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  1. yes laslo , its been posted twice already in this thread !!
  2. yes i think its different with the a21se from what i hear . be nice to hear one sometime
  3. however the quad artera and nad m25 are extremely close to the op so pickup and demo should be easy https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/quad-artera-and-nad-m25.261753/
  4. superb bit of kit https://www.hifiwigwam.com/forum/topic/154156-diy-mono-f5-clones/?tab=comments#comment-2792413
  5. Never found a21se soothing !!! Very fast amp in my experience. Not sure I would put it with focal
  6. That's brilliant, I guess the sonic imagery chip helps
  7. chris , the modwright will be superb but i have a feeling the op is leaning towards class AB or A .
  8. not far from you maybe ? https://www.hifi-forsale.co.uk/moreinfo.php?prod_title=Quad_Artera&p=power_amplifier&prod_id=96940&offset=
  9. MCRU is a great company , dave always gives good service . bought loads of stuff . i use several of their mains cables . never tried their digital . i just use studio connections reference digital twice
  10. Tony at coherent has been bonkers about wadia for years !! If he can't fix it no one can
  11. They really are cracking speakers , loved my pair .just got my second pair of 607s2 anniversary and ordered some 606s2 anniversary
  12. Lang Lang playing Nigel Hess concerto for piano and orchestra ( ladies in lavender)
  13. Pretty sure second hand hi fi have some electrocompaniet amps
  14. Yes i used them with some superb belles class ab and they were fantastic . Most certainly not with chord . A friend on here uses the non class d gato integrated with great success.
  15. strangely at kj west one when they had the a3 playing i preferred it to the s5 in the upper dem room . may have been the music and the equipment
  16. oooh yummee .... not much modwright recently . this will be a beauty
  17. Had 3 tead vibe , great pre amps but no remote . Bet it sounded lovely
  18. Nice . Big fan of marantz sacd.at some point hope to get another .
  19. Been using denon av for years .Playing classic fm right now through a very modest one now . They bring out new models all the time and the outgoing model always a total bargain If money is very tight there is an older denon av amp on pfm at 60 quid with no remote sadly ! Looks a good buy for a budget system though
  20. Enjoyed the kjf audio sa01 mentioned by Stefan. Nicely made and great vfm . Certainly not sterile sounding. March audio is another class d manufacturer making progress.
  21. If you look at Peter Tyson and av bundles , it's easy to find systems for 600 quid all in .decent systems
  22. guildford audio showing a couple https://guildfordaudio.co.uk/guildford-audio-products/category/100-standmount-speakers
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