a decent proac
  5. i would be exceedingly surprised if the TVC from nord could beat the baby ref v1 , thats a very very good pre amp indeed . When i had that pre amp and the arc ref 5 there was not a huge amount in it . stunning pre amp
  6. Is that the guy from ps audio ? I rather like his videos but of course not everyone agrees with him
  7. Apparently their latest offering is called the Eros!! Wonder who came up with that name !
  8. Ah garn perhaps that's why it's not sold . Still for an amp that's so new and so rare which only 250 in the world , I can see why the price is on the high side . It does seem to garner a lot of praise and only the empty bank coffers is stopping me charging down to Oxford currently!!!
  9. mega tempted by this sit 3 , anyone ever tried them with impulse ?
  10. thanks so much for all those taking the time to do pics and write for those who couldnt go . really appreciated
  11. wonderful man ... good to see he is still going strong
  12. tarkus is in edinburgh . however these boxes are pretty solid and can be couried very well . i have sent my BC products all over the place with no problems
  13. Delirious? My soul sings ( live) Playing live in Columbia
  14. fantastic Chris I am a MASSIVE fan of Otarion who do pregressive rock/berlin electrionica . he has just done 2 albums based on Jonah . https://otarion.bandcamp.com/album/prayer-from-the-deep he writes My music is about the story of the prophet Jonah. It is one of the short stories in the Bible. He resisted God's instruction. This first album "Prayer from the Deep" was the first part of my project and ends where Jonah came ashore. Attention This album, "No Time was lost", tells the second part of this story. I experienced some parallels in my life. So I was able to experience God's grace through Jesus Christ.
  15. curious about that , ah my inbox is full !! thanks
  16. A sit 3 has just turned up on art of sound ....Very very rare indeed . Wow .someone grab it before it goes
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