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  1. An extremely good example of a L10 has just come up from a very well known and respected person superb price at 1100 , strangely i only posted an old pic of mine yesterday. this will sell in hours so the early bird get the worm https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/puresound-l10-valve-preamp-with-remote.259270/
  2. Fab , better to share a room with Mark!! He is a great guy and great to see him still going after Jan sadly rip
  3. Better vfm sh than p3esr !! Sold my last pair at 850 not that long ago and prices are up to 1100 now sh
  4. My soul sings ..Delirious? Live in Columbia
  5. been loads of 30.1 recently , real glut of them !! not that much more than p3esr !! https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/harbeth-m30-1-in-tiger-ebony.258994/
  6. I think max may have a pair , not too far from you in belbroughton although they may have sold , worth ringing https://www.midlandaudiox-change.co.uk/offers-used-exdem-equipment.html
  7. yes and i believe alchris audio will be there [ successor to kralk ]
  8. is that including the 20% vat and shipping costs
  9. Bach st Matthew passion ...BBC proms tonight . Very moving
  10. you are most welcome ay time . got 2 silver a85 here
  11. yes i guess that would be worth trying , using the A85 as a power amp and bi amping
  12. You can of course use the a85 as a power amp . They are not bad for the money. If you were nearer you could have one of mine at a reasonable price but I am not posting it
  13. Delirious ? Live in London farewell concert
  14. good luck gary , prices seem sky high and some BC stuff sits on ebay for years !!! will keep a look out
  15. i am not an expert but could a firmware ugrade be needed ?? https://www.peachtreeaudio.com/pages/usb-drivers-and-firmware
  16. agreed , they are deadly silent . did upset one by putting on a tacima mains conditioner once . didnt like that at all
  17. Those crossover boxes are a work of art !!
  18. My word , here's hoping absence makes the Heart grow fonder ! 2022 will soon arrive
  19. superb speakers with a real sense of presence , highly recommended https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/frugal-horns.218304/
  20. Yes that's a monster !
  21. Finally got to hear some f5 clones with the impulse taus , thanks to a very kind wammer. These were from mani,s system and made by joe henry They are extremely impressive and no where near as heavy as I thought . Velvet and smooth in presentation with a huge soundstage. Very forgiving of bad recordings and you can listen for hours to them used with a bel canto pre amp Hans zimmers Hannibal soundtrack on tonight and akin to being in the cinema with plenty of thunderous bass , musicality in spades . You certainly don't need a subwoofer with these monoblocks even though it's only 25 watts Does make the room a tiny bit stuffy but worth it because they really bring the impulse speakers alive There are 2 lots of f5 clones in classifieds and any impulse owners would do well to grab them
  22. pair of the rather nice speakers just appeared . sound good with the right amp https://www.hifi-forsale.co.uk/speaker.php?prod_title=Heco_Direkt&id=94219
  23. Just put some f5 clones on the impulse taus , absolutely divine sound , smooth, emotion in buckets . Of the dozens of amps I have tried they are up there with the best ( best was silbatone integrated but that's 10k)
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