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  1. biker boy

    EAR834 tube rolling

    Hi there is a whole industry of diy mods to this fine phono stage. There are other tubes that can work well. Unless you have serious diy skills some of the mods are very extensive and I would urge extreme caution fiddling with the innards beyond swoping tubes search for Rommy the Cat his site has loads of great info
  2. The arm is capable of holding its own with most cartridges as long as you follow the advice for matching weight from the Moerch website. As this arm is a precision red dot there are a wider range of carts available. carts used have been Lyra Dorian very musical and great at extracting detail, shelter 901 big step up from the Dorian but similar qualities just a more solid all round performance and lastly a Van den Hul Colibri stellar performance and the arm coped very well with getting the best out of of the cartridge and more importantly extracting every last detail from the vinyl
  3. i am surprised too this is a match for any Nottingham Anolog deck and lifts their performance by some margin. All is well in my world enjoying importing vinyl from the states
  4. One last bump before evil bay
  5. Bump and open to offers