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  1. i used ordinary isopucks under harbet with good effect . a lot cheaper than oreas . most odd they rejected your request . its extremely common now to use iso pucks under speakers including harbeth
  2. yes the lineup is confusing . latest models include the 12 and 30 and 10 !! . used a sa8005 as a transport for some years and its good . would like another marantz sacd player as a stand alone player but the cheapest is 3k and very few in classifieds
  3. Int 250 a lot bigger than int 25 ! You must have a big rack
  4. I really like the new oak finish. Very attractive
  5. favourite speaker is tannoy eaton legacy . no fatigue , just hours of smooth listening . brilliant imaging and just lovely . best standmount i have had [ previous focal diablo ]
  6. ha ... do you ever get any snow at all where you are ? maybe a silly question unless you live in the himalayas
  7. are they 606s2 anniversary ?
  8. wow , yes take it easy . I have watched a few bypass ops and worked on a bypass ward in coventry . it was quite an experience . hope the op comes soon
  9. cheapest seems to be 3k now . recently got the 6007 to try as a transport . its silky smooth and built well for the 400 quid . it would be brilliant in a budget system .
  10. as nopiano said , the grills are hard to get off . and they are voiced with grilles on. you certainly dont need to take them off to get the right direction
  11. have a look at this thread , he mentions the d2R https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/156445-listening-day/
  12. are they good , are you happy with them ?
  13. Yes I read a big review of this manufacturer speakers in hi fi critic not too long ago . One of our number has horns mummy speakers which remind me a bit of these
  14. One of the main guys who worked with Stuart at proac works with ram design speakers
  15. I don't like more detail and the dome ones sounded good enough to me .there are quite a pro's and con's with ribbon tweeters as I am sure you know . I have hyper sensitive hearing so those warm evo might suit
  16. hope you feel better soon. lots of choir rehearsals on at moment getting ready for christmas , friend of mine in 3 choirs and very busy !!
  17. and the linton heritage is around 1k with 100 quid for stands . anyone have them?
  18. Forgive me is there is a Wharfedale owners thread . i can`t find it . There have been lots of threads on the linton and as you know they make very cost effective speakers . would any owners care to share their experiences ? these are interesting . at 600 quid they are pretty competitve
  19. wonder how the wharfdale evo would compare at a fifth of the price of d2
  20. seen here with grandinote . having heard tune audio with grandinote i rather like it
  21. great minds think alike . i would love some d2 . remember once at a show i kep going back to them . the dome ones are cheaper and i am not convinced by ribbon speakers so i would have the dome pair . does ian harrison in derby do proac ? tab 10 sig sell fast so shouldnt be a problem
  22. great time now as they are 20% 0ff .899 at the moment on some sites
  23. cant be too bad then . is it plugged into the wall ? i had one that hummed when i put it on a tacima mains conditioner
  24. be good to put some details like price age etc !!
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