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  1. My wife makes this..... Always a bowl in the fridge.... easy to make and can be as hot as you want it.... she uses the fresh bird eye chilli, lime juice, fish sauce, sugar.... sometimes crushed peanuts added..
  2. As long as you are happy with them like that......that's what counts.
  3. You are correct.... it is not connected..... can see in the other pic's as well... Dim Panicio...
  4. Nah..... still run away...... The original exo-skeletal stands were the best... held the speaker absolutely rigid, much better imaging and dynamics... these stands rock back and forth. There was no tuning of the speaker.... the bolt was just tightened up against the rear of the bass driver once all the glue had gone off.... then the rear panel was glued and screwed into place.
  5. I reckon it likes the colour of your workshop coat....
  6. Looks like the back panels have been levered out at some point.... maybe the drive units replaced.... who knows whats gone on in there... Run away....
  7. Beg, borrow, steal or buy a stethoscope... have a listen to the tt whilst it's rotating... should be easy to hear noise from a bearing.... probably...
  8. Yeah..... But.... you need to fill 'em with tom tit first... or creme caramel for that... Creamy, Smoooooth sound..
  9. captains log

    My New Pre Amp

    Excellent.... The table will drain the Afoostiks from the components as you are assembling the said preamplifier. It will also help to disperse random free electrons with nowhere to go. These normally interfere with the periodic flow of trioxiqude feedback and will allow the signal to work in an energetic fashion (police).... thank you. enjoy your quality build.
  10. As close to the grid pin as practically possible.... It may be worth trying other resistor types as well....